Tonight’s The Night!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Want more connection with me? Want more of Tantra? Listen live tonight to All You Need Is Love at 8:00 PM EST/ 5:00 PM PST to my interview with Ipsalu Tantra teacher, Prem Sarovara who will shed some light on your burning questions about Tantra. What is it? 

How can Tantra shift your relationship into one that encompasses the sacred, spiritual, mental, emotional and connect you to all that is? Once you begin a Tantra practice you will find you live from your heart rather than your mind. It is a fabulous place to be. The mind quiets, your thoughts become still, your bodies take over, naturally. 

Once you click the link hit the listen live button. You will be so glad you did! 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach who helps women and men find the love that they long for, first inside of them. If you are unhappy with life, love, relationships and wondering what you are here for, Jennifer can help you come to a place of bliss with life. We can’t find love when we are focused on not having it. She will help you get there with beauty, grace and joy! Connect with her via e-mail to set up your FREE 30 minute discovery session now. 

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