How To Turn Anger Into Passion

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Relationships are a joy when things are purring along. When we feel in love with our partner, we kiss, hug and make love with ease. When our partner shows up late, isn’t there for us, or looks at our best friend with interest, we might become so infuriated that we don’t want contact with them at all.

72% of women hold out sex after an argument. Men are more able to move beyond the emotions and be ready for sex.
Ask yourself is this going to matter in five years? If the answer is “No,” have sex instead. It is a whole lot more enjoyable than staying angry with your partner.
First, let’s look at what anger does to your body’s physiology. Anger sets off your body’s fight or flight response, flooding your body with stress hormones from your adrenal glands. The constant flood of stress hormones can create health problems. You might get headaches, digestion issues, abdominal pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. 

What Happens When You Get Angry

  • Whether you contain your anger, inside  you are holding it within your cells. 
  • When you express anger outwardly it can make you feel terrible. Depression and or anxiety can be the result of long-term anger.
  • You may say things you regret.
  • You may physically express your anger in negative ways.
  • Cortisol is released causing your belly to become fatter. Anger is a stressful emotion. It is not productive.

Who Rules Your Emotions?

Do your emotions rule you, or do you rule your emotions? Being able to feel our emotions without negative behavior takes self-control, even mastery. 

Anger is a form of passion. How can you turn that anger into something productive instead of continue to seathe inside? 

Take A Breather
Use breathwork to move through your feelings rather than lashing out at another person, or thing. Breathing in slowly and completely can be all it takes to bring yourself into the present, allowing the feelings to move through you. Most of us have a tendency to hold our breath when we get angry. When we do, emotions get stuck rather than moving through us the way they were meant to.

Take a walk, get on a treadmill to work off some of the feelings of frustration. If you need to leave the room to give each other space. 

Using Anger For Common Good

Anger can be used to clean your home, paint a picture, write a poem, or even a chapter in a book. Most men will tell you, they prefer using anger for passionate makeup sex. 

Using our emotions for good, rather than negatively erupting, calling someone names, or damaging material things shows that your emotions are ruling you, rather than the other way around.

Change your behavior. Instead of shutting down and running away, talk about your feelings. Express yourself constructively. When you learn to communicate through your emotions, you will find that you can turn the anger into passion more easily.

Make-Up Sex

Shifting your anger into a positive feeling takes breathwork. Moving the energy through your breath and out through your heart can allow more love in. It can also allow you to be more vulnerable. Turn that powerful energy into a positive creation. Sex after an argument, providing you are not abusing the other, can be very exciting and exhilarating.

Ways To Shift The Anger

  1. Use your sexual energy to give him the performance blow job of his life. Then have him take care of you.
  2. Make it a virtuoso experience. Ask for an erotic massage. Or give him one. Ask for whatever you want. After an argument, you are likely to get it. 
  3. Have him worship you. Whether it is through role play or having him pleasure you, let the anger go, and sink into the present. You just might enjoy it!
  4. Take a hot bath to break the energy of the fight. It can help you get into the mood to be touched an allow you to feel luxuriated.

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