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By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

On Sex

Sex allows us to experience ourselves fully. At the very core of who we are is our sexuality. Without sex, we are blocked, limited and not expressing ourselves as the beings we truly are. Sex is a spiritual experience. Thinking you are closer to God by not having sex is a limiting belief. Without sex, our creativity is blocked.

Finances may be challenging or almost nonexistent. Our sexual center is also the center for expressing ourselves out in the world. When we suppress our sexual self, we are repressed. Obsessions often result from a lack of sexual gratification.

I am looking for a response from you, my interested and faithful readers. I really appreciate you being here, reading my articles and commenting when you feel called to do so. I usually get guidance regarding the subjects I need to write about. However, I don’t want to be speaking into a vacuum, or writing only about what I think you want to know. What do you want to hear about? What questions do you have? Is there a subject you want more information about – or something I have yet to discuss here? Please e-mail me with questions, subjects or any concern you have about your relationship, or sex life. I will write a generic article with your name withheld. 

My book, Orgasm For Life was written to be a guide to both men and women, for deeper understanding, conscious loving and sex for deeper intimacy and happier, healthier lives and relationships. Orgasm For Life helps both sexes come to a deeper understanding of each other’s needs, emotionally and physically which helps sex to be better. You can find my books on or visit my site

No matter how evolved we become, we are always learning, growing and expanding, or we are dying. It is as simple as that. I hope you will check out my articles on Conscious Life News, and my videos on Digital Romance TV. I also have my own You Tube channel. 

I try my best to make what I write about count. If you have a subject you would like information about, I am open to your suggestions. I hope you will e-mail me your thoughts, concerns or questions. I am about to tape my first radio show on BBM GLOBAL RADIO. My show is called ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. I hope you will check out this show and listen in. I am interested to hear what you want me to share, talk about and explore on the air. I am very interested in your feedback. This radio show is not about me, it is about YOU! ALL OF YOU! So please talk to me! Let me know what you need, how you are experiencing pain, challenges with relationships and sex. This radio show is for YOU, my readers to cover the bases you want more information and guidance about.

E-mail Jennifer Here:
I am here to help you with your personal growth, challenges with what I have learned along my healing journey. I don’t know everything, but I have experienced a lot. I have learned so much and continue to learn something every day. 


Shifting into sex and passion was a natural transition for me; someone who loves sex and who has healed addictions and codependency. In my book, Orgasm For Life I share what I learned on my journey from sexual dysfunction to wholeness. I hope you’ll read my books and discover your inner soul’s purpose on your road to healing. And connect with me for deeper work, if you feel called.


Jennifer Elizabeth Masters now empowers women and men through her love and passion coaching. Using six modalities, the experience is different for every person. A lack of Self-love is the source of all addictions.

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Loving the self is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world. You can e-mail Jennifer here for your personal 50-minute FREE discovery session to find out if her work is a good fit for you.





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