21 Ways To Prevent and Cure Erectile Dysfunction

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 BC

    Erectile Dysfunction has become a huge issue (pardon the pun) with the push of medications for depression, medications to make your urination stronger, medications to stop restless leg syndrome, even a medication to lower your cholesterol. The sad truth is that no one tells a man before he is prescribed anti-depressants or statins that his penis won’t get hard any more. Although the issues don’t arise immediately, over a month’s time, erections will be more difficult to achieve. It can take months after being off a medication, before things return to relatively normal activity. For some the adverse reactions are permanent.

    Click here for a listing of medications that cause erectile dysfunction on WebMD.

    If you get my drift, you will recognize that it is far better to prevent these issues by maintaining a healthy weight, eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits and to stop eating GMO foods. Any wheat grown in the US is modified and includes Round-up a watered down version of Agent Orange, a chemical used in Viet Nam, which is now causing men to have all kinds of neurological issues who served in Nam. I used Round-up in my landscaping business for 11 years. I have a slight tremor in my hands as a result. 

    Prevention Rather Than A Pill

    As life has gotten busier, many have been programmed to take the easy way out for so many things. Fast food restaurants have become the norm in our society. A quick fix, rather than being patient, chopping and cooking our own food. Personally, I have not eaten in a McDonald’s for over 20 years. I cook my own meals and rarely dine in restaurants because you don’t know what they are putting in the food. I value my life and my health above getting the quick fix.

    Depression Versus Sadness

    I got teary eyed at my doctor’s office when I spoke about my fifteen-year-old dog getting on in years. That day, it looked like she was going to buy the farm (snuff it) and I was feeling sad. My doctor witnessed my tears and offered me an anti-depressant. I declined. She asked me again, “Are you sure?” I told her I don’t take drugs for a quick fix. I believe in processing my emotions naturally. Sadness is not the same as depression. Grief cannot be healed with a pill. Depression is one of the things I help my clients with energetically. I also give clients tools to help them think about their situation from a different perspective. 

    Let food be thy medicine! 

    Quick Fix

    The reason millions of Americans have diabetes and heart disease is because they have eaten fast food, carbohydrate-rich meals and poor quality food. Stop eating what isn’t good for you. Take care of your body. Put good fuel in your body so that you will live a long

    healthy life. If it comes in a package, a box or has ingredients don’t eat it. If you can’t pronounce something, don’t put it in your mouth! There is one area of my life I will not compromise on, that is my health. 


    I don’t want to be ill later on in life, so I take care on a daily basis, exercise daily and get my butt off my chair and move. Walking and swimming are the best forms of exercise and are easy on your joints. I don’t recommend jogging or even bike riding as it squishes a man’s precious jewels. 

    Belly Fat

    Belly fat is a sign that you have clogged arteries, high cholesterol and fat around your organs. Those with a history of diseases in your family DNA you have to be especially careful with your diet. Men with belly fat are more likely to have erectile dysfunction because their arteries are clogged, their diet is poor and there is not enough good oxygenated blood to crank that penis up. 

    Medications That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

    Flowmax Xanax Valiumanti-depressant medications Statins – for high cholesterol like: CRESTOR, atorvastatin, Androgel (this one can cause issues with the prostate) I strongly recommend medical supervision while eliminating: simvastatin or blood pressure medications. Consult a doctor before stopping anything. 

    Natural Ways To Prevent and Cure ED

    1. reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake. 
    2. Eliminate all high fructose and soda
    3. Eat raw cacao products as most men see a 5 – 10 pt drop in systolic blood pressure. Expands arteries allowing

      better blood flow, double the cells inside the endothelium, increases nitric oxide production

    4. Eat organic garlic – it boosts testosterone levels and lowers blood pressure naturally! Steer clear of Chinese garlic fertilized with human waste – ew!
    5. Eat pomegranates and drink pomegranate juice daily. The natural Viagra Lowers blood pressure, and raises testosterone better than Viagra, shown to increase the activity of Nitric Oxide Synthase which is in erection enhancing medications
    6. Eat spinach because it is incredibly rich in natural nitrates
    7. Raw Walnuts have been shown to drop blood pressure

      10 points with only 6-8 walnuts

    8. Eat asparagus regularly – it cleans out the urethra watermelon, eggs, red wine, fresh raw oysters acupuncture exercise to increase blood flow and oxygenate the blood lower cholesterol with diet, rather than a pill prostate massage for a natural erection
    9. Steel Libido by Irwin NaturalsAvoid testosterone shots – liver and kidney damage – even blindness
    10. Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones and longevity, by boosting the immune system. It is linked to testosterone production and helps the body absorb calcium. In the European Journal for Endocrinology, low testosterone was tied to vitamin D deficiency.  
    11. Eat tuna which is rich in Vitamin D. Sardines and Salmon are other good choices. Remember everything in moderation, as too much omega 3’s can increase risk of prostate cancer.
    12. Eat whole eggs, which are rich in Vitamin D. Eggs have been given a bad rap. Think about what grows out of an egg, a chick! Everything you need is in an egg! The cholesterol in egg yolks helps low T. As long as you don’t

      have pre-existing cholesterol issues you can safely eat one egg a day.

    13. Eat oysters. Zinc is needed for healthy testosterone production. Oysters are exceptionally high in Zinc. Known to increase testosterone in men with zinc  deficiencies. 
    14. Eat shellfish occasionally. The National Institutes of Health says that just a three-ounce serving can give you 43% of your daily dose of Zinc.
    15. Eat beans. White, kidney, and black beans, all are considered sources of vitamin D and zinc. Beans provide

      a plant-based protein which can protect your heart health.

    16. Switch your fat to coco nut oil. Coconut oil raises testosterone. 
    17. East asparagus to clean out the urethra regularly rather than taking Flowmax. Asparagus was given to

      bridegrooms back in the 15th century by the platefuls. It helps increase oxygenation in the penis as well. 

    18. Do kegel exercises three times a day. Do 100 squeezes of the PC muscles. You can do this while driving a car, sitting, standing, walking. Kegels repaired and restored NORMAL function in 40% of the men in a study within six months. Not like taking a pill, but far longer lasting than Viagara without the side-effects. Don’t be lazy do your kegels! The quick fix is not the best way.
    19. Get outside. Exercise, garden. Get in touch with nature. Being outside will give you Vitamin D naturally and help you feel better about yourself.
    20. Walk daily. Walking increases cardiovascular health, oxygenation in the body which is necessary for healthy erections.
    21. Lift weights. Lifting weights increases testosterone naturally. 

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    What clients are saying about Jennifer:

    Amazing work by Jennifer. Jennifer really takes her own approach to her work and really gets into. No following the textbooks and popular trends – every time she has done work for me she takes the approach to see “Let’s see what’s going on” before doing anything. One of a kind. C. Ebert NY

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