You Are Entitled To An Orgasm

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My book Orgasm For Life seems to get the attention of men everywhere, women, not so much. Women are just as entitled as men are to have an orgasm. Yet, many still are not having them. The reason I wrote OFL was because I was married four

times, yes, FOUR! Each of those marriages left me flat sexually. It wasn’t my husbands’ fault. My orgasm did not become an issue for them until I made it one. Part of the problem was my shame regarding sex and my sexuality; I was also embarrassed to admit I wasn’t experiencing orgasms. I felt like something was wrong with me. I felt broken and small. I faked it and the men thought I got there. I know I am not alone. It wasn’t until I had the confidence and loved myself that I began to self-advocate, not just in bed, but in all areas of my relationships.

Each of you is entitled to experience pleasure. Comedian Amy Schumer was recently interviewed on Huffington Post about her recent speech given in the UK. One of the subjects Amy discussed was that men can have sex no matter how big they are. Women

are made to feel that unless their body is absolutely model-like that they are not attractive. Amy was recently critisced about her curvy body. Her reply was, “I am not overweight, I am perfect the way I am!” You go Amy! Women have been under pressure to look a certain way due to the media. The same pressure does not hold true for men.

Take Responsibility

Amy humorously tells her dates, “Hey have you met my clit?” If we can’t direct someone there and ask for what we need, we will never get it. Until I said, “Hey, I would love an orgasm too!” it didn’t happen for me. Women historically have tended to our men, their needs, our family’s needs, but when it comes to our pleasure, we tend to take a back seat. It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t let him go to sleep until you have your orgasm. You are the one that has to feel you deserve it. You deserve to be loved and all aspects of love. An orgasm is an aspect of love. Take personal responsibility for your orgasm and your happiness.

Men Too

I have been with some men who defer to me in sex. This is nice on some level, but sex is about mutual pleasure. We both want to have fun and ecstasy! Everyone is entitled to have an orgasm.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She was non-orgasmic into her 50’s – which led her to interview hundreds of men and women for her book, Orgasm For Life. This book sheds new light on sacred relationship, understanding and intimacy. Jennifer’s journey of healing opened new pathways in her brain, moving from profound depression, anxiety, illness including breast

cancer into true vitality and emotional well-being. Instead of looking older each year, her internal well-being radiates outward causing youthing, rather than aging. True happiness keeps you looking youthful, radiant and thriving! If you are ready to do the work and want this contact Jennifer now.

In 2012, she experienced a profound awakening which shifted her view of reality, God, and love. She has not experienced loneliness, fear or longing since that time. She shares what she has learned from her vast experience of life, love, sex, and God. Her connection with higher dimensions allows her to see the root of your issues quickly in her coaching sessions helping women and men heal past issues, coming into loving acceptance of themselves. When you lovingly accept you, your relationships become relaxed, easy and infinitely more pleasurable. 

Is this you?

Do you long to feel loved?
Are you tired of being alone?
Are you tired of feeling lonely in a relationship?
Do you keep attracting the same type of partner that doesn’t treat you the way you so deserve?
Are you afraid to be alone?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, concerned what others think of you?
Are you a people pleaser, but never feel pleased yourself?

You may desire to feel whole, happy and fulfilled. You certainly deserve it. You want someone that can understand what you are going through and can help you get what you so deserve. Jennifer coaches from her personal experience. Jennifer is compassionate, direct and a natural catalyst. Talking with her shifts your energy automatically. Some of what she clears are trapped emotions, blockages, depression, suicidal programming, imbalances and fears from The Akashic Records. If you keep creating the same thing expecting a different result, isn’t it time to connect with someone who can truly help you shift permanently? Find out if Jennifer’s work is a good fit fo you. Connect with Jennifer here now.

Listen in every Thursday at 8:00 EST/ 5:00 PST, to ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE on BBM Global network radio. Jennifer takes your questions via e-mail and will answer them on the air. 

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