Farewell To Wayne Dyer: My Personal Experience

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Author, motivational speaker and spiritual teacher, Wayne Dyer passed away Saturday night. Wayne authored more than 40 books, his bestseller, Your Erroneous Zones sold over 35 million copies. I had the pleasure to meet Wayne personally when he called me to his hotel room in Florida, while at a Hay House Event. 

It was an interesting experience, as I sat through his lecture on Friday evening. He announced that he had been diagnosed with leukemia. I was quite surprised and saddened at his announcement. My father died of leukemia. I certainly did not want that for Wayne. Any form of cancer is a horrible way to die.

The emotional cause behind leukemia from Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life is brutally killing inspiration. Blood issues have to do with being able to flow joy freely through the body. Strange, since he seemed so inspired as evidenced by the sheer number of books he has written.  He knew he had lived a good life and done what he came here to do. Whenever it was his time, he would go willingly. It didn’t mean he wanted to die, on the contrary.

I had seen Wayne years earlier, in Atlanta at Unity North Church. He seemed more egoic in Atlanta than when I saw him in Florida. Time had passed. He seemed softer. He had grown considerably and improved over the years. 

The following day his movie, The Shift was screened. I did not watch the movie but attended another author’s talk instead. After the screening of The Shift, as I walked by the doorway of the room he was in, I witnessed a throng of people swarm around Wayne. I wondered to myself how he could handle so many people getting so close to him? I got the very strong feeling I needed to get my business card and a message to Wayne, that I could help him. It took some time, to find the correct person that handled Wayne’s schedule. I informed her I was a healer and that I was guided to contact Wayne to help him with his health. I found his handler through the event bookstore and gave her my card, I told her the information I was given was strong and that he apparently needed my help.

When I get this kind of information, I do as I am asked and leave it up to The Universe. I really didn’t expect Wayne Dyer to call me. So I was completely taken aback when my phone rang no more than 30 minutes later. I heard Wayne’s voice at the end of the phone. “This is Wayne Dyer. I received your card, I need your help. Can you come to my hotel room?” He gave me the hotel name and room number. I was blown away. I was meeting Wayne privately.

I brought two friends with me, for several reasons. I did not want to be alone in a hotel room with Wayne Dyer for his protection as well as mine. I didn’t want things to be awkward. 

Wayne answered the door wearing a pair of dark blue basketball gym shorts and no shirt. He apologized for his appearance, explaining he was very warm. He was not feeling well and was very clammy. As it turned out, Wayne was having a heart attack and didn’t want to go to the hospital. I cleared his energy field for him. He began to feel better almost immediately.  He felt more comfortable. The clamminess was gone.  His heart, breathing, and energy field returned to normal. He had been swimming earlier that day and felt fine. I attributed it to the stress of the crowd pressing up so close to him, without anyone fending for Wayne.

Stress can do strange things to your body and mind. I was glad to have helped Wayne. It was an honor.

I found Wayne to be a lovely man. He was not without his own personal struggles. After our meeting in Florida, he called me from time-to-time to ask me questions and talk about love and relationships. He was challenged by his. It was the subject of most of our conversations. Those conversations will be tucked away forever. Our little secret.

Coming into complete loving acceptance of the self would preclude you from attracting someone who doesn’t love you back.

Two Things I Will Always Remember About Wayne Dyer

Wayne told me he wrote his books out in a scribbler long-hand. He did not type his books. He was old fashioned that way. I understand why he would do that. When we channel, writing by hand gives you a better connection to Source energy. It made sense to me. The other thing that I will always remember is his metaphor about oranges. He said when you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange juice, right? If something comes out of you, it had to be there first. No one can make you say certain things or feel a certain way. When you are squeezed, whatever is already inside you is what comes out.

Wayne is off on a new adventure. He will rest for a while before he returns in another life. I am glad to have met this talented man. I also met his daughter and did work with her. Even though he and his wife were separated, they remained close. Wayne was married

three times and had eight children. Wayne Dyer was a strong force in his children’s lives. He will be missed by millions. 

Much Love to you Wayne! May the rest of your journey be sweet! 

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