Calling Forth Rain

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Some of the work I do is Shamanic.  I take people on soul retrievals, journeys to find their animal totems, pieces of themselves an to let go of their past. I trained with John Armbruster, Earthkeeper, Geologist, pipe carrier.  Some of what I learned from John was how to change weather patterns, move clouds and make the wind blow, among other things. I had used this a little in Georgia; I was able to ask clouds to move and conjure up the wind. I had not made much of an impact on the weather till I moved to the desert. It just wasn’t important enough. 

You have probably heard about the drought that California is having. We are in a dire situation here. While in Colorado, I spoke to the spirits there and asked for rain to be sent to California. That was not the way it worked. I had to be in California to bring rain to there. It was like trying to speak Spanish to Greeks. They didn’t understand.

Upon my return, I asked for guidance and picked an auspicious day to speak to the spirits of the land. I called forth the spirits in the four directions and prayed rain. I thanked them for rain, rather than asking for it. I envisioned it raining. A slow, all-day soaking rain. We have not had this kind of rain in the three years I have lived here. In three years I have never heard thunder or even seen lightning.

I was guided to take a day at the beach. I asked, “Should I go Friday or Saturday?” “FRIDAY!” was their response. I spent a glorious day at the beach on Friday, returning late and then staying up until 2:30 in the morning writing two articles for my blog. 

My daughter saw my post on FaceBook and texted, “Are you still awake?” “Yes!, ” I replied. We talked on the phone until 4:30 in the morning. Sometimes, our adult children just need to vent. I allowed her the time she needed. By 4:30, I was falling asleep on the phone. 

Saturday morning, I normally do a yoga and Zumba class. I was guided to stay home. I was glad, as I was pretty tired from only getting three hours of sleep. I walked the dogs in the desert, looking up in the sky as I always talk to the spirits of the land out there and saw clouds. I rejoiced for the clouds and thanked them for the rain. I returned home and waited for the rain. 

By 11:30, I saw lightning and heard thunder. Again, I said a prayer of gratitude. This land is in such need of rain. I have not been flushing my toilet unless I need to, and showering only when necessary to conserve. I empty my dog’s little wading

pool on my lawn and plants rather than just dumping it out onto the sand.

I had heard California was trucking in water. We all need to be careful with our water consumption here. I do my best to act responsibly in every way.

It took three days for the clouds to appear. See the video below.

Here is the report from weather underground: 

... Preliminary record rainfall for Paso Robles Airport today... 

As of 515 am PDT... Paso Robles Airport has received 1.16 inches
of rain so far today... with nearly one inch of that falling in
one hour. This breaks the record daily rainfall for this date..,
July 19th... which was 0.01 inches set in 2012. It also sets a new
record for the most rainfall on any calendar day in July. The
previous record was 0.58 inches on July 9th 1950. In addition... this
rain brings the total rainfall for July 2015 so far to 1.24
inches... making it the wettest July since records began in 1948. In
the previous wettest July... July 1950... 0.59 inches of rain was

The truth is, we all have the ability to call forth rain, to change weather patterns and speak to the spirits of the land. We have to be in our hearts, asking for the highest and best for all concerned. You are a powerful creator. Know it.  Feel it! Believe it! You are powerful beyond measure.

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