23 Ways To Recognize Your Relationship Is A Keeper

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When Rocky road is not an ice cream but your relationship, you might wonder if you would recognize a great relationship if you fell on one.  For those who have never had a successful, loving relationship, or aren’t sure what a good relationship

looks or feels like, you might be wondering after months of dating someone if what you have is going to stay happy, balanced and supportive. Here is a completely unscientific list of ways to discern if you have found a precious gem, or should keep looking.

1. You feel good when you are together or apart. There is no need to worry that they will leave you, or cheat on you. You have comfort and commitment without the wondering.

2. You are able to be yourself and your partner does not try to        change you or fix you.

3. The only control in your relationship is in your hair gel or control top pantyhose.

4. You can talk about anything, including your hopes, fears, dreams, beliefs and especially, sex. You are able to ask for what you want in the bedroom.

5. You are honest about finances, spending, past relationships, STDs, desires and even that you might like a little kinky sex once in a while. 

6. You trust each other. Whether your relationship is monogamous or poly amorous trust is part of a healthy relationship. You know this person always has your back. 

7. You don’t snoop. You would not consider going through your lover’s phone, drawers (except when you want sex), or notebook computer. You have no need to be a super sleuth because you trust them.

8. Your relationship is out in the open. Your friends, family and loved ones have met your significant other. There is no cloak and dagger surrounding your relationship.

9. Non-compete clause signed, sealed and delivered. You have no need to compete with this person at all. Why would you want to?

10. Your relationship is balanced between time together and time apart with your own friends. You don’t expect this one person to be your everything. You continue to have a life outside of the relationship and time out with friends. You don’t get upset when you go your separate ways for an event, or evening. No need to take separate vehicles out so you can double back and go meet your friends on the QT.

11. You each take personal responsibility for your own happiness, health  and finances. You know that no one other than you can make you happy. Neither of you expects a white knight to rescue the other on a big white stallion.

12. Your life was great before the relationship now it is amazing! You each enhance the other’s lives, rather than detract. 

13. You are all in. This is not one of those one foot in, one foot out relationships. You don’t have a backup plan, or wonder when he or she will break up with you. 

14. You have risked it all, laid it on the line. You are completely vulnerable with this person. Without this risk, your heart is not open.

15. You have mutual respect for each other, their friends and loved ones. 

16. There is little to no drama in your relationship.

17. You are able to be transparent and authentic. You don’t try to hide your flaws and are honest about them. You accept each other anyway. 

18. You are comfortable in the silence. There will be times you don’t talk. You are comfortable in that space. It is not awkward.

19. No need for a legal clause. When you argue, you feel safe. there is no destruction of property, buildings, walls, faces or any living thing. 

20. You don’t feel like you are walking on eggshells when you talk about delicate subjects. 

21. You want to go the extra mile for this person, just because. 

22. You both take good care of your health and body out of personal respect for you. 

23. Your love is unconditional. Love is not taken away because you don’t like what the other is saying, thinking or doing.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, with a focus on self-love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we are able to lovingly accept our partners, family members our lives become happier, with more balance . She is the author of Orgasm For Life, the guide for men and women for deeper intimacy and connected

relationships. Listen to Jennifer’s radio show: All You Need Is Love heard on Tune In and BBM Global LIVE on Thursday nights at 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST. The archive should be up in a few days after the last recording. Or on Straight Up Sex Talk with Linzi Levinson. This show was all about our beautiful men! Erectile dysfunction is the subject. From the causes to cures. You won’t want to miss listening to hear how you can prevent and cure erectile dysfunction. Thank you to Linzi who is the most gracious of guest and the consummate professional radio hosts. 

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