Sexy At Sixty

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Aging is a state of mind. Today at 60 many people look like they are barely 40. When we eat healthy, live an active, positive lifestyle with meditation, mindfulness and great sex, we stay young well into our 80’s.  There is no reason if you are healthy

not to feel sexy. Feeling sexy is a state of mind, just like feeling old is. Focus on happiness, mindfulness and meditation keeps us young. I tell my body, “Every day I am getting younger and younger.” The mind is an amazing thing. At nearly 61, may people confuse me for a forty-year-old. I look younger now than I did in my 50’s. I am not alone. Those who don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat healthy nutritious foods stay younger much longer than those who eat processed foods.

Mind over Age

There is no doubt that being happy keeps us looking young. One of the things I help women do is to be happy. When we are happy, fun-loving and open to new ideas, our mind stays fresh, alive and youthful. Our mind is an amazing computer for our bodies. When we upload negative software, our body ages quickly. When our software (thoughts) are loving, accepting and positive we stay young much longer.  I have met women who complained about everything and looked 20 years older than me, that did not believe me when I told them my age. Complaining, gossiping, griping, bitching and focusing on the negative, fighting with everyone in your life, will age you faster. 

Our attitude is everything. With a positive attitude and a healthy perspective focusing on vibrant health, rather than illness and youthfulness rather than “growing old” also helps to program the unconscious mind. 90% of our thoughts happen without our knowledge. Allowing the unconscious mind to run amok allows us to fall into self-criticism and negativity. When we look at ourselves in the mirror and focus on how fat we are, fat is all we see. We fail to see the beauty that is there. The more loving you are to yourself, the more radiant the love is that shines out of your face, skin and energy field.
Our bodies go through change. Hormone production slow down. This drop in hormone production can slow down our metabolism, resulting in weight gain, or at least challenges staying at the same weight. As our hormones change so do our desires. Thinking about

sex on a daily basis, engaging in massage, touch and love-making regularly will keep your body supple, alive and passionate. 

Having regular sex keeps the vagina supple and exercised. Without regular sex, the vagina will shrink and the tissue inside can become atrophied and tender. There are natural methods that are safe for post-menopausal women to use. I love the Vitamin Shoppe. They have a great selection of products at reasonable prices.


If our libido drops, there are so many things we can take safely that are plant-based to jump start our motors. My favorites are mentioned in my book, Orgasm For Life. I have used Horny Goat Weed and Steel Libido with excellent results. Steel Libido by Irwin Naturals helps with dryness which is a side-effect of menopause.

Natural Lubricant

My favorite lubricant is coconut oil. Olive oil works well also. Coconut oil has the added benefit of being an anti-fungal agent, good for inflammation and also works as an analgesic (Pain reducer).

We Were Meant To Move

Indigenous peoples move until they die. They don’t sit in chairs or on a couch all day. Many people reduce their activity level as they grow more mature. Our bodies were meant to move well into our

Even after a knee replacement they are walking

80’s and 90’s. Staying active keeps our joints mobile and our hearts working with the added oxygen of exercise. We don’t have to job or do aerobics. Swimming is the best exercises for working all our muscles. Walking is a non-contact sport, that keeps knees and arms moving. Getting outside in nature makes life worth living.

Oxygen and Lung Capacity

Many people are barely breathing. Not inhaling fully will result in a reduced lung capacity as you grow older. Shallow breathing is often a result of low self-esteem. Affirm life by breathing in deeply. Make yourself do this at least three times a day. Affirm, I LOVE 
LIFE and breathe in. Slowly and completely exhale. 

Yoga, dance, Zumba weight training all help to keep the body fit, alive and oxygen filled. Sex relieves stress, boosts our immune system and gives us a burst of feel-good hormones.  

We might not look the way we did when we were 20, that doesn’t mean we can’t still kick our heels up and live a little, or a lot! Loving acceptance of you, your body and the process of life, rather than fighting with nature will allow you infinitely more joy. Thinking sexy thoughts, walking by the mirror and telling yourself, “You are still one hot mama!” Will shift your perspective. Nothing stays the same. Doing exercises will help keep your butt firmly in place and your mind much happier.

Although our libido may be non-existent at times (or maybe even all of the time) there are measures we can take to help our body stay supple and youthful inside. Using coconut oil, and a plant-based libido booster can shift your mind-body and your spirit will take over! Think sexy thoughts. Feel sexy. Buy yourself some new underwear that makes you feel sexy!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Cht, NLP, is a love and passion coach. She works with those committed to make a change for the better in their lives. Her focus in self-love. Her radio show, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, launches on BBM in July. Questions about working with Jennifer? E-mail her here.

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