What This Blood Moon Solar Eclipse Means To You


This Super Harvest full Blood Moon falls during an eclipse, on Sukkot. This is the Holy day for Jews to celebrate the ending of being stuck in the desolate desert for 40 years. I have been stuck in the Mojave desert for three, I can’t imagine another 37, but anything is possible! 

When I was guided to do this three-part clearing series and finish the last clearing on Sunday, September 27th, I didn’t realize that the timing of the last session was during the eclipse on the fourth Blood Moon. This tetrad (four Blood Moons) has special significance because each one is tied to a High Jewish Holy day.

A Blood Moon occurs when a perfect opposition of the sun and the moon with the earth in the middle which partially blocks the sun’s light. This is what makes the moon appear red. The moon is aligned with Aries, the axis of the equinox. It is also related to the 1965-1969 Pluto-Uranus conjunction which caused the Flower Power movement. This energy provides the stage of a new era of time, creating an imprint of energy which will be in place until the next eclipse. 

As if that is not enough, on September 28th, Saturn makes a trine to the Blood Moon and a sextile to the sun. Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work. Saturn rules how we build structures in our human society, what degree of authenticity and integrity that we expect from our governments. It also relates to what we expect from our military and police in the future. Saturn is about everything solid, concrete and long-lasting. 

All these events create a field of transformation and awakening for the masses, including internal and external shifts. The numerology of the day 09/27/2015 is 26/8. Where the 6 in today’s energy gives us the courage of our heart to go for new world dreams. The number 8 gives us the authority, personal power, self-confidence and inner strength to execute them. The overall impact of this energy is creating a world where everyone feels seen, appreciated and loved. It represents a call for “The Brotherhood of Man.”

Align yourself with the energy of co-creative community balanced community living.

I have known about an 8th chakra above the heart since 2010. It is located on your thymus. I called it the High-Heart (which is what it is being called today). This chakra can be activated by breathing into this area, once your Seven Seals have been cleared. This was programmed into your DNA. I am performing this clearing on the final session tonight. You can begin activation of this High Heart chakra by breathing LOVE slowly, deeply and deliberately into the Thymus.

On the Equinox, September 23rd, a Ganesha portal opened through which the new consciousness will stream at the time of the eclipse, ending on September 28th. For those who are sensitive, you may feel it strongly. 

What can you do? Breathe deeply, slowly and fully. Exhale deeply. Breathing deeply connects you to the vibration of LOVE. Breathe through the eye of the storm, rather than hold your breath. Love by itself is the highest vibration in The Universe. By loving ourselves and every living life form, we are in community with them. Breath activates the LOVE frequency. 

Why not join me for the final clearing tonight and have access to all three downloads for this series. After October 9th, this series will be $197.00 and still is worth every penny. I have had people say they felt clearer, lighter and more focused than they ever had. This series will be available when I launch my new website on October 10th.

One woman reported a back pain she took medicine for years, is gone after the first two sessions! You will have access to all three downloads from all three hours of beautiful, powerful and miraculous healing energy. Each session is powerful by itself. Add the power of three and these clearings are phenomenal! You will never be the same again. Lighter, more focused, positive, with your karmic imprints removed, your Divine Blueprint for love prosperity and abundance installed! This is more expansive and comprehensive than any of my previous work.

1. Clearing Anxiety, Worry, and Fears
2. Clearing blocks to LOVE, resistance, addictions, self-love
3. Clearing Financial blocks, self-sabotage and generational blocks
Tonight’s session is LIVE at 5:00 PM PST or 8:00 PM EST.
Sign up for the 3-60-Minute Clearing THE SHIFT RIGHT HERE! $33.00

Here is what people said about their experience:
(I am keeping names confidential)

Thank you again for the amazing experience last night! During the clearing, I felt a lot of different things, including energy and heat radiating from my palms and my feet, as well as various sensations in my heart and my stomach. I was able to fall into a meditation focusing only on your voice, and at one point I felt tears running down my cheeks.

After the clearing, I felt very light and like a huge weight had been lifted, but did not want to return to work. Instead of ignoring my work, however, I did go back to it and found it much more relaxing than it had previously been.
This morning, I still feel lighter than I was, and feel a bit more focused on the things I need to accomplish to move my life forward.

Thank you again so very much for such an amazing experience! ML

Wow! That s all I can say. I had such a wonderful day today without as much anxiety and stress {even though I experienced some challenges}. I had a great sense of peace that I have not felt for a long time. You touched my soul. Thank you. A K

You did a reading for me last spring and it was dead on. Thank you Nicci Black

Working with Jennifer has helped me to realize my own actual power first and foremost. That I am beautiful and purposeful and strong. I began to realize through her authenticity that I had the power to make the changes I was desiring. She helped me to clear past Karmic imprints and allowed for my own energy to blossom.  As I began to unfurl she was incredibly supportive through the process and even in the times of shadow, helped to bring out the light.  

I learned to take the time for myself, create my roots, which are essential for informed decision making and productive thought. Her tools and modalities are effective, precise, and thoughtful. Her energy work is authentic,  as she has done the work herself, she is able to show the way to others who have opened their heart to grow in love. Jennifer opened the door, and shared her love and knowledge with me. My growth was facilitated through her knowledge but supported by my own efforts. This was key for creating the lifestyle change.  Doing to work to create the change I wanted to see, Jennifer made this possible by offering the right questions, mantras, and personal homework, guided meditations, guided thought deep into myself and most of all a sincere gratitude for her extraordinary gift. 

I most recently did her Love Yourself Fearlessly course and it has become something continue to go back to and continue growth for myself. I appreciate the material and has helped me to become whole, holy, grateful and able to receive. 
My romantic relationship through the work with Jennifer has become stable, one of growth and love, authenticity and beauty. I have even been able to help my partner through my own
awareness that was facilitated through Jennifer’s Course-work.
I have been able to make peace with my past, my parents, face myself with truth and honesty, and develop my own inner strength that others have noticed within my inner circle. My ‘patterns’ have been brought to light and with the awareness and have been able to transform my life, working closer towards my tangible goal which seemed like a pipe dream! Crystal Colantino, Colorado Harmony Scott Jewelry
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