Ecstatic Living – Beyond Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of life? I muse about my life often. Yesterday while dancing in the desert I recognized that I now live beyond happiness, beyond joy. I live in ecstasy. My dream for an Orgasm For Life has been realized.

Women come to me looking for a relationship to make them happy. Yet I live alone, in the desert in a desolate environment. I have never been more happy, contented or satisfied with my life. It isn’t sex that is bringing this ecstatic feeling to me because I am currently without a partner and not even dating. I am completely happy without anyone around me. I have not dated in over a year. I don’t go bar hopping looking for men. I am happy by myself. I have found love within me.

I am delighted to spend time with others, but I have no sense of longing for the company of another human. In 2010 in Bali, then in Georgia, again in 2012, in Boulder Colorado, I experienced a series mystical experiences and a letting go of the ego-self or small self. It changed my life permanently. Since that time, I have not had a moment of loneliness, longing, or emptiness. I have a sense of deep connection to God, The Universe, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars and all that is. 

Optimum Health

I began dancing in the desert every morning. During my dance, I give thanks to the plants, the earth, the sun for shining, the moon for her beauty, the blue sky that fills my heart with joy. Without one visit to the gym, I lost seven pounds in three weeks! I was not trying to lose weight. It just fell off me. Because I love myself I eat healthy food. That doesn’t mean I deny myself treats. I love my pie and cookies. I still eat those. The rest of the food I consume is fresh, homemade and life affirming. I drink a green drink that I made every morning. When our heart is happy our health is vibrant.

When I was sixteen, sitting in the lunchroom of my high school, in Ontario, Canada, I thought about life. I knew on a deep level that there was some mystery to life that most people didn’t get. I had a vision of people looking like ants. Tiny workers that slaved till they died. There had to be more to living on earth than getting an education, getting married, having babies, working your fingers to the bone and dying. I had just read Siddhartha. I knew I wanted to become enlightened. 

When Hate Becomes Love

Mom in Canada and I, December 2014
This morning I talked with my 94-year-old mother, who keeps trying to get me to move back to Canada. We talk almost every day. We have had our share of issues. At one time, I hated her. Now I love her unconditionally with all her issues, opinionated personality, and wisdom. She said to me, “It’s a shame you didn’t know all this years ago, it would have saved you so much pain!” I replied, that this is the gift of aging. We may not look quite as good as when we were thirty, instead we have the wisdom of the ages.

Pain and Suffering

Our pain and suffering is what drives those of us who search for answers to the mysteries of life to grow and evolve. 

It is the process of evolution that helps us achieve ecstasy in our daily life. When the pain becomes too great, we begin to finally look inside ourselves for the answers to our pain and suffering, rather than blaming other people.


Last night after doing Sex As Medicine with the grand sex educator and Tantra teacher, Devi Ward (she is so amazing on the air, I just want to sit and listen to her) I had a long session with a couple. I worked with this beautiful woman almost four years ago when I was in Boulder (I will call her Candace). We did a series of energy clearings and some coaching sessions. She wished for her husband to look for a deeper meaning of life. Last night he found it. 

I confirmed for him what his loving wife had been saying for years. 

It was the confirmation he needed to understand and make connections for himself about life and The Universe. We worked together for almost two hours. I was blown away by the love between these two very people. 

Expanded Love

Candace shared with me during her sessions. Their relationship was not without challenges, but I never heard her bad-mouth her husband once. She was completely accepting of him and his issues. Their love has continued to grow in a way I have rarely seen. Love isn’t about being perfect. Love is about loving the other person anyway. Love isn’t critical, demeaning or negative. Love is uplifting, positive and life affirming.

Google Hang-Outs

To the hundreds of men on Google Hangouts, I salute you. Thank you for reaching out to me. I do hope that you read my blogs so that you will understand I don’t do chat rooms. I don’t meet men on the Internet. I don’t do dating sites. I am not searching for love. I have it already, it is within me. 

Searching For Love

I am not rejecting the idea of having a partner at some point, as that would be wonderful. I am happy as I am. Searching for love is the antithesis of it. In other words, the act of seeking keeps it from you. Seeking means that you don’t have something. The act of seeking affirms lack consciousness. When you come from lack you never receive what you are looking for.

Ask And You Shall Receive

As with money, love comes to those who wait. Love comes when you ask questions. Money also comes when you ask. Here are a few suggestions:

  • How can I effortlessly and easily have a partner who loves me?
  • How can I easily and effortlessly have love?
  • How can I effortlessly and easily make money?
  • How can I effortlessly and easily pay my bills on time with plenty left over?

Love Shows Up When You Are Ready

I work with women who are longing for a relationship. Often what is stopping them from finding love is themselves. They don’t realize it when they begin working with me. However, it soon becomes apparent that difficulties with a parent and patterns stemming from those difficulties cause beliefs that keep love away. For example, a woman who has been put down or abused by her father might have a pattern of hate of men. How can you attract a man when you hate them? You might attract a man, but he will have hate of women programs to match yours!

Once the patterns are cleared, love will arrive right in front of you. You don’t have to do the work of The Universe and God. Have faith that he (or she) is on his way to you now!

For now, I will leave you with this; love is within you. When you recognize the love that you are, your life will be amazing. I can certainly be your guide along your path. I would love to have you join me. 

How much longer can you wait to live your life fully with joy in every breath? 

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Join the party on FaceBook, or comment below. I would love to hear from you! I am off to dance in the desert with the sun, moon and the stars!

Much love and gratitude to you,

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