Mercury Retrograde: Beating A Dead Horse!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Mercury Retrograde September 17- October 9, 2015

Mercury Retrogrades occur approximately three to four times a year. The current retrograde ends on October 9th. A retrograde period is when a planet appears to be going backward. The orbit of Mercury is fast because it is the closest planet to the sun. Think about driving in your car. A car passes you then slows down. This car will appear to be going in reverse. 

I have been witnessing Mercury Retrogrades since my birth. I was born during a Venus and Mercury Retrograde. With two planets in retrograde at the time of my birth, finding love within and clear communication have been the focus of my life. Now I help others find love, joy, serenity, sexuality, peace and happiness within.

What Does Mercury Rule?

Tempers can flare, issues from the past may return. Mercury Retrogrades can bring up all sorts of issues from your past. Mercury is the planet of intellect. Mercury rules any and all types of communication which include: listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and of course buying. Within this huge array of information, Mercury also rules all formal contracts and agreements, as well as manuscripts, leases, legal documents like wills, deeds or book proposals.

What I Learned

I have been working on a new brand, website, and logo. None of this beautiful new work is being introduced, for a good reason until AFTER the Mercury Retrograde ends. Why? Because if I launched my new brand and site during the retrograde period it is likely that people won’t like it, and I might change my mind about it as well. 

Mercury Retrogrades can be very beneficial. Now is the time to go back and re-think plan, and look at what you are considering buying. It is a wonderful time to clean out closets, get rid of what you don’t love. Re-do, re-think, remember, re-kindle, renew, refurbish anything that needs some tender loving care.

What To Do During A Mercury Retrograde

  1. Clean out and organize your closets.
  2. Clean out your refrigerator.
  3. Plan, research and look at the possible purchases to be made AFTER the Mercury Retrograde ends. Look, but do not order or buy.
  4. Clean out your trunk.
  5. Organize your attic and basement. Get rid of anything that you don’t use or is broken.
  6. Re-do your budget.
  7. Re-organize your cabinets.
  8. Re-think your business strategy.
  9. Re-think your dating strategy.

What NOT to do during a Mercury Retrograde

  1. Don’t get your hair cut or colored during this time. You probably won’t be happy with it. In fact, you will probably hate it! I can’t tell you the number of times I have gotten my hair cut or colored during a retrograde and hated it! I have always regretted making my appointment after the fact, wondering why I didn’t wait another week or so. You might even end up changing hair stylists afterwards, blaming them. 
  2. Don’t purchase any of the following: cell phones, computers, appliances, coats, expensive clothing, furniture, rings, jewelry, cars, airplanes,

    anything computer related or communication-related. You will either hate it immediately, regretting your decision, or hate it after Mercury turns direct. You most likely will have issues with your purchase working properly by the time the next Mercury Retrograde occurs – January 2016.

  3. Don’t sign a contract of any kind. Any contracts signed during a Mercury or Venus Retrograde will have delays, issues and problems. If you are buying a home, there will be issues with the purchaser, realtor, or closing delays. I cannot tell you how many people I have warned not to sign contracts during this time, and they have all come back to me regretting doing so. One house sale was delayed three times for a total of six months. The original contract fell through, and another one in its place experienced delay after delay as well.
  4. Don’t travel to a new destination if you can help it. Flights can be canceled. You might miss your flight, or lose your luggage. I flew to India during a Mercury Retrograde. My first flight out of Atlanta got canceled. I narrowly boarded a secondary flight to my Chicago, but my luggage missed the plane. When I arrived in India, my bag wasn’t there. No luggage in a foreign country for FIVE days! If you must travel, allow extra time and be prepared for delays – bring a good book and bring extra money.
  5. Don’t have work done on your computer during a retrograde.
  6. Don’t purchase luxury items during a Mercury Retrograde.
  7. Don’t have dental work done.
  8. Don’t have your car worked on or oil changed during a Mercury Retrograde.
  9. If you meet someone new and absolutely KNOW he or she is THE ONE, I am sorry to disappoint you, it won’t last. As soon as the Retrograde is over so will your relationship. You will discover some truth that has been hidden or not feel the same way about each other. I know of several people (including me who met people during a retrograde that seemed perfect then whammo! It was over).
  10. Do not get married during a retrograde period, this goes for both Venus and Mercury. Jennifer Anniston did this and is already having second thoughts about her marriage. It won’t last. Sadly.
  11. Do not get engaged. Not during any Venus or Mercury Retrograde. It will be over before you know it, or you will have regrets.
  12. Don’t have an expensive custom-made dress made during a Venus or Mercury Retrograde. You won’t like it and will feel you didn’t get your money’s worth. (This is my story. I was about to have a dress made for my new website brand. I have postponed this until after the website launches and will substitute something in the meantime.) 

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