3 Powerful Ways To Feel Loved Even If You Are Alone

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

People don’t believe me when I tell them I never get lonely. I also have no sense of longing for anything. Why is this unbelievably important to you? Because you can feel so connected to Universal Source Energy as well that you are never lonely, even if you live alone. When you feel the presence of Source energy you will feel full, loved and accepted as you are. Many people experience loneliness even in a committed relationship. I did in my second marriage. 

I had everything material I had ever dreamed of.  We had two BMWs in the driveway, lived in an exclusive gated community where our neighbor drove a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, a closet full of clothes, a slew of $300 designer shoes (30 years ago) and never felt so lonely in my life. Why? Contrast. I saw the contrast of material wealth versus interior wealth (love). Now I have the interior wealth (love) and don’t care about the physical manifestations of money. Now that I am focused on love, the money flows to me. I am always taken care of by The Universe. I am happy without anything. I live in a little town, by myself, in the middle of the Mojave desert, because this was my assignment.

Can You Say No To God?

You can say no to God, but I don’t recommend it. I have a houseguest who is helping me right now with several new projects that I will be unveil in September. I am being guided to create new offerings, a certification program two new books, find a publisher, be on the Dr. Oz show, and who knows what else. I am rambling, but I am in the flow of Universal energy, and it is taking me all over the place. 

My friend said no to God and has regretted it ever since. God never steers you wrong. If you listen and do what you are asked to do, you life is ecstatic. I chose to listen. My friend chose disobedience and is paying the price with his health, and feeling like he is chasing his tail. I love this guy, we are great friends. You can choose not to do as you are asked, but if you do, your life will become hell on earth. 
The hundred-year-old trees called to me

I became a Mystic in 2010. I had conversations with my guides and messages from God before, but in 2010, I began to have conversations with God. How do I know? You have an inner knowing when the big guns come out. The first time I heard God’s voice was when I was living in Alpharetta, Georgia in a hundred-year-old farmhouse on seven acres. I felt the presence of God everywhere. The land spoke to me. I found this place because the trees called to me. Sounds crazy, well there’s more. 

Alpharetta, Georgia 7 acres of beauty

In my first book, Odyssey Victim To Victory, I wrote about my experiences with God, my awakening, my trip to Bali, Indonesia and my previous trip to India. It was my coming out party. My mother said I whined about my life in that book. Maybe I did. Still, there is much valuable information about how I went from insecure little-broken doll to speaking with God, my guides, your guides and being a catalyst for your healing. 

Trees Can Call To You?

For Heaven Scapes, estimating

In Odyssey Victim To Victory, I also detailed how the trees on the property pictured here called out to me so that I would rent the property. I lived here on this beautiful land for seven years. If the land has magic, this land did. My landscaping company began to thrive as a result. Did I have help? You betcha! I became connected to the earth doing landscaping so profoundly that it aided my awakening. I learned that rocks have consciousness too. I would visit a client’s home to do an estimate, and their tree that was struggling would give me messages about what it needed. I would think I was going for the estimate when there was a higher purpose involved.

My son David trimming limbs

How You Heal

What is a catalyst? You can’t sit next to me, talk on the phone with me or Skype, or listen to my radio programs without having your stuff come up. I help you heal. Reading my blog helps people heal. I am here to help people awaken. (No I don’t think I am the only one, there are many of us on the planet right now that are catalysts for healing.) You can heal through prayer, I can pray for you, or you can hire me as a coach. Through my coaching sessions, I do prayer work, energy healing and help you release the past. I clear trapped emotions that keep you in the repeating cycles.

Do I Make You Angry?

For those who aren’t ready, I just piss them off. I can live with that. I have no ego. If what you read makes you angry, or triggers you in some way, that is because I have pushed on something inside you, with my words. You can’t have a reaction without you having something stuck inside you (probably a trapped emotion). Other people can’t make you react. It is YOU that makes you react. If you blame other people for making you angry, you are taking on the role of victim. I know I had that same experience. I thought everyone was out to get me. That is an entirely different article. 

If I Can Do It, You Can Too

Meditation Connects You 

If you want to change your life for the better, begin meditating daily. This was the single most profound activity that changed my life. Every morning I meditate. Well, okay there are some days that I don’t, but those days are usually much more chaotic and fragmented than when I ground in meditation. I know that meditation sets the tone for a better more focused day. I ask what I should write about and get a clear message of the subject matter. Today, I was told to write about your Divine connection. If you want the Cliff notes version, skip this and go to the bottom, but you will miss the understanding needed. 

I have a meditation video on You Tube. I recommend it.

The Divine Presence Process Meditation was given to me by God. Actually, a friend Prem Savrovra gave it to me, saying this is for you to give to others. We did this meditation together daily for ten months remotely. It connects you to your higher power. Whether you believe or not, it will fill you with love. It will ground you and help you feel loved. It is a giving and receiving kind of thing that you give love to your higher power, and it gives it back to you. It was using this very meditation daily – sometimes several times a day that I awakened, permanently. The video is at the top of this blog.

I became connected with the higher power within me, without me and The Universal Mind (Divine Mind). My ego fell away, my fear fell away, my loneliness fell away. Zing! Beam me up Scotty! This is my gift to you. Do it daily. Witness the changes it brings to you and let me know what happens. I want to hear your experience. 

Countries call to me. Places call to me. Trees call to me. Did you know that everything has consciousness? They might be calling to you also. Maybe you were called to visit my blog, or website or

even FaceBook page, because I can help you. India called to me for

over 20 years before I traveled there. England called to me because I had many past lives there. 

My first trip to England was like three days of deja vu. I knew I had been there, I recognized almost everything I saw. I felt at home there, yet, I had not visited before (in this lifetime). You may have experienced this type of recognition for places you have never been before. My work as a flight attendant for Air Canada and living abroad for two years, gave me opporuntities to travel extensively. Now I recognize the energy of the places that call to me. Today for instance, the beach is calling to me. 

When You Get A Feeling

Some of you are getting messages that you may not pay attention to. At first, I didn’t either. The messages come into your brain and may feel like your own thought at first. You might think it is your imagination. Or one of the many voices in your head

One of the feelings I have had repeatedly over the past six months

Boyne Valley, Ireland

is I know I am to travel to Ireland, probably in 2016. How is this trip going to manifest? It is already in The Divine Mind. I am being shown I will travel to Ireland. Will it be a retreat? I don’t know that yet, it is not information I am privy to. We can only know what we are told or shown. I have heard some information from The Divine about sacred sites but that is all I know for now. I trust. I trust the information because I know it is accurate. It has been tested over the past 10 years or so. 

Standing Stone, Ireland

Some things are kept from us, so that we don’t try to make them happen, or change the future. One thing that is for sure, no one and I mean NO ONE knows what we need for our highest and best good, more than that of The Divine. 

What Is God?

What is God, you ask? God is not a physical being. God or The Divine is an energy that is conscious. In other words, God is consciousness. God is in the sun, the moon, stars, plants, trees, animals, our pets, a newborn baby, in each molecule of your body. Everything including houses have consciousness. If you mistreat a car, your car will be hurt. If you love your car, you will find it runs better, longer and gives you better gas mileage. 

I remember arguing in the early days about animals having a soul. A minister (Baptist) tried to assert his opinion on me that animals most certainly have no soul. I informed him that I knew otherwise, because I communicate with them. Most animals are actually more conscious than we humans are. How could they have no soul? Absurd. This same minister also argued with me about praying to angels. “Why would you talk to angels when you could pray to Jesus, or God? At that time, I felt that God was too busy to talk to me. I found out later that that is not true. The Divine is busy. However, when we have important issues come up for us, The Divine makes time. 

How To Feel Loved Even If You Are Alone

  1. Sit upright in a chair or on your bed. Quiet your mind. Use a mantra to do so, or use step number two to quiet the mind chatter.
  2. Sit upright. Turn your eyeballs only upward to look at the ceiling. Do not lift your chin, only your eyes. Sit like this looking at the ceiling for about three or four minutes. 
  3. Close your eyes. 
  4. Relax your shoulders a little more and breathe in deeply. 
  5. Place your hands over the center of your chest (your heart chakra) and bring your attention to your heart. Breathe into your heart. 
  6. Smile a little towards your heart. This will give you a warm feeling. 
  7. Ask The Divine to come into your heart. Whoever you relate to can be used. If it is Jesus, invite him into your heart. If you relate to The Divine Mother, invite her into your heart. Breathe with them.
  8. Feel the love that they have for you. This love is universal. This love is everywhere. As you send love out to a tree, the tree will return it to you. As you send love out to the moon, the moon will return love to you. Send love out to the Central Sun, the Sun will return love back to you. As you send love out to Mother Earth, the Earth will return your love to you. This cycle of love exists everywhere. It is available to you right now.

What If I Don’t Believe In God?

If you have not had proof of The Divine (God or Source Energy), you may not feel it. You may doubt the existance of God or a higher power. Sometimes we are so shut down and closed off that the power of love cannot come in. We have to invite it in. 

Feeling Empty?

Many people feel alone and empty. You may feel disconnected, as if you have been deserted. Jim Carely talks about his experience of feeling the energy of everything/love/ The Divine and wanting it to have a reapeated experience. Everyone has the ability to connect to this energy. When we don’t feel it we may feel alone, empty, abandoned and forgotten. It is our perception that needs to shift. Everyone has the ability to tap into this higher power, just ask. 

Ask And It Is Given

Everyone have angels, guides and teachers on the etheric plane. They are available for you. However, you have to ask for their assistance to engage them. This is part of The Secret. They cannot engage with you if you don’t ask first. If you have never been told this, you might not know how. 

How Do I Connect To Love?
  1. Sit upright. Why? Universal energy will enter through your crown chakra (the top of your head) and flow down through your central channel all the way to the ground through your feet. You must sit upright for this to occur.
  2. Breathe in slowly. Exhale slowly. 
  3. Close your eyes. 
  4. Ask for your guides and teachers to show up for you. Ask for them to begin guiding you. Ask for help. 
  5. Feel. Listen to your body. What do you feel? Listen to your heart. What do you feel. Feel the love that The Universe, your guides and your family members on the other side have for you. Write down what you experience. Date your journal entry. Write down your experiences in your meditation daily. Then look back to see what you have received over time.
  6. Ask for signs. Then begin to look for messages in nature. Crows might talk to you. A hummingbird might fly up next to you. Nature gives us messages of love all the time. Say THANK YOU!
  7. Begin being grateful for the guidance you receive. 
  8. Trust what you hear. Trust yourself. Trust is one of the most important aspects of getting guidance. If you don’t trust yourself, you won’t trust what you hear, see or feel.

What Are The Three Powerful Ways To Connect To Love?

  1. Through meditation, ask to receive love. Witness what you feel. Invite Your Divine in. Send love back to them. 
  2. Ask for your guides and teachers to show you love. Send love back to them.
  3. Connect with plants, trees, animals, by sending them love out of your heart. Then listen, feel and experience what comes back to you. The more you do this the more you will begin to feel. Remember to express gratitude and open to receive more.
Love is an energy. It moves through us, and all things all the time. Most of us have been asleep for so long we don’t feel it. Open to the experience and use your imagination. Don’t be afraid. I hope that this crazy winding post was helpful for you. I do want to hear about your experiences. This is where the fun begins. Let’s talk on FaceBook! Off to the beach with Karma! She has been barking while I have been writing! “Let’s GO! 

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