Doing This One Thing Will Change Your Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

People come to me because they are unhappy. Usually, fingers point to their relationship partner. Boy can I relate! I used to feel that my husband, boyfriend, children or parents were what was causing me to be unhappy. When I finally woke up, I began to see how a little shift in perception changed everything. With a soft focus on ourselves we drop the self critiquing and judgment.

If you feel life is hard it will be. Your life will be a series of struggles and difficulties. Your relationships will be difficult rather than easy. If you love life, and feel that life is fun, a beach in fact, you will enjoy your life. Instead of a life wrought with struggles it will be filled with ease, challenges may come up, but you will find them to be opportunities for growth and expansion. 

If you believe life is worth living, it will be. Whatever your perception –  creates your reality. If you feel unloved, unlovable and alone, you will be. The gift is that you can change your perception. 

Life for me is a beach. What does a beach mean for me? Bliss. Unadulterated joy, pleasure and freedom. You can walk for miles

on white sand beaches, stepping into the cool water when you wish to. You can sit, stand, walk or run, depending on how you feel. You have complete freedom on a beach to float, swim or just be.

Life wasn’t always a beautiful sandy beach for me. My life was wrought with rocks, abysses, potholes, twists, curves and very bumpy roads. I used to make life hard. I chose the most difficult way to do things. I was very stubborn. I tried to change the people I loved,  thinking I could “fix” someone else, which took the focus away from my own issues. 

If I could fix someone else, I thought I was helping them. Focusing on other people’s issues often causes us to blame them for our personal unhappiness. When we spend time focusing on what others are doing or not doing, we are avoiding the truth within. 

What changed for me was my perception. Instead of looking at challenges in life as problems, I recognized there was always a gift and a lesson in each event. I also recognized that I had everything I needed inside me, I just had to drop my judgment of it all. When I began to acknowledge the gifts coming to me and what I was learning, I would see another similar situation coming toward me, once I had learned my lesson I could make different choices and side-step that issue. 

Sometimes, my lessons were harder to learn, because of the deep childhood imprint and trapped emotions. Eventually I learned that I was creating these challenges with my thinking and emotions. Once the trapped emotions were cleared, I shifted. My own victim hood, negativity and judgment caused me to attract difficulties. 

Wherever we focus our attention grows. When we shift our perception and see that we are learning and growing from each experience and are being supported not punished by the universe and God, we aren’t victims at all. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters became self realized in 2012. Since that time, she has not experienced loneliness or longing at all, she lives in the present moment fulfilled by her work. She teaches meditation, and coaches her clients to find peace being who they are as they are without changing core values. In fact, she assists women and men to find what they truly want and what brings them joy. Most people have no idea. When you focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, it is amazing what you can co-create for you.

She is masterful at helping you gently shift from blame and anxiety, to fulfilled and joyful. When you master yourself, all your relationships shift. Whether it is a friendship, lover, spouse or child. When you connect with your Divine self, you higher self, everything changes. Jennifer guides you compassionately to that place. Her book, Orgasm For Life is available on

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