Getting Intimate With Allana Pratt

Hello you beautiful soul!

I am so delighted that you are here. You are the reason I write this blog. I have a special event coming up later today. I do hope you will join me with my host Allana Pratt on Intimate Conversations Live. The link is provided for you here. You have helped me increase my viewing audience by being here. I would love to hear from you, either under this post or on my FaceBook page. What are your burning questions? What areas have I not covered that you are curious about?
There is a special offering that you have to be present on the call to receive. This will be an exciting and juicy conversation about me, my work and how I got into writing about Orgasms For Life, sex and relationship issues.

I know you already know a lot about me, but Allana Pratt has a way of getting me to say things about me that I have never told anyone else, about intimacy, relationships and what really matters.

Allana is the Intimacy and Relationship Expert who coached Leeza Gibbons through Dancing With The Stars. She has interview Whoopi Goldberg. Allana is known as the “SEXY MOM. She will be interviewing me today, Thursday, October 15th at 4:00 PM Pacific. 
You can register here for free:


I’ll be joined by amazing folks from all walks of life who will be getting Intimate with Allana too. I accepted the interview because she’s one of the most open, honest, heartfelt, sexy and hysterical women I know. I always feel a foot taller after talking with her. She has this special energy that truly inspires people.


On my call, she’s going to get me to reveal my most delicious, intimate secrets, like:


* What made me go study Tantra


* How Tantra changed my life for the better


* Why Orgasm For Life may be the best addition to your library!

Sign up for “Intimate Conversations” call series for FREE:

and ask your burning question you’ve ALWAYS wanted

to ask me, or ask Allana!


“Intimate Conversations” is a FREE, LIVE event to


empower your relationships to thrive, your families to flourish and will have you oozing confidence from the boardroom to the bedroom.


You won’t want to miss it.


Oh… and I almost forgot… you MUST be on


the call to hear the special offer I have for all of our listeners!


So register NOW and don’t miss my interview on 

Thursday – October 15th at 4pm PST.


See you there,


With Love,



P.S. We’ll be talking about this for months!


Register here and join me!


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