The Joys Of Self Actualization

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Self Actualization is the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-actualizing people are self-aware, less concerned with the opinions of others than they are about their personal growth. A self-actualized person is focused on fulfilling their highest potential.

Self-actualization is the same thing as being God-realized. You are one with God.

Characteristics of Self-Actualized People


  1. Self-actualized people have realistic perceptions of themselves, others and the world around them.
  2. Self-actualized people are focused on solving the problems of others in the world.
  3. Self-actualized people have a strong sense of ethics, motivated by a personal responsibility.
  4. Self-actualized people are spontaneous. 
  5. Self-actualized people are open and unconventional.
  6. Self-actualized people require privacy, independence, and solitude.
  7. Self-actualized continue to focus on expanding personal potential.
  8. Self-actualized individuals find a sense of awe of nature and the world.
  9. Self-actualized people feel contentment, inner peace as well as fulfilled.
  10. Self-actualized individuals have no sense of longing or loneliness.
  11. Self-actualized people often experience a state of FLOW, or peak performance, often experiencing moments of intense wonderment, joy, and ecstasy. These experiences strengthen, renew and transform.

The Fastest Path To Self-Actualization

Unconditional love of the self is the fastest path to self-actualization. It happened for me in 2011. There were several events that precipitated the final sloughing off of the old me. A trip to India, a marriage to a gay man, a huge emotional release, and a transformational trip to Bali all contributed.

After reading Siddhartha when I was sixteen, interviewing a guru (Lama Surya Das) twice for a magazine in Atlanta, I knew I wanted to become enlightened. I did not want to wait another lifetime to become delighted with me! 

I had been focusing on self-healing, self-love, and forgiveness of myself and others for over twenty years. In my thirties, I began group therapy. I recognized then that others had far greater pain than I did. It helped to put the past in perspective for me. Although I ultimately felt therapy was not a healing method, I abandoned it choosing self-introspection instead.

In 1998, when I became a hypnotherapist while owning and operating a landscaping business, my focus was on spiritual growth and being happy with myself. I let go of victimhood, moved into acceptance and recognized that everything that had occurred however difficult it was, helped me learn about myself. I began to see everything as a learning experience. When I got the lesson and cleared the trapped emotion, it stopped repeating.

Since this shift in consciousness in 2011, I have not experienced one moment of longing, loneliness or missing anyone. There is no void that needs to be filled by another human being. Even though my children live far away, I feel a deep connection without being close physically. Those that have crossed over (transitioned) are still connected to me also. My father who has been gone for almost thirty years still comes by every now and then for a quick hello to see how I am and is gone. Places come into my consciousness as well as if to beckon me. I sense things happening on the unseen levels before they occur in the physical realm, like earthquakes, deaths, and events.

I see death differently than many people. I recognize that those who leave the planet physically are only a thought away. Though not in a physical body, we can, still experience their presence and feel the love that never ends.
I have a deep sense of trust of The Divine, The Universe, and my Guides. I have aligned my will with that of God and am obedient. For those that knew me as a rebellious teenager, this is a huge departure from my old personality. When I receive guidance to do something or say something, I do it. When I was told to move my truck and trailer before heading out of town I did so. After moving my vehicle, I asked, “Is this okay?” God responded, “We can work with that.” When I returned from a weekend away three-hundred-year-old oak trees narrowly missed my truck and trailer by less than six inches. Had I not listened my truck and trailer would have been destroyed. The roof of my house had a huge dent in it.
Beautiful Bali
After my trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2010, to learn to read The Akashic Records, my guidance became extremely clear. I have conversations in my head with my Guides and God. Since I trust what I receive, the information flows to me easily. I listen and pay attention to what I am told. I receive clear information about people’s lives, death, and the future, though not everything is revealed so that people don’t change their behavior to try to make things happen. This guidance flows to me while in session with my coaching clients, which assists them to grow faster. My ego is not involved, the information is Divine in nature, cutting out time in my client’s evolution if they heed the information.
How Divine Guidance Assists You
I moved to Boulder, Colorado from Georgia when I was told and shown in my mind in big block letters BOULDER three times. I had lived in Georgia for over twenty years. The first three mornings in our brand new apartment in Boulder, I woke up to hear, “This is not permanent!” I asked what does that mean, but no more information was forthcoming. My daughter and I only lived in Boulder, Colorado for one year. I finally understood what I was told about the impermanence of our lovely apartment in Boulder.
In May 2012, I predicted my ex’s death. When my ex-husband died July 4th, 2012, it became increasingly obvious that without his help I couldn’t stay in Boulder. The rent and cost of living were extremely high. Strangely I was told to move to California  (PartII of Manic Move To The Mojave is located here) where most people felt was more expensive than Boulder. Not so. I found a small home to rent for $800 a month. I found a Hispanic grocery store where food is far cheaper than most grocery stores. Everything was provided for me easily because I trusted and did what was shown to me.
The little adobe house was not the home I wanted, but it kept being shown to me over and over again, popping up everytime I searched After looking for almost a week while dragging my household possessions around in a rented U-haul trailer I realized I had to choose the little house that kept being shown to me. I resisted looking at the house inside because I didn’t like the way it looked outside. It wasn’t what I was used to or wanted. Once I went inside, the house surpassed my expectations. With granite countertops, a gooseneck nickel faucet in the kitchen, three bedrooms with huge windows I was blown away. The yard was fully fenced and gated yard so that I could let my animals outside safely. I even had a carport to shade my car from the heat. It was perfect in size and rent for my budget!

What God Brings Us Is Much Greater That We Ever Could Create

Although my home is located in the center of town, there is an empty lot to the right, behind me and a warehouse across the street. Even the apartment building located on provides me privacy because there are no windows overlooking my yard. Only their garages face my home. I love my privacy and solitude. This little house worked out better than I ever could have planned myself. I only have to drive one exit north to be out in the wilderness of the Mojave desert. There is a town with grass and trees that my dogs love as well. When I trust what God gives me things would out way better than I could ever create on my own.
Soul Purpose
When we align with the will of God we find our soul purpose. For years I designed and installed landscaping, it was part of The Divine Plan. It helped me connect deeply with plants, trees, and rocks. I began to recognize that everything has a consciousness – even the rocks. As crazy as this sounds everything communicated to me. I would be at a client’s home and a tree would call out to me for help. I would tell the client what the tree needed or wanted. 
Staybridge Suites in Atlanta, a commercial client of mine

After eleven years, I knew it was time to leave Georgia and sell my business. I stepped into the spiritual realm full-time. I had a radio show in 2011 called, “Into The Mystic on Voice America.” In 2011, I took a second training with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy and became a hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) trainer, a certified life coach, wrote my book Odyssey Victim to Victory and moved to Boulder. 2011 was a huge turning point for me. 

I knew I would help people learn to love themselves as I had done. I also knew that the people I needed to help would be guided to me. I knew I was to help people through coaching.

Wondering about working with me? Set up your FREE discovery session with Jennifer if you are committed to doing the work to heal and step into your powerful true self.

Following is some of what an energy clearing can do:

You will feel a sense of calm, peace, overwhelming love, your mind quietens, pain is lessened or eliminated. You feel more positive. You sleep better than you have in ages!
  • clear old patterns that don’t serve you
  • clear blocks to love
  • clear shame
  • clear guilt
  • clear trapped emotions
  • clear the blocks in your heart
  • raise your vibration
  • give you a sense of calmness and peace
  • help you find your true self
  • clear blocks to abundance and wealth

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Here is what people said about their experience:
(I am keeping names confidential)


Thank you again for the amazing experience last night! During the clearing, I felt a lot of different things, including energy and heat radiating from my palms and my feet, as well as various sensations in my heart and my stomach. I was able to fall into a meditation focusing only on your voice, and at one point I felt tears running down my cheeks.

After the clearing, I felt very light and like a huge weight had been lifted, but did not want to return to work. Instead of ignoring my work, however, I did go back to it and found it much more relaxing than it had previously been. 

This morning, I still feel lighter than I was, and feel a bit more focused on the things I need to accomplish to move my life forward.

Thank you again so very much for such an amazing experience! ML

Wow! That s all I can say. I had such a wonderful day today without as much anxiety and stress {even though I experienced some challenges}. I had a great sense of peace that I have not felt for a long time. You touched my soul. Thank you. (Name withheld)
You did a reading for me last spring and it was dead on. Thank you Nicci Black



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