Beware of Fakes and Posers On Social Media

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have received 10 marriage proposals from men I never met who professed their undying love to me.  I am not alone. The fact that I write and talk about sex might get me some unwanted attention, but there are other women who are receiving these fake friend requests and marriage proposals like I am. This is serious business. One widow was contacted by a man, who professed his love to her. She ended up sending him $300,000 and three cars. Now she is homeless, and he has all her money. This post is to warn you of the dangers of talking to men you don’t know from social media.

Some don’t even read your profile. Instead, they ask what you do? Others comment on how wonderful your profile is and how beautiful you are. There is usually flattery. 

Fortunately for me I am intutive and have good discernment skills. Other women are not so fortunate. Many women believe these fakes and have sent money to these men. Dr. Phil has even coined a name for these men: CATFISH. 

Here is an example of an exchange from Linked In I received this morning:

From Alex Donald (photo of a white man with glasses) Notice two first names

Hello there,I Just came across your profile and it caught my attention. You are absolutely beautiful & radiantly elegant, You sound pretty interesting too. It would be nice if we could get to Know Each Other Much better. i hope to Hear from you soon.Warm Hugs

My returned message:

Thank you Alex. 

I appreciate your kind words. I have been told that I am interesting. I certainly don’t let moss grow under my feet!

Very nice note from you. Thank you.

His second message to me on Linked In:

Thanks for your response to my message..

Am Alex Donald by name. Kelly is my only son, and he lives with me. i am originally from France never grown up to know my France people, when growing up, my father and mom relocated with me when i was 15 to start a new life in Wales. Quit a long story, To summaries it i was raise in Wales where i spent much of my time and energy as a youth. I am the only son of my parents both parents past away many years ago. I have been married once and now widowed with son. But after the death of my wife i had to relocate to the Houston Texas to start a new life. The reason why i messaged you was because i saw your profile and it caught my attention. I really want to know you more and i need a woman that will love me with all her heart. I am ready to travel and come meet you any time just to see you, distance can never be a barrier in a relationship. Just tell me more about yourself. 

Alex Donald
Following is my response:


I am not sure what men think. I have raised my children. It was a long challenging road. I am not interested in the least in raising yours. You will have to find another woman who might be interested. You are barking up the wrong tree.

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NOTE: You have to be strong, definitive and not wishy-washy with these people. If you leaven an opening – they will take it and take advantage of you. Be strong. There is a real person out there who will love you. Don’t engage with these people.


  1. Two first names, like Ray Norman or Alex Chris, I could go on, I have had over 100 of these requests
  2. Use military photos of US soldiers, with two first names
  3. You can tell they don’t speak English as a first language
  4. Grammatical mistakes, misuse of words in message
  5. You don’t meet them in person.
  6. Photo of a man with a child.
  7. Story of wife dying or drug use
  8. Usually a child in the mix.
  9. Noise in the background (other people) when on the phone.
  10. Sob story
  11. Tells you he loves you in the first or second message, or at the very least wants someone who will love them with all their heart.
  12. Tells you how beautiful you are in the first message.
  13. Says he has been looking for someone like you all his life.

Photos of Men With A Child

Many men that are posing as someone they are not, use a photo of a white man with a child. They seem to think that if they have a child in a photo that we will feel sorry for their fake story of woe how their wife died and left him all alone. None of it is true.

Next he will be telling you how much he loves you and how he has been looking for someone just like you for years. He will reel you in with his lies and then ask for financial help. He may even ask you to send him an airline ticket, or a vehicle. Dr. Phil has exposed several of these scams on television. Could it happen to you?

Engaged To A Man You Never Met?

I have had at least 10 marriage proposals and even phone calls from men who profess their love for me and are angry with me when I question why they are calling me in the first place. I block their phone numbers.

Protect Yourself

  1. Don’t give your e-mail, phone number or physical address out to someone you meet on the Internet
  2. Don’t talk to someone on the phone unless you know them. 

  3. If you must talk to these strangers, do so on Face book using the message calling so that they don’t have your phone number.
  4. Know that scamming American women from African countries is a big business, costing Americans 100,000 a day. These countries are poor and you are the target.
  5. Open your eyes and read between the lines. Anyone can post a photo of a person that isn’t them on the Internet. 
  6. I had one man use a model’s photo with a briefcase. He was very handsome, but the broken English didn’t match the face.
  7. Don’t accept a marriage proposal from someone you have never met. 
  8. Real people don’t fall in love with you in one or two messages. 
  9. Real people don’t propose without ever meeting you in person.
  10. Real people want to get to know you, touch you, kiss you and won’t ask for money sight unseen.
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