13 Powerful Cures For Worry

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

“I am an old man and I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” ~ Mark Twain


Worry can cause stomach upset, weight loss, cortisol rise and untold stress on the body and mind. Worry consumes our time, energy and life force. When we worry, we miss out on much of life. We may have insomnia and anxiety from our worries. We miss out on much of life. We may even miss out on love. 

What Fears Do You Have?

Fears and worry often accompany one another. If you worry you often also have intense fears. People fear snakes, spiders, flying, being hurt, having their children die, getting pregnant, getting an STD, having your partner cheat, being abandoned, dying, getting sick, getting cancer, the list goes on. Fears trap us in the belief that what we are afraid of is real. A phobia is another word for fear. Phobias stop us from experiencing life and love fully. I used to be one of those people. Until I read the survey results, I had forgotten how fearful I used to be. I was led to create “Love Yourself Fearlessly,” from what I learned. This program is my foundational work which leads you to love.
Is There A Positive Side To Worry?
Many people believe falsely that worry protects them. Worry can keep you up at night, make you nervous and jumpy during the day. Worry affects job performance, relationships, and your children. If we are worriers, we train and imprint our children with our beliefs and fears. There is no positive side to worry. Worry does not help you nor does it protect you. Worry is a waste of energy. Worry is a wasted emotion. Worry is destroying your life.
The Truth About Worry
Statistics prove that 40% of what we worry about will never happen. 30% of what you are worrying about has already happened. 12% are needless worries are about what others think of us. 10% of our worries are about being late, what to wear, what to cook for dinner, or what time people will be home. 8% of what we worry about actually happens. Of this 8%, 4% are about natural disasters or death of a loved one. The worry is often more damaging than the actual event itself. Worry is a wasted energy and emotion. Worrying about the past is like closing the barn door after the horses have already run away – pointless! 
Worry is a fear about something that we imagine could happen. Worry is not based on reality. It is based on something that we imagine, therefore it is based on a false premise. Worry is a fear that repeats in a loop. The more we worry about something happening, the more trapped we feel. What we worry about or fear rarely happens. 
Worry is An Unending Spiral
We get into an unending loop of thoughts when we worry. It could be thoughts about how we are going to have enough to pay our mortgage, rent, bills or debt. Regret about our decisions or actions can cause worry as well. Some of the thoughts could be:
“I stayed home……”
“didn’t sleep with him”
“didn’t buy that dress….(car, book, phone)”
“I didn’t say that…..”
“I get fired….
“can’t pay my bills…”
“my daughter gets pregnant”
“my boss hates me”
“I lose the sale….”
“no one likes me”
“I never find someone to love me…”
When I used to worry, I would wake up at 2:30 or 3:30 every night. My thoughts would begin. I worked myself up into a frenzy so that I was awake for hours. My stomach would become acidic and upset. I created canker sores in my mouth and I finally ended up taking Benadryl to sleep. This does not serve you or help you in any way. 
Here are some things that I did to stop this spiral:
  1. Pray. I changed my worry into a prayer. Instead of worrying about the thought, I asked God, my Guides and the angels to take care of what my worry was. “Creator of my being, Guides, and angels that protect me, please take this worry from me. Take care of this issue for me. Allow me to sleep in peace. Thank you for your service to me. Amen.”
  2. Use a mantra. A mantra can be very healing. I used them in meditation and throughout my day. This is what I teach my coaching clients to replace negative thoughts about themselves and their lives. A mantra is always positive. The best time to use a mantra is when your mind is in neutral – then it accesses your unconscious mind where permanent change occurs. However, I recommend using them in place of a worrisome thought. It could be as simple as, “I LOVE ME!” or “THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS HAS MY BACK.” “THE UNIVERSE LOVES ME.” 
  3. Faith. When we are in fear, we can’t be in faith. When I KNEW without a doubt that God/The Divine/The Universe always had my back and was working FOR my good, everything changed. I know this to be true. Until you recognize this truth, you need to strengthen your faith. Faith is knowing without a doubt that God is on your side. Your angels protect you. (I see this when I am saved from death driving in my car repeatedly and my bills are paid miraculously.)
  4. Write a To Do List. Writing things down that need to be done can help you create order. The Universe loves order. The more order in your mind, the more order in your home and vise Versa. When you have order, you will also have peace Work daily on your to-do list.
  5. Prioritize. Not everything is urgent. Do what absolutely needs to get done to chip away at your list. As you complete a task, cross it off your list. Congratulate yourself for accomplishing one more thing. 
  6. Stop The Self-Flagellation. Monks used to beat themselves (literally) with a whip. They would stand in their little chamber strip off their robe and hit themselves with a leather whip. When you beat yourself up with your words and thoughts you are making yourself smaller and less significant. Know you are worthy. Know you have a purpose. Know you are love deep inside. Love is the answer. Love you. Allow you to feel the love that The Universe and God has for you. If you don’t believe in God – (I didn’t till I was in my 30s) you will continue to flail about and feel useless. My faith has become stronger as I have heard and seen miracles in my life. I can help you with this.
  7. Get Busy. When you sit around doing nothing, your mind has too much time. When you don’t give your mind something to do or focus on it will run amok. Get on your hands and knees and wash your kitchen floor. Then do your bathroom floor. Clean the litter box. Wash your car. While you are doing these tasks use your mantra or find something to be grateful for.
  8. Gratitude. When we begin to recognize what we have, we are focusing on the good, rather than the negative. Shifting your focus from negative to positive makes your mind quiet down. Your body prefers positive thought to negative also. Gratitude will shift you faster than any other thing. If you can’t think of anything to be grateful for use this: “Thank you for another day of life. Thank you for my vibrant health. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for the love in my life (even if you don’t see it – beginning to give thanks for something opens you up to the possibility of it and allows love to come to you) thank you for my hands that work, my legs that move and my eyes that see. Thank you for the birds that sing, thank you for the trees that give me shade.
  9. Give. Give to someone less fortunate than you. Clean out your closets and take your old belongings to people who need them. Giving opens you up to receive more. There is always someone who has less than you. Give a dollar to the homeless person on the street corner.
  10. Call a loved one. Talking to someone who isn’t a worrier can help calm you down. 
  11. Watch a funny movie or comedian. Laughter heals. Laughter will shift you. I stopped watching television with commercials, the news or reading papers over 15 years ago. My life is much more calm, happy and positive as a result of letting go of that negativity. 
  12. Meditate. Meditation will shift you from worry, fear or even anger quickly. I have a You Tube video that will help you if you BELIEVE that you can’t meditate. Stay open to new ideas. Do it once and see how it changes your life. Do it daily and it will change your life. I have also written a blog about The Divine Presence Process Meditation which includes the video.
  13. Breathe. Breathe slowly, filling your lungs while focusing on your breath. As you inhale, relax your shoulders. At the top of your inhalation when your lungs are completely filled, slowly begin to exhale. Exhale all the air in your lungs completely and begin to inhale again. Each time you inhale do so slowly, filling your lungs as full as you can. Most of you are barely breathing. Breathing deeply will bring you into the present where you will find your worries disappear. 

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