Aphrodite Effect

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The Aphrodite Effect is a journey through radiance into love. I am delighted to announce my new website and brand. I invite you to visit and comment on my Face Book page. This new website and brand is more focused and better represents what I do and who I am. I am ecstatic about my new site. I have many new offerings and down loadable products, as I work to serve you better.

Aphrodite was the beautiful, Goddess of love. She was radiant, strong, powerful and extremely desirable. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. Aphrodite was considered an ageless beauty, centered in her sexuality, she carried herself with grace and was not to be messed with. She didn’t have to yell or nag to be heard. She spoke softly and men listened. 

Aphrodite is the archetype that I have chosen for my new brand. Radiant, beautiful, strong, powerful, sensual, a woman who knows her heart and speaks her truth. An authentic woman that is ageless. I certainly identify with Aphrodite. She is the healed Divine Feminine archetype. 

Over time as women have entered the workplace along side of men, they have become fierce, even bitchy to be heard and noticed. We don’t have to be bitches. In fact, we will be revered, adored and loved more when we are not. Often when we are bitchy, we say no more often than yes. We demand, rather than ask. When you speak softly, men have to lean in to hear you. When we yell, men shut us out.

I don’t know about you, I would rather be listened to put on ignore. I would rather be heard, than shut out. A healed woman doesn’t have to fight with her man to get what she wants. In fact, the softer, more loving and sexy she is the more that she wants, she is able to get, without a fight.

Happiness is a part of the healed archetype of Aphrodite. Happiness and love are my focus. When we are happy with ourselves, we are happy with our lives. When we are unhappy with ourselves, we often blame our loved ones. We bitch, complain, nag and fight to get what we want. 

My focus is you. I am here to empower women and the men who love them, to be happy with themselves, their lives and their world. Our world is a much happier place when relationships are loving, uplifting and supportive. We are healthier when we are happy. We live longer when we are in loving relationships. Sex is better when we can communicate without having to bust someone’s balls to get what we want. 

We want our men to be masculine, strong, with open loving hearts. We don’t get that from beating them up or emasculating them. So let’s join together for the good of all and be the healed archetypal women. The Divine Feminine coupled with The Divine Masculine and share the love that is already in your heart waiting to be expressed. 

I invite you to check out my new website. There are some finishing touches that we are still performing to complete some of the offerings. It might be a day or two before Happiness Jump Start is completely loaded. I invite you to check out this program it is great for anyone who has difficulty staying in the HAPPINESS ZONE. 

I had no idea what shape it would take when I began this process back in August, 2015. Here it is. Please comment on Face Book. I would love to hear from all of you. AphroditeEffect.com Sign up for my newsletter while you are there so you don’t miss new offerings, special events and retreats as they are announced to my community first!

Much Love,

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