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I remember

There was a time when I was not happy with anything about me. I hated myself, my life, my husband, and my job. I beat myself up, sabotaged myself at every turn. I attracted men who treated me badly. Nothing was easy. I suffered
immensely. I was depressed, ill, negative, lonely and empty. Now, the opposite is true. I love myself, my life, my job as a coach, catalyst and healer. I have never been so healthy, vibrant, happy and completely fulfilled. I feel so free! I never feel alone or disconnected anymore.

Now I empower women and men to love themselves fearlessly. My clients are free, happy and magnetize love into their lives.

Are you ready to be happy with your life?
Are you ready to be happy with you?
Are you ready to live a life you love with or without a partner?
The key to life is to be happy with you. The rest is easy!

I have sharpened my year’s program and distilled the process and wisdom into a very exciting 6-week program. I am offering a couple of unique incentives that make the program a dynamite value as well as cost effective for you. This program is not on my schedule for the next year so if you are interested it’s important to mark your calendar now!
What are we talking about?
Imagine pulling together the finest material and processes in my “Love Yourself Fearlessly” and delivering it in a group setting over six weeks! Now that alone would be an amazing value but there is more… Sign up in the next two weeks and you can save an additional $162 dollars off the retail price.

Yes, that’s right, sign up by September 22nd and your investment is only $297, versus the retail price of $459. After September 22nd, the price goes up to $459.

REGISTER BY September 22nd BONUS!

And as an extra incentive I am offering all those who register by September 22nd, a FREE one half hour session before the group coaching begins, just  for taking decisive action now! That is a total savings of over $275 on the complete program!

What you will learn:
– How to be present in seconds
– How to calm your mental chatter
– How to meditate even if you never have been able to before
– How to look at life differently
– How to look at your relationships from a different perspective
– How to shift your thinking, focus and world permanently
– How to stay connected to Spirit God, Universe or Source energy
* Your soul blueprint will be aligned.
* Flow will increase.
* You will feel more harmony, peace, and joy
* Walk you through manifesting the love you dream about

I will make it easy for you to maintain this level of energy activation yourself daily. This is work I previously shared with one-on-one coaching clients. Now I bring this miracle rich work to you.

I am giving you this opportunity to receive the happiness you deserve and long for. Now I share my secrets for healing with you. This program will allow you to see yourself and the world from a very new and exciting perspective.

This Love Yourself Fearlessly six-week GROUP Coaching Program includes:

– 6 LIVE 90-minute coaching/healing sessions with Jennifer
– Recordings of each 90-minute session for you to listen to as often
  as you wish.
– 7 pdf workbooks
– 7 videos
– And the tools for you to continue this healing work on your own after the program is complete.
So, if you are struggling with
Low self-esteem
Sexual trauma
Sexual issues
Relationship issues
Dissatisfaction with life
Lack of purpose
Lack of focus
No clear direction
Finding love

This “Love Yourself Fearlessly” Program is the one for you!
Sign up today and get your FREE thirty-minute session with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters today! Remember the deadline is September 22nd.
Dates of the program are as follows:
Wednesday, September 30 
Wednesday, October 7
Wednesday, October 14
Wednesday, October 21
Wednesday, October 28
Wednesday, November 4

5:00 – 6:30 PM Pacific/ 8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern

Early Bird Price: $297.00 till September 22nd. Pricing after September 22nd midnight is $459.00.


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