6 Reasons Why Touch Is So Important

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

In over 30 years of research of married couples, sex was rated a 6 out of 10. Never did it rate higher than this mid-range score. Sex although exciting for many, even exhilarating for others, is not the be all and end all of relationships. When there is no touch outside of the bedroom, people can feel disconnected, rather than revered and loved. Loving marriages incorporate touch while talking, sitting on the couch, cheek to cheek contact, snuggling, hugging and hand-holding. Touch was one of the most important facets of a loving marriage. If there is one thing to add to your relationship right now, touch would be it.

Teens and the elderly are most touch deprived. 

For those of us who live alone, or in relationships where touch isn’t happening, rest assured you are sensory deprived. When we don’t receive touch on a regular basis, we may shun human contact. We protect ourselves with an invisible shell. Find out what touch can do to help you reduce anxiety and live a healthier, thriving existence.

Humans need touch to thrive. Some people may go for weeks, or even months without being touched. In the workplace, it is uncommon for business people to touch. From cell phone to computer, our lives are becoming more disconnected. We are moving away from close contact and intimacy in our “advanced” computer age.

1. Reduce Anxiety. It seems everyone I talk to is experiencing anxiety. Touch calms our nerves, reducing anxiety.  A touch on the arm, shoulder, or hand to show another person you are present, caring and interested in what they are saying can be the only touch that they receive in a week. Even a hug that lasts seconds can ground you, calm you down and help you to feel loved.

2. A Sense of Belonging. Conversations with other humans can give us a sense of belonging. We forget that we are tribal by nature. We need to feel a connection with others to feel alive. Touch is an important facet of communication. Even with those we are not intimate with, a touch on the elbow, hand or top of the arm, can calm someone down within seconds. 

3. Deepening A Bond. Touch is a part of connection. Children, often get their need for touch met, where teens may not. As our children begin to break away from the nest, they resist being touched, therefore missing a great part of the family bonding experience. When we fight with those we love, we resist touching them. Touch can bring you back to love. A kiss on the forehead, a hug, holding someone’s hand releases oxytocin which is the feel-good or “God hormone,” helping us bond with our newborn babies to deepen our connection with them at birth. 

4. Fills Our Sensory Tank. We have a need to be touched. Touch and affection are such a great need that babies actually died when they did not receive it. Our bodies actually become twitchy, stressed and anxiety filled when we don’t receive our daily quota. A gently stroking downward on a person’s arm gently lets their unconscious mind know everything is all right.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure. Studies have shown that touch alone can lower blood pressure. Think of it this way, how many of our men and women have high blood pressure that could be cured with touch? Why not try this experiment at home. Test your blood pressure, write it down and then begin a regimen of regular touch – at least three times a day with your partner. After a week write down your blood pressure. Continue the touching for a second week, with daily touching three times a day or more. Then test your blood pressure again. I would love to hear your results.

6. Improved Outlook. Touch allows us to feel connected with others. Cuddling reduces depression – without a prescription! When we are touched with regularity, pessimism is reduced. Imagine that? People are more positive when they are touched regularly. Have a mother-in-law that complains? Or maybe your own mother? Try this out. Visit her daily. Hug her. Touch her arm while talking to her. Put your hand on her shoulder when you walk by to get her a cup of tea. Touch her as often as you can when with her and see how this improves her attitude. I want to hear from you also!

Don’t allow yourself to get so busy with life that you miss out on this important aspect of a healthy life. Filling your belly with healthy food is only one part. Touch is as necessary to our brain and physical well-being allowing us to feel more calm, connected and appreciated.

Types Of Touch

Me getting a massage in a Denver shopping mall

Has it been so long you don’t remember all the different types of touch? Rub noses like Eskimos, kiss your lover’s eyelids, earlobes, or massage their ears, butterfly kisses, raspberries on someone’s belly, brush your partner’s hair, or better yet, get into the shower together and soap them up rubbing your body all over theirs. If you are alone, go to the mall, like I did (pictured) and get a massage. Touch is important for your health, well-being and longevity.


As you know, I am an animal lover. My border collie Karma groans when I touch her and lifts her leg so I can rub her heart chakra. It is her favorite place to be touched. It allows her to feel loved. My cat Percy demands touch by pawing at me until I pet him. He usually lays against my computer while I write. Animals teach us how important touch is. They let us know they need it with their actions. Think about the humans around you. How can you touch them more, and receive some in return? Please share this article with your friends and family. Help me get the word out to the world. Thank you. 

With Love and big energetic hugs,

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an Intuitive love and passion coach, guiding others to live a life of joy, happiness and connection. If you would like to see if her work is a good fit for you, send Jennifer a private e-mail here, to set up your free discovery session of 30 minutes. What are you waiting for?

Special thanks to Bill Cook who requested this article subject. I appreciate you Bill. Thank you for this great idea. If you have a special request for a blog, you can let me know here. 

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