Miracles Do Happen When You Believe

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have witnessed the miraculous. I have prayed miracles to happen in other’s lives. In fact, I had a friend tell me that I needed to offer a service to pray for “A Cascade of Miracles” to occur. I cannot recount all the exquisite events that took place in each of their lives, that I have prayed for as it would take you an entire weekend and then some to digest it all. What I have witnessed is miracles happen only for those who believe. 

If you are claiming bullshit here, examine how you feel about the occurrence of miracles. When you believe in yourself, you become greater. When you believe in the power of  Universal and Source energy, you will begin to notice how events are orchestrated in your life in miraculous ways. When you don’t believe, you will find that life isn’t fair and far too difficult. 

Yesterday I witnessed the miraculous. A friend who exited my life, stage left, because I did what he asked me not to do, returned miraculously. (I have a history of doing things out of love, because my primary love language is Acts of Service. Our patterns repeat until we recognize what we do and change the pattern.) 

Our separation lasted 14 months. Fourteen months without so much as a phone call, letter, e-mail or text. I sent him a weepy e-mail last week when I was experiencing a catharsis also known as the dark night of the soul – yet again!

What is the dark night of the soul?

It is a time when you feel you have hit rock bottom spiritually, emotionally, and nothing seems to be working. Events in your life where you may have created conflict with another seems to be connected by a series of dots. Where it feels that events are showing you it is time to step back and punt instead of going for the touchdown. You may cry. You may feel horribly sad, down even depressed. 

For me, I stood up for my brother. He complained to me about someone in his life. My brother rescued me from years of molestation. He caught and told my perpetrator he would kill him if he ever touched me again. So you understand how I feel about this man, my oldest and dearest brother? I would take a bullet for him. Seriously. 

He had complained to me for months about events happening in his household. When the person causing the pain in my brother’s life asked me what I was upset about, I hesitated and told him he couldn’t handle the truth. He assured me he could. Then he went crying to my sister-in-law like a 4-year old boy. (He is seven decades older than 4.)

I spoke the truth. My words were as if I dropped an incendiary bomb into the center of my brother’s household. He received the wrath of his wife while I was cut off from my dearest brother. 

Deeper Understanding

There is always more. I am fearless when it comes to processing my crap. I will take a track-hoe and dig down three stories if I have to, pulling up all the similar events where I have spoken the truth and created havoc in other’s lives. We all have patterns. When we avoid looking at our issues, they don’t heal. They fester and become larger over time. I help others do what I do for myself. 

The Good The Bad and The Amazing

For a week, I processed these events, looking at similar upheaval caused by your’s truly. It was as if I pulled the thread on a cat litter bag. All the events, where I stuck my nose in thinking I was helping, but creating havoc, came up. Yes, I spoke the truth. Did it need to be said? Well, this person did insist. I did what my brother couldn’t do for himself. In his household instead of speaking about what is bothering them, they use passive aggression to get express their anger and resentment. 

Our Weakness Is Our Biggest Strength

During this time of sadness, grief and profound catharsis, I reached out to my dearest friend that I had not spoken to in fourteen months. I blubbered in my e-mail to him. I risked everything and was completely vulnerable. In relationships, being vulnerable is offering your open heart, at the risk of being hurt. When we are able to risk, the rewards are great!

I dug down deep past my ego-mind and pride. I expressed how much his friendship meant to me. I extended the olive branch, asking his forgiveness for my inability to hear and follow his wishes. There is no one on this planet that has his innate ability to see the truth in situations so clearly. His amazing mind and authenticity were what I missed. I missed his heartfelt love for me and complete acceptance of my idiosyncracies. I opened my heart and told him how much I missed our friendship. I had no idea what he would say or what would occur. I let it all go. 

I received an e-mail that expressed he was on another path. I could have given up at that point, but I am tenacious when I know someone or something is important to me and my soul’s journey. This man could zing me like nobody’s business. Zeroing in on my behavior and patterns. I knew he was valuable. I was not about to let him go that easily. When we believe in something, strongly we have to fight for it. I was willing to do so, even if it meant I got hurt in the process. I sent a second mail letting him know I had moved through the messiness that I had expressed earlier. I was not looking for him to pick me up. I meditated, and The Universe helped me through my letting go process. It was his friendship I desired.

The Amazing Miracles

While shopping for my dinner at Albertson’s grocery store last night, my dearest friend called me. I did not recognize his phone number. Nor did I recognize his voice at first. His ability to forgive me, exceeded my ability to let him know how miserably I failed as a friend to him. We talked for hours! We took turns recounting the events of the past 14 months. We each took turns catching the other up on the incredible events of the past year or so. There were tales of near death experiences, struggles, challenges and coming through it all.

The biggest surprise for us both was how amazing that our lives were orchestrated. The Universe was doing unbeknownst to us, weaving parts of our lives back together without either of us having a clue. We both ended up in the same spot. This part I have sworn not to tell a soul about, just yet. 

I can’t tell you the details of the synchronicities, but suffice it to say we were both blown away. Two people who live thousands of miles away from one another have found a point or light that we aligned without having a clue what the other was doing. Miraculous!


Our relationships have value. Just because we are not having sex with friends or they are not our Beloved, does not diminish the importance of the relationship. Do not discount the power of friendship, especially if you are single. Friendships teach us more about ourselves, just as our love interests do. Throwing away a friendship over a misunderstanding or argument, discounts the love between us and keeps us stagnant and stuck. Friendships can be the very way we learn to trust, and become more vulnerable.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love means that you accept the other person and love them for who they are, even though you know they aren’t perfect. You know they have flaws and faults, but you love them anyway. You do not expect the other person to be perfect. 

The Power of Forgiveness

If you have lost a friend or loved one through misunderstanding and they had value in your lives, I urge you to forgive and let go of the past. The future is not dictated by our past unless we allow it to be so. Forgiveness is for you. It releases you from the burden of guilt. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She is working on her third book and a new program you will absolutely LOVE! Listen to Jennifer on Tune In. Or on her provocative show, All You Need Is Love. Jennifer’s coaches clients all around the world on Skype or phone. Set up your private sessions here. 

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