How To Let Go Of Shame with Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Shame is one of the lowest vibrating emotions there is. David R. Hawkins author of Power vs Force calibrated each of the emotions using a scale. He found shame to be below anger, desire, fear and even grief. If you have ever felt shame, you know how debilitating it can be. If you have been molested, raped, gotten pregnant when you were not married, shame is something you are very familiar with. Shame is something that children feel when parents or teachers humiliate them. What if you felt shame each time you had sex? I recently worked with a client who came to me to help her heal her addiction to relationships – codependency. 

When I asked Cassie (name changed to protect her identity) what her intention was for her healing work she said, that’s easy. “I want to heal my shame during sex, so that I feel comfortable in my own skin.” Every time she had sex, she felt ashamed. She never could really let go and enjoy the experience, even though she was a mature woman. It was not a matter of her having to answer to anyone about her activity. This shame was felt internally, because of her past. 

By our third session, I knew I needed to clear patterns from the past. I performed a past life energy clearing. I felt intuitively that Cassie had 5 religious lifetimes where she had taken a vow of celibacy. I cleared each of these lifetimes separately. I did further research and found that Cassie had been a priest, a Jesuit priest and a nun three

times. The last lifetime, I found she had also been a Mother Superior. She had been married to the church. These vows were so deeply ingrained within her that she could not have sex now without feeling it was very wrong. I cleared the vow having her repeat a clearing statement. 

After the past life work, I heard intuitively that I needed to clear the trapped emotions. Following are the emotions related to this one emotion that was trapped underneath the feeling of shame:

Self Hatred of sexual self
Rejection of self pleasure
Shame regarding pleasure
Low self esteem
Failure to receive love

Cassie’s happy place
After the release work, I set an anchor using Neuro Linguistic Programming. This anchor put Cassie in her happy place where she felt completely calm, secure, happy, confident and safe. Then I slowly reduced the sense of trauma and shame during sex. We had to do this process twice to be sure it was complete.  I asked Cassie what her take-away was at the end of session three this is what she said; “I am amazed that there were so many emotions stuck under these feelings of shame.”

This past week we met for her fourth session. I had no idea what to expect. As usual, at the beginning of our session, I asked her how she was doing? She said, “Shifting.” I asked her, “What do you mean, can you explain?” She said, “Well I have no more feelings of shame – at all! I feel completely comfortable with my sexuality!” I congratulated her on her deep letting go of the past. This was indeed amazing. I was thrilled for her. 

I am constantly amazed at the power of energy healing work. I have done traditional therapy myself with a psychiatrist, several times with psychologists and marriage counselors. In marriage counseling I found that if we went into counseling our marriage was over. I have never known any couple to really get help from marriage counseling. The therapists seemed to pit one against the other. It seemed to me that someone was often made to be the bad guy/gal. I did not move forward to a place of healing or well-being with any of these traditional therapies. Nothing really changed. I felt stuck in my story. 

Energy work on the other hand moves you out of the story and eliminates the patterns, belief systems and stuck emotions. How great is that! In only three weeks! I am grateful to Cassie for allowing me to share her amazing story. I am also grateful to The Divine, the angels and all the beings of light that assist me when I do this work. I do not do it alone. I always have assistance. 

Shifting into sex and passion was a natural transition for me; someone who loves sex and who has healed addictions and codependency. In my book, Orgasm For Life I share what I

learned on my journey from sexual dysfunction to wholeness. I hope you’ll read my books and discover your inner soul’s purpose on your road to healing. And connect with me for deeper work, if you feel called.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters now empowers women and men through her love and passion coaching. Using six modalities, the experience is different for every person. A lack of Self love is the source of all addictions.

Loving the self is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world. You can e-mail Jennifer here for your personal 30 minute FREE discovery session to find out if her work is a good fit for you. 

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