3 Reasons Why Your Argument Is Flawed

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have three adult children. During their 32 years at home, I cooked dinner from scratch almost every night. Apart from an occasional pizza night, or veggies and dip, I cooked. My mother taught me how to cook. Being a flight attendant for Air Canada pushed me beyond my English-Ukrainian roots. I learned French cooking and how to be a gourmet, cook. 

I read many cookbooks and tried unusual dishes to vary what I offered my family. Over the last ten years, I began cooking Indian, Thai and Chinese food. Even with all this experience and expertise, my last child at home bore the brunt of more burned meals than any of them. Writing books, blogs and articles for magazines took a place of greater interest, passion and importance to me. It didn’t mean I lost my expertise; I lost interest.

While cooking for a friend recently, he commented on the rice pilaf I made. My daughter who is in training at a high-priced culinary school in Colorado taught me how to make it, the way she learned in culinary school. I could have the opinion that I have cooked since I was 12, and I have nothing more to learn, but that is not the case. There is always room to improve, grow and learn new things.

I’ve Had Three Children!

Earlier this week as I drove out of the grocery store parking lot I watched a man walking with his two children. He was fixated on his cell phone, texting while he walked. His son walked close beside him. His little girl was at least three feet behind out of his visual sight. He was totally oblivious that a man or woman could have run up from behind, covered her mouth and stuffed her into a van and drove off. This type of abduction happens every day.

As a woman who experienced molestation, I am very sensitive to the plight of children who walk around unprotected by oblivious parents. I stopped my car and said, “Hi, I noticed that you are very focused on your cell phone. While you are looking at your phone, your daughter is out of sight. You might want to keep her closer to you, or hold her hand.” 

His angry response was, “I’ve got four children!” He asserted that because he had four children he was a good parent. His argument is flawed. Just because you are doing something does not mean you are doing it the best way. It also doesn’t mean you know what you are doing. There is always room for improvement. We can always learn something new.

Your Argument Is Flawed

  1. I already know everything there is to know.
  2. I have been doing it for years – so therefore I know it all.
  3. I am already an expert.

If you think you are okay as you are, and there is no room for improvement, you are heading for a brick wall. There is always room to improve, become more present, a better lover, kinder parent, deepen your connection, more compassionate friend or partner. Every one of us can grow and expand our consciousness. I have been working on myself for over 30 years and continue to find ways that I can grow daily. We are never done as long as we have a human body. 

Love More

Each of us can love ourselves more. We can be a better friend. We can offer more meaningful compliments or appreciation for our loved ones. 

One of the ways you can improve yourself is to get your energy cleared. Following is some of what an energy clearing can do:

  • you will feel more positive
  • you feel lighter
  • you feel more focused
  • mental clarity improves
  • eliminate mental chatter
  • eliminate anxiety
  • eliminate depression
  • eliminate insomnia
  • eliminate addictions (one woman had a clearing and 30 days later her addiction the meth was gone.)
  • eliminate attached negativity
  • clear old patterns that don’t serve you
  • clear blocks to love
  • clear shame
  • clear guilt
  • clear trapped emotions
  • clear the blocks in your heart
  • raise your vibration
  • give you a sense of calmness and peace
  • help you find your true self
  • clear blocks to abundance and wealth

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. During the next 10 days I am offering to assist you three clearings for $33.00. This is a $540.00 VALUE! My individual clearings are $180 for 60 minutes.  This is a great opportunity for those who say they want to work with me, but can’t afford it. 

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