7 Reasons Why You Need To Ask For Help Today

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but strength.

Many of us are running our own business, household, family, pets, laundry, bill paying and having a challenging time doing it all. Some are even working two or three jobs to manage their mortgage and financial commitments. When we try to do too much, we can’t possibly be completely available for our loved ones when they need us. Asking for assistance can release you from the burden of doing everything alone. What you might also find is that not only is the help right around the corner but so is a deeper connection with those you love.



1. You soften. When we ask for help, we are reaching inside and becoming vulnerable. Softening makes you more accessible to others. For some of you that might be a scary place. You might be surprised by how willing friends or loved ones will be to pick up the slack. When they do, you will not feel so completely fragmented or exhausted. You will also be more available for your partner emotionally and sexually.

2. You need to delegate responsibility to others. There are no brownie points for doing everything yourself. In fact, when you do everything, I bet that you vomit all the things you have done for your family members at the slightest irritation. 

Women have a tendency to do too much, even our children’s chores because we think we do everything so much better. If your progeny don’t do their chores as perfectly as you do, they still need to learn responsibility and gain credit for what they do well. Doing everything will only win you a place in martyrdom. Resentment usually follows. Delegate when you can. If it isn’t necessary, don’t do it.

3. You need to have more fun! Stress is the number one cause of most illnesses. From insomnia to heart palpitations, stomach upsets, liver issues and erectile dysfunction each of us needs to take the time to de-stress. Trying to be stoic, with all that you ar juggling, could mean that you are stressed. Instead of shouldering everything, let others know you need a little help. Plan time to do fun things. Fun and laughter are good to release stress and calm your nerves. You will sleep better when you have had some time to relax before bed, rather than to slave over your kitchen stove and to fall into bed exhausted. 


4. We are not all mind readers. Asking for help needs to happen early. Don’t wait till it is too late to ask. Your partner and family members are most likely not aware of all that you have to accomplish. Use your words to communicate, “HELP!” 


5. You are already worthy. Many people often try to do everything they can by themselves to prove their worth. There is no better place for you than the one you are in right now. There is nothing to do to prove you are worthy. You already are. Doing everything yourself does not make you more valuable. 

6. Value yourself enough to ask for help. When we don’t value ourselves, we are often looking for validation for the work we are doing or have done. Value comes from within. Looking for validation outside of yourself may never come. You validate you. When you recognize your own value, you will be much more open to asking for help.

7. Asking is a sign of strength, rather than weakness. Instead of looking at the fact that you need some help as a failure, recognize that you are one person. Two people can accomplish more than twice as much in half the time. It is usually a lot more fun to do things together as well. There is no such thing as a failure. Asking for help is a good thing. Show yourself some love and ask for help today.


I often have to remind my clients that we need to engage the help of our angels, guides and teachers on the other side. They can’t assist us unless we ask. The universe responds positively to our questions. Remember to ask for assistance. It is amazing how much we can delegate when we ask. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, love and passion coach. You can find her website here: JenniferElizabethMasters.com

Or ask her questions via her private e-mail. You can also set up your private coaching sessions while she is still doing private coaching.

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