How I Lost Belly Fat And Inches Without Changing My Diet

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Part of my work involves helping others manifest what they desire. I have learned over the years that focusing on our fat

only makes us fatter. Instead, I focused on being fit, feeling vibrantly alive and healthy. I know that belly fat means fat on our internal organs which is not good. Losing belly fat not only makes you look and feel better, but you achieve greater cardiovascular health as well. Sex is better when you have stamina.

A defined waistline!

My diet is pretty clean and has been except for my occasional piece of pie, or splurge of chocolate. Even though my diet was clean, I had a pooch – or belly that stuck out in my clothes. No matter what I ate, I couldn’t budge this tummy bulge. I share this because I have heard from other women and some men that they have the same struggle. 

When we look at our bodies every time we pass the mirror with disdain, it makes us feel bad. Let’s face it we could all improve on our gorgeous selves in some area. Loving our bodies through the transition helps you get there with a positive attitude rather than a defeatist mindset. There is no doubt that as we get older, it seems that weight loss is more difficult. However, with the guidance of my oldest son, Adam Gates, Mr. Nakedhealthy, I was able to make excellent progress in a few weeks. Not only did my stomach flatten in less than a month, my arms are firmer, and my butt it higher with more curve to it.

What I ate

You will notice that I did not cut out fat. In fact, I included whole fat dairy. I don’t eat any GMO wheat products and haven’t for well over two years, because it is all genetically modified and unsafe. What is GMO food, you ask? Click this link and discover why you don’t want to eat it. I won’t put round-up on my skin, I certainly won’t ingest it willingly. I have done my research and eat organic whenever possibly, food from Mexico and other countries where GMO products are considered illegal and unsafe for human consumption.

My diet and routine consists of the following, with a few variations on the same theme:

Wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 AM 

There are great benefits to your body to waking up by 6:00 AM. Your body goes into another sleep cycle after 6:00 AM and will cause you to feel more tired and sluggish if you don’t get up.

Morning Meditation

I find meditation on the morning shifts me. It grounds me and connects me to Source energy. I get guidance and love back when I love my Divine. I begin with a prayer of gratitude for me, my life, my vibrant health and my family. I sit in silence from 10 to 45 minutes depending on what I have going on. Sometimes I chant a mantra, like “The Universe loves me.” Or maybe the Gayatri Mantra. Usually I sit in silence, quieting my mind. I have a few tricks I teach my clients to quiet the mind. I am working on a video for you, so that it will be easier. In the meantime, here is my Divine Presence Meditation. 

My emotional and mental state becomes more positive, and my mind clears. With focus and clarity, I begin my day. 

Morning Walk

Walking before breakfast burns off fat. Not only does morning exercise benefit your body, it also wakes up your mind. You can talk to God while you walk or pray. I do a bit of both.

I have two dogs who wait for me to get my butt into some clothes and out the door. My dogs are my added motivation. They love going out for a morning walk. It is the most joyous part of their day. I follow their line of thinking and enjoy my time out in nature too. 

  1. a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach to alkalize my body.
  2. 2 small cups of coffee with half and half.
  3. 1 cup whole milk yogurt with blueberries, blackberries or strawberries
Green Drink

Adam Gates of recommends having a green drink for breakfast. I have been consuming what I have in my house first. Today I am back on the green drink breakfast and will have yogurt for lunch with fruit.

Green Drink recipe

1 handful of organic spinach leaves
1 handful of organic kale
parsley if you have it rich in antioxidants
1 stalk of celery chopped
1 whole carrot cut up
1/4 of a lemon with peel and all
fruit optional – blueberries handful
pinch of Himalayan salt or honey to taste
1 tablespoon of cocoa nut oil (it’s good for your brain and helps you lose weight, prevents Alzheimer’s and inflammation).
scoop of chia seeds soaked (they plump up and can cause constipation if you don’t soak them)


If I have a green drink for breakfast, I alternate between yogurt for lunch with fresh berries or a fresh salad. If I eat yogurt for lunch, the salad becomes my dinner.

Fresh greens, a whole avocado, marinated artichokes, cucumber, radishes, (either red or daikon) red pepper, olive oil and a little Trader Joe’s spicy peanut salad dressing, with a piece of baked chicken or salmon. I will also add a squeeze of lemon on top of my salad or lime, if I have either. The fresh citrus gives you needed enzymes and added flavor.

Honestly, sometimes I skip lunch or dinner because I am writing. When I skip one of those meals I have a snack like an apple, or some walnuts. 


Salad on an empty stomach. Always eat your salad first, as it helps to move whatever is in your intestinal tract out with ease. 

Baked fish or chicken with herbs or curry seasoning
Baked sweet potato with cinnamon and coconut oil instead of butter


My snacks consist of one of the following: an apple with almond butter, fresh cherries, a whole grapefruit or a handful of walnuts, or pecans. Fresh coconut makes a great snack. I use a scredriver and hammer to create a hole, shove a straw in it and drink the coconut water first. It is a great thirst quencher full of electrolytes. I get out my hammer and crack that thing open. The meat of a coconut is sweet and chewy. It is so good for you and gives you more good coconut fat in your diet. I maintain this helped me drop that tummy fat. 

On occasion, I will treat myself to macadamia nuts.


I always drink my water at room temperature, never with ice. Cold water is not good for your internal organs and causes your body to go into shock. It also depletes your immune system. I drink pure spring water or purified water that I purchase by the 5 gallon jug. I don’t buy water bottles from a store for two reasons: 1. it pollutes our environment with unnecessary plastic bottles. 2. it is a waste of money, something that I don’t do anymore.

Cheating or Treating?

I don’t deprive myself. I am disciplined with my food, but will eat the occasional ice cream, or piece of chocolate preferably dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa with low sugar, once a week. I never artificial sweetener. For over two months I omitted the ice cream. You have to burn a lot of calories to burn off ice cream.

What I don’t eat or drink

no alcohol
no pasta
no bread
no store bought cereal
no store bought juice
no soda
nothing with high fructose or artificial sweetener
absolutely no fast foods
no deep fried foods

My workout

Honestly, if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t work out. I don’t like it. I do like the way I feel afterwards though. I sleep better, I feel better and my arms are pretty freaking awesome for an older gal. I am confident anyway, but having a fit body gives you a boost that nothing else can. 

You feel terrific! The strides I have made in just two months of consistency has given me encouragement to keep it up. Once I added the eliptical just 20 minutes before my weight lifting regine made a huge difference to the way I look and feel. My energy is much higher and I know sex is so much better when I have the stamina to make it 20 minutes without passing out!

My workout routine:

I start with an aerobic workout to raise my heart rate. I break a sweat while on the elliptical starting with 10 minutes to fake out my brain and using the cool down as part of my work out. Sounds silly? It works for me. After my 15 – 20 minutes on the elliptical using my arms as well, my heart rat is well over 130 beats per minute. I have a good heart, so I know going over 130 is okay for me. (Check with your doctor.)

Interval Training

I think he is asleep here…..

According to my son, Mr. NakedHealthy an interval training with higher repetitions and lower weights is better for toning. I don’t want to look like a muscle-bound man. I use 20 – 30 pound weights for my arms and 50 – 70 on the thigh machines. I do very little leg lifting as I walk and the eliptical takes care of my thighs.

I walk quickly over to the rowing machine, set the weight at 30 pounds and do 25 reps, sitting upright, with a two minute or less rest in between. I walk over to the next machine and get going right away. The key is to not sit and play with your cell phone in between sets. Keep your heart rate up and you will burn more fat. 

15 – 20 minutes eliptical
rowing maching 30 pounds 25 reps – twice
thigh machine 50 – 70 pounds 25 x twice
inner thigh machine 50 pounds 25 x twice
calf machine 40 pounds 25 – 30 reps x 2
30 minute of machine weights 25 reps x 2 on arms
pull down 20 pounds 20 x twice
chest – pushing forward 20 pounds 25 reps x twice
sit ups 25 x 2

Total weight lifting 30 minutes maximum.

Sometimes if I feel like it, I will get in the pool and swim 15 or 20 laps. I can hear you groaning. In the winter I do 30 laps in about 30 minutes or less. Swimming is great exercise as it works your whole body out. I love the water and have been swimming since I was 5, so this is a no-brainer for me. 

Zumba once a week. It’s an hour of booty shaking body moving fun on the dance floor sweating your butt off exercise. The music makes you feel happy and if you don’t care how silly you look (which I don’t) you won’t care if you’re not perfectly in step with the teacher, or the rest of the group. Focus on the fun and the dance steps will come in time!

Not for the feint of heart, but so worth it! I maintain that Yoga is for stiffies and Zumba is for sexies! Zumba makes you think of sex, because you are shaking it for a whole hour. You can’t be shaking your booty around and NOT think of sex! My butt has gotten so much firmer doing this class and working out. Who says a woman in her 60’s

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters triumphed over guilt and sexual shame, healing her own trauma from childhood. She is the author of two books, and is a love and passion coach. She inspires women to recognize their softness and sacred Goddess nature. For your discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for you, connect with her through her private e-mail. 

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