What Your Emotional Pain Is Costing You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have had my share of emotional pain. I understand what it feels like to experience deep emotional suffering. When emotional pain continues you begin to feel that life isn’t worth living. I assure you that it is. Join me Wednesday to shed this suffering that you feel you need.

The Cost
When we have emotional pain, we may separate ourselves from those who care about us. We push love away because we aren’t in the right place to receive it. We aren’t thriving or living fully because our pain keeps us small. We can’t work to our potential. In fact, nothing is happening at it’s optimum because our pain keeps us from experiencing the good things in life. Fun, joy or happiness can’t possibly flow to us, because we are curled up in an energetic knot.
Pain Is Inevitable Suffering is Optional
We can’t move into a conscious state without experiencing and releasing our pain. Pain is what causes us to move forward, to seek help of a professional or hire a coach. Staying where you are in pain, is suffering.
Desire To Suffer?
Yes. Most people have a desire to suffer. I had it. My family had it. My kids had it. A desire to suffer comes from our ancestors, (DNA) that believed when you suffered you were more God-like or God-fearing. A pattern of a desire to suffer can be cleared. When it is cleared, you magically let go your pain. Surrender is so freeing. 
I promised to address the issues that my survey respondents has. My emotional pain was one of the biggest issues. If you miss my three-part energy clearing, that proves you are attached to suffering. Because if you really are ready to shed this suffering you will do something. $33.00 is all you need to spend to let it go. What do you have to lose? 
What Makes Jennifer Think She Can Heal People?
I don’t heal people. The energy of Spirit, your Guides, your Angels, and mine flows through me. I am the vehicle. All I do is direct what needs to be done. In many cases, I ask, “what next? What needs to be cleared?” I am given clear direction for the group. 
Where Did I Get Certified To Do This?
In 2007, I took a two three-day courses to become certified in energy healing. In 1998, I was certified as a  hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists. In 2011, I trained to be a teacher/trainer for Hypnotherapists and NLP. 
The Akashic Records
I traveled to Bali Indonesia and spent two weeks in training to read The Akashic Records. I have been reading the Akashic Records and doing healing through them since 2010. I use all these healing modalities in my coaching practice.
How Does It Work In A Group?
Usually, the people that come together in a group have similar issues. Even if some of the issues are different, I will ask for guidance for the good of all. The energy of the group can in fact, cause the clearings to be much more powerful, because where two or more are gathered, God IS!
How Can You Prepare
An energy clearing does not require you to take notes, record, multi-task or text other people. In fact, I promise you the more present you can be during the 60-minutes, the more you will benefit. Don’t worry, I have been doing this for eight years and have not hurt one single person yet. This is all Spirit-led.
  1. Turn off your television.
  2. Turn off your radio.
  3. Turn off your ringer on your cell phone.
  4. Shut down your e-mail.
  5. Don’t try to multi-task.
  6. Sit or lie down so that you are comfortable.
  7. You can even close your eyes.
  8. Breathe deeply.
  9. You can repeat a mantra a few times, “I release all that no longer serves me.”
  10. Don’t resist. Don’t fight.
  11. Allow it to happen automatically.
  12. It is best to avoid alcohol before and after the clearing. 
  13. Drink some pure fresh water after.
  14. As with any spiritual work, avoid negativity, watching the news or scary things on television.
  15. Sleep well.
What Will I Feel?
  1. You might feel euphoric.
  2. Some will have an overwhelming sense of God and the Angels.
  3. You will feel calm.
  4. You might even fall asleep. That is okay. Sleep means you went into a deep Theta healing state where powerful healing happens. It’s okay you still got cleared. 
  5. You might feel a slight tingling on your arms or across your back or shoulders. This is just energy leaving your body.
  6. You might feel emotional. That’s okay too. As old energy leaves your body, your soul’s recognition of the past events may bring up a slight emotional response. 
  7. Nothing that you feel is wrong. 
  8. Everyone has a different experience.
  9. After the clearing, 
Over the next week I am offering (because I was guided to) three energetic clearings to remove negativity, resistance and blocks to love, fears, worries, anxiety, looping thoughts, mind chatter, and a lot more. I am doing these clearings at an affordable price only $11.00 per one-hour session. Each session will be LIVE. I am fasting during this week to purify my energy and receive as much light as I can to be able to clear each of you deeper. 
Following is some of what an energy clearing can do:

You will feel a sense of calm, peace, overwhelming love, your mind quietens, pain is lessened or eliminated. You feel more positive. You sleep better than you have in ages!
  • clear old patterns that don’t serve you
  • clear blocks to love
  • clear shame
  • clear guilt
  • clear trapped emotions
  • clear the blocks in your heart
  • raise your vibration
  • give you a sense of calmness and peace
  • help you find your true self
  • clear blocks to abundance and wealth

What Others Say About My Work:

Thank you for all your wonderful healing work!! I’ve not encountered anyone who can do stuff like this before. I’ve learned all I can from any instructors I could find…
Ever consider of taking on a student?
Jayme Hunt
MY goodness….I feel so different after your treatment. Amazing!!!! I am hoping I can now take off. I was so tired, I could not keep my eyes open before. I watched your youtube video as I lay in bed before sleep and it was angelic. Helen T
Brilliant! Awesome! I am amazed at your work and wonder how you ever do this. I want to thank you a million times for your help. Your work is Priceless. God Bless You. Regards, Sudhir
Jennifer is strong, there’s no other way to put it. She captures the essence of one’s thoughts and this shows from the statement in her reports. Highly recommended. Anna K, Athens Greece
Jennifer….You are one special person!…Thank you very much and i will be using your services again. Have a blessed day!   Clayton
Hello Jennifer 
Its is just after midnight here and I am reading your cleansing report II. Bear with me hear as I reread and comment if I may. I feel it when you begin to work on me. Today 1st off since the 13 th I have been very depressed and have actually stayed away from people. When a friend asked me to run some errands with her I went willingly. Due to your clearing, this is the first time in a long time I had fun with my niece and sister in law. A calmness all day. Amazing!
60 curses blew my mind. But as I had said I have been told of her dark energies. But the most important thing here is I have felt them ,I have seen flashes of black light , my dreams are not mine anymore I feel her presence. I was shocked but also knew someone has seen and felt what I have been feeling!!!!!!!!!!
Archangel Michael: I have a sweet friend who told me to save a prayer to him when I first felt her energy. He is the angel of protection and I Thank you for asking him to help me.
I have my phones records to prove her texts and her phone number attached to each text. The police have been informed.
I must tell you I laughed when I got to the section about a warrior princess and about it being a past life of mine. I am a Nintendo freak. I always choose the red-haired warrior princess. And still do this day on play station lol .
Even right now feel like am floating in a canoe. Something I have not felt in a long time. I feel so much better, no depression at all!. Thank you. Deb Vietoris

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