The Attraction Switch

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

People come to me because they want to love and be loved. They come to me because they lost love. They come to me because they can’t find someone to love them. The bottom line is that I am in the business of LOVE! We are all happier when we are in love. We are happier when we love and respect ourselves. I assist people with self-esteem, codependency, emotional trauma, sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction and relationship issues so that they can find love.

As a coach, I have heard it all. People come to me because they are in pain. Their wife doesn’t have sex with them anymore. Their husband doesn’t act like a man. Some people come to me because of their addictions. I understand people. I recognize and empathize with others because I too have had so many similar experiences. I used to jump from relationship to relationship because I thought a relationship would make me happy. It didn’t.

Happiness comes from within. If we are miserable being us, we won’t be much happier being in a relationship. We think we will be happy because of the depiction of relationships in movies or television shows we see and societal programming. 

The Purpose of A Relationship

Relationships are here to help us grow and evolve. Relationships teach us about love. Without sacrifice, there is no love. You might sacrifice your dream of dancing ballet, for your lover with whom you share a child. That is sacrifice. You may sacrifice your dreams of being an architect to stay at home with your newborn baby instead. With any luck, we can find someone that loves themselves enough to love us this way too. 

How To Turn On Powerful Attraction


We don’t get very far if we don’t open up and allow another person in. We have to risk everything to be vulnerable. We have to let go of the dock and float out into the ocean of love without any mooring. Floating in an ocean of bliss we let go of control, surrender to love and allow our partner to see us naked, unmasked and open. This can be a scary place. When you have the courage to go to the place of vulnerability, you can also explore unbounded love. Limitless love happens when we are completely vulnerable, authentic and totally transparent with our lover. Limitless love is a real possibility when you stop worrying about what others think of you.

If they make us a little bit happier than we are when we are alone, we are very fortunate. If a relationship is amazing and raises us to a new level of being, that is an incredible gift. Most people have challenges in relationships and blame their partner for them. Our partners only heighten our issues that we need to notice.

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Love of Self

When I was in the middle of my codependency, I had many spiritual teachers tell me, “You need to be alone.” I was so needy and codependent, I was restless without a man. I needed to have the stability of another person to feel like I was whole. Once I began doing energy work, hypnotherapy, this restlessness calmed down. I became more grounded. This grounding gave me the courage to be alone. It truly was what I needed. When I was  alone, I began to know and understand myself better, because I was becoming authentic. In a relationship, I was not me. I was a shell of my real self. I felt so insecure, that I felt if I acted like myself, no one would want me.

When we don’t love ourselves, we are unhappy with our lives. Things don’t work properly because we are out of balance. We may work too much, too hard, or shop like a crazy person. We often have addictions when we don’t love ourselves. I certainly did. We may even cascade from one addiction to another while we heal.

Self-Respect Is A Turn On

To be happy in a relationship, we need to have self-respect. Without self-respect, others won’t respect us. When our partner doesn’t respect us, they usually treat us badly. They may cheat, lie, or treat us with disrespect. 

What Is Self-Respect?
Self-respect means we are not afraid to stand up for our beliefs. When we have self-respect, we say what we feel and do what we say. We speak our truth, instead of trying to please others by agreeing with them. When we have self-respect you often make decisions that are unpopular with others. Without self-respect you may fear that others won’t like you if you go against what they believe. People might even become angry with you for doing so. However, when you stand up for what you believe, you will be respected, rather than disrespected. You will not feel that you are supressing your truth. Being authentic means that you speak your truth and stand up for your beliefs.

You Are So Sexy!
When you can stand up confidently for what you want, believe  and feel, you will find someone who is turned on by your confidence. A confident person is infinitely more sexy than a needy one. 

A needy person can never be made happy because they don’t love themselves. Their love-tank is empty. It can never be filled by someone else. This is where I come in. I help you begin to love yourself fearlessly. Along this journey you being to recognize your

gifts, your beauty, your worthiness and your inner strength. Through my courses and coaching you will grow, and shift your perspective recognizing that you are worthy and already enough. You each have what you need inside you, I just help you uncover the truth of your being.

Much Love to you,

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Praise For Jennifer

MY goodness….I feel so different after your energy clearing treatment. Amazing!!!! I feel I can now take off. I was so tired, I could not keep my eyes open before. I watched your youtube video as I lay in bed before sleep and it was angelic. 

How can I thank you enough? Helen Trimble, MD
I Highly recommend Jennifer’s energy clearing. 🙂 Great experience!! I feel really good, Jennifer was very professional and helped me feel better quickly.Shannon Wilkins

THANK YOU for your help Jennifer! You’re an amazing woman – very loving and inspiring! Love & Light to you & your family, especially your wonder dog karma! Beautiful family! Brittany Takai

Dear Jennifer, I waited few days to make sure the feeling stays..have to tell you: I had a pain on my left chest for the last 8 months. We couldn’t find any explanation except stress and bad emotions. The morning after your clearing, the pain was gone and today its still the same. I used acupuncture for a long time, but it never removed the pain. The timing is really amazing! Thank you for the cleaning and for the good words. all the best- Hagit
It was a wonderful clearing…….the best I have had so far. I feel so much more peaceful, calm and positive after your clearings. I wish I had met you earlier. Thanks, Manish Jaitly
Thanks again Jennifer, You ROCK! I appreciate all your help – you’ve truly made a difference in my world ! Thank you! Kent

Beginning today, 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST, I am offering a very special opportunity to help you eliminate fears, worry, mind chatter – gain clarity, focus, grounding and inner peace. A series of three clearings each 60 minutes in length a $540 value. E-mail me for further questions. Here.

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