Happiness Jump Start: 22 Ways To Increase Happiness Now

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Happy people live differently than those who are not happy. Being a happy person myself, I can share the things that bring happiness to me on a daily basis. I wasn’t always happy. Happiness is a moment-by-moment choice we make every day. Happiness is not something anyone else can do or bring to us. 

It is easy to blame a job, relationship, another person, parent, place you live or the weather for your unhappiness. If you continue to do so, you will find you miss out on the good things that come your way and the many ways you could be living in happiness right now. When you are happy, you will find that everything in your life becomes easier, relationships improve.
I have created a three-part audio program, Happiness Jump Start, which is available on here my website. There are three hours of energy moving, pick-you-up happiness exercises and things to do right now all the way to Quantum Happiness and Living in The Flow. This program is a great value for three hours that you can listen to over and over again. This program will shift you, raise your vibration and help you get started feeling happy. Trapped emotions in your unconscious mind will be released as well. It will teach you the things to do and not to do that rob your happiness.
If you follow even half of these suggestions, you will find yourself happier tomorrow than you are today!

Here are 22 ways to begin being happy now:

  1. Choose happiness. Each day INTEND to be happy at the beginning of your day. We have to change our inner state to be happy. Think, “I choose to be happy!”
  2. Be Grateful. Every day is a gift. Be happy to be alive today. Say a prayer of gratitude for being alive today. Gratitude is a high vibrational expression of love. It raises your vibration. Gratitude will help you begin your day on a high note. Gratitude is the fuel to help you manifest your desires. 
  3. Implement positive thoughts. It is possible. I have done it. You can do it too! You have the goods. Your energy field will expand and people will see you as more powerful when you are positive. Griping, complaining about all the negative things you have going on in your life will increase and get bigger. Wherever you focus your thoughts will become a bigger issue. Misery is the gift that keeps on giving. Catch yourself when you are thinking a negative thought. Course-correct in the moment. It will make you conscious of your negative thinking in the moment. Within two weeks, you will begin to course correct as you think your thoughts. In 30 days, you will create the positive habit to think positively. 
  4. Smile. You will be amazed at how different you feel when you put a smile on your face. Your physiology will change when you smile. Notice your face as you walk by a window or mirror. Do you look happy? Or does your face reflect misery? Put a smile on your lips, it will help you shift your thoughts as well.
  5. Be Present. When you live in the present, you will find the small things right in front of you. Focusing on what you did or didn’t do in the past, keeps you stuck in the past. Living in the past and repeating your old story to friends and yourself drags those events into your future. Let it go. It is time to focus on what is in front of you. You might even find love standing right in front of you when you lift up your eyes to see. 
  6. Discipline is the path to happiness. Go to bed before 11:00. Get up at the same time every day. Meditate before you leave the house in the morning. Exercise on a schedule. You will find that when you show up on time or early you feel better. The Universe loves order. A daily regime makes you feel more productive when you have discipline and a regime. Implemented in your life. Staying up late leads to weight gain. Going to bed before 11:00 will prevent this.
  7. Forgiveness. Forgive everyone. Let go of the past. Resentment and unforgiveness create a burden for you. No matter how hurt you have been, when you don’t forgive others, it creates dark energy for you. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Do the Ho’oponopono Prayer to forgive, it is for you.
  8. Eat a healthy diet. When you respect yourself, you will eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet will make you feel more positive. You will suffer less from depression and illness. Avoid fast foods, processed sugar, high fructose, chemicals and processed foods.
  9. Go to bed early. Sleep deprivation leads to depression. You will find you have a more positive attitude when you get enough sleep.
  10. Get outside in the sunshine! Everyone needs the sunshine. Those who live in northern climates have more depression due to lack of sunshine. Walking outside at sunrise is healing. 
  11. Exercise daily. You don’t have to have a gym membership to exercise. Walking is good exercise. Being out in nature makes you feel good and doesn’t cost anything. Walk outside daily! Being healthy is a way of life. Daily exercise is a way of life. You will feel more positive when you do.
  12. Give to others. Giving to others makes us feel amazing. Tipping your wait staff, or giving to the homeless will bring you positive feelings and joy. Give someone the clothes you aren’t wearing anymore. Give a compliment to someone you exchange with. You will be amazed at how positive you both will feel when your compliment is heartfelt. Giving to others gives back to you.
  13. Faith. You don’t have to go to church to have faith. Believing in something will help you be happier and doesn’t mean you need religion. A deep spiritual connection brings you joy. A connection with the earth and nature will also bring you joy, as it connects you to a higher power. 
  14. Have a personal creed. What do you stand for? Do you stand for animal rights? Do you stand for women’s rights? Do you protect the rights of children? What do you believe in? Write down what you stand for. Knowing what you stand for can expand the love in your heart.
  15. Get organized. Do you know where your keys are? Can you find what you need when you are getting ready for your day? Organize your closets, drawers, and shoes. Order toiletries so you can save time. Getting organized can give you inner peace and harmony. Having order in your home will increase your happiness. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear, or broken items.
  16. Personal Freedom. Choose to live your life your way, without having to ask others for approval. You may have to work hard for your freedom. If friends ask you to do things you don’t want to do, and you do them anyway, you are not exercising your personal freedom. Let your heart decide. Do friends make your heart soar, or make your energy drop? Are your friends anchors or sails? You have the right to choose who you have around you. Being an entrepreneur leads to personal mastery and freedom. 
  17. Meaningful work. Doing what you love can bring you happiness. Personal satisfaction means much more than money. Meaningful work can bring you immense satisfaction.
  18. Experience comedians, funny movies. Watching movies or television shows can relax you and make you feel happier. Moderation is the key.
  19. Family. Our family is important. Healing issues with your family members will allow you to feel peace. There is nothing more disruptive to your energy field than having emotional distance and unhealed relationships with family members. 
  20. Community. Being involved in your community can bring you pleasure and happiness. A connection with those you live near can involve volunteering at a shelter, or serving Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. Community events can bring you great joy.
  21. Get a pet. Happy people often have pets. When you live alone, a cat can keep you company, give you someone to love and that will love you back. We all need someone to love while you are waiting for your loved one to show up, get a pet. There are

    many adult animals available at local shelters that would love to have you are their loving caretaker. A dog needs more care than a cat, but certainly will love to walk with you out in nature!

  22. Remember to play and have fun. No matter how old we are, we need to play. What brings you joy? What is fun to you? Do something that is fun every day. Play doesn’t have to have a cost. You can play cards, take a drive to a beautiful place, or spend time with those who you enjoy. Play will bring you happiness.
Jennifer is a coach, healed healer and a survivor of sexual trauma from her childhood. She has healed the past and lives in the present moment in joy. She can help you do the same. No matter what your past has been, you can be happy today. Make the choice to be happy today, make a private appointment with Jennifer today. Her Happiness Jump Start program is powerful and available at a reasonable cost $98.00 for three hours with Jennifer on audio. 

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