Why Our Patterns Keep Repeating

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

During our lifetime, we have many teachers. I recently received a message that pertained to what many of us are experiencing in our present lives from one of mine. I share this with you.

Amrit Desai, is a teacher, many call Gurudev. He has been teaching Yoga, in the US since 1960. He founded the Kripalu Yoga Center. Yes, you will find scuttlebutt about him. He is human. If you would like to know more about him, here is a link to his website. I have had many spiritual teachers over the past 30 years. Each one has their part to play in my growth. No matter how evolved our teachers are, they are always learning, growing and evolving, just as we are. Each of us has flaws and faults as they are human. What we have to do, when we are learning from others is recognize that we all have our challenges. Ask yourself, is the majority that is shared beneficial? Am I learning and growing by following, reading and using their teaching? If those answers are yes, then continue. Take what you need and leave the rest.
Following is what Amrit shared today:
“Be comfortable with yourself – the witnessing presence that is completely disengaged from the past that is divided, that is in conflict, that operates in duality.  Time-bound memories that come through your thinking are living in conflict.  When they resurface as reactions to what is present, they continue to create the same conflict that you experienced in the past.  Until you realize it is your internal experience, you will continue to recreate those experiences again and again in the external world, in a false attempt to solve the problem as if it lived outside.  If you don’t know this, you will lose your entire life searching for solutions to problems that no longer exist anywhere except in your memory. 
This statement should be repeated over and over again in a very deeply-meditative state in Yoga Nidra until you recognize who you are.  Then the life of who you are not – that has so many problems, so many attractions and repulsions – will just simply fall away.” 
-Yogi Amrit Desai


Many of us continue to recreate patterns again and again because of our memories. We remember, relive events and recreate.  You can use the above statement and read it to yourself, reflecting during meditation. 


Many of us were taught to contain our emotions, rather than express them, or feel them. When we hold our emotions inside, they become stuck, trapped rather than doing what they are meant to do: MOVE.

Loving the feelings that arise allows them to move through us. Thinking of the emotions as if they came from a two-year-old, keeps concern to a minimum, rather than creating fear about what we are feeling. It is just an emotion. It is a natural feeling. Send love to those emotions. Rather than thinking, “I don’t want to feel this,” which causes our emotions to become stuck, breathe in love, send love to what you are experiencing. Send love to the memory of you in the past. Send love to what happened to you. It was an experience. We learn through our experiences. Send love to the experience. Love heals even our memories of what we went through. 

Watching ourselves from the place of witness allows us to see what we react to, how we attract similar situations that repeat. We can begin to shift patterns once we recognize what they are. When we become aware of our emotions, triggers, and patterns we shed light where formerly shadows hid the truth from us. The more light we shine on our issues, the less evidence there will be that they exist.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, energy healer, hypnotherapist as well as love and passion coach. She lifts and clear blocks that allows her clients to live in a higher truth and the vibration of love. When they shift their focus through Jennifer’s coaching and energy healing they become empowered, thriving in joy, rather than pain. Her personal healing journey has allowed Jennifer to develop tools that she gives her clients to assist them on their journey of personal discovery and growth. Jennifer has helped thousands through her energy work, hypnotherapy and reading the Akashic Records. Her first book, Odyssey Victim To Victory, is her story of healing. She is an empath, (feeling what her clients are

experiencing usually before they experience it) she works with your guides and The Divine to help you shift old patterns, so that you can life a life of joy, permanent happiness and attract loving relationships to you.

Looking for love, Jennifer has helped many find just what they have been seeking, contact Jennifer here to find your love. 

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