Emotions From The Inside Out

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Emotions play a large part in our life experiences. We may feel sadness, joy, happiness, disgust and anger within a morning or even an hour. Disney’s new movie, Inside Out, is noteworthy. A children’s movie for adults? Absolutely, often children’s movies have such a profound message, that children miss the true meaning. 

Inside Out explains what happens to our memories when tainted with sadness. We have a tendency to believe that feeling sad is bad. Yet, watching this movie you witness healing while Riley is processing sadness. When she begins to cry, her emotions move, which allows her to shift the way she feels. Amazing! I highly recommend it.


When Riley’s mother signals she needs the support of her husband he is lost in his own thoughts. He wasn’t listening to the conversation and began to back pedal wondering, “Oh she’s talking to me! Did I forget it was trash day? Did I leave the toilet seat down?” 

Our brain is a complex organ which processes, remembers and triggers emotions, pain, synapses. This Pixar movie uses some amazing concepts to explain how we become damaged by events in our lives and how we can overcome them. Why not cool down today, watching this very thought provoking and cute movie. I loved it! I give it 5 stars, for intelligent, educational and entertaining. 

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