8 Ways To Manifest Money

You might wonder why I am talking about love while discussing manifesting. Love and money are tied together. If you have issues with love, you probably have issues with money, that is one connection. If you are looking for love, you better read to the end of this, because boy do I have something to share with you!
Love And Money
Those of you who are looking for love may have some defeating thoughts whirling around in your beautiful brain. I know I have started to allow my mind to go south when I got discouraged. Keeping positive in a space of gratitude and love is the way to manifest.
If you repeat statements like these you are defeating your manifesting powers:
  1. I’ll never have money.
  2. As soon as I get the money it’s gone!.
  3. Money never stays with me.
  4. Money slips through my fingers quickly.
  5. I’m afraid someone will take what I have.
  6. Rich people are ass holes.
  7. I never have enough money.
  8. No one loves me.
  9. There is no other way.
  10. This never works for me.
I have heard these statements made by thousands of people. Be honest with yourself. How often do you have these thoughts?
Manifesting Secrets
Whether you are manifesting money, a trip, or love, the rules of The Universe are the same. If you are having difficulty finding or keeping love, you most likely have some unruly thoughts running your world. To help you with your manifestation, I am running a three-session podcast LIVE for anyone interested in shifting their paradigm. This is for manifesting love and money with energy clearings and GROUP coaching for FREE! The payment link is below. If you need to ask a question respond via e-mail. This will shift your paradigm about love and money. In the meantime, here are some things that will help you.
  1. Change your thinking and change your world.
  2. Begin to think and believe that you are a powerful manifestor.
  3. Believe that you can create what you focus on.
  4. Raise your vibration to “hold” a higher vibration that you have currently through excitement, dance, exercise and thoughts.
  5. Focus on the infinite possibilities rather than lack.
  6. Whatever you focus on is what you attract.
  7. Focus on a higher vibration. ” I AM DESERVING!”
  8. Focus and know that you are enough. “I AM ENOUGH!” Run this mantra through your mind whenever you are driving, showering or even while cooking to reprogram your unconscious mind.
Become a Magnificent Manifester!
This live program is a three-part weekly podcast of 60 minutes, with time for questions and answers at the end. People are paying me $450 for a two-hour session. So this is a deal! I am very good at what I do. We will get to the root of your issues. Be brave and speak up to ask your questions. I have been upgraded many times this year and people are shifting just talking with me! This will give you an opportunity to spend time in my energy, get to know how I work and enjoy the clearing for FREE!
Magnificent Manifester
November 22th, November 29th, and December 6nd at 5:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM EST
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
Henry Ford
Why listen to me? Because I have manifested the house of my dreams, vacation homes for free inexpensive places, relationships, pet sitters that were amazing at the last minute, became an International Best-Selling Author, new clients and lots of money with these principles:
  1. Know without a doubt that this works.
  2. Feel the energy of love/joy/Gratitude.
  3. Get excited. Talk to God, the Sun, the Moon, the trees, plants and express love and gratitude for them. Tell them you love them. You might feel silly, but this works!
  4. Ask and you shall receive. Ask questions like: “How can I effortlessly and easily get three new clients who love me and pay me what I am worth?” “How can I effortlessly and easily find someone who loves and adores me?” “How can I effortlessly and easily ___________________?
  5. As soon as you ask, begin your ecstatic prayers of GRATITUDE. Ecstatic? yes, be excited. Thank you Thank you Thank you for my ________!
  6. Know it is taken care of. It could happen in an instant!
  7. Continue to give thanks and be grateful for what is already in your energy field right now!
  8. To increase the speed ask for win-win situations that will help you and others, or you and someone else. The Universe loves win-win solutions.
  9. Remember that orchestration must happen within The Universe to bring to you your creation. Do not give up hope if it takes a little longer than you think.
  10. Everything comes to those who wait. Divine Timing is not in your time, or on your schedule. Be patient and don’t give up. Continue being grateful.
The Opposite
If you have thoughts that nothing good ever comes to you or happens for you, you perpetuate nothing good coming to you. The Universe will make you RIGHT!
If you are not grateful for what you have now, nothing more will be given to you.
If you complain about your situation, your situation will remain the same.
If you can’t pull your emotions out of the gutter of despair, you will have a very difficult time manifesting. You cannot manifest if you are a VICTIM!
Co-Creating With The Universe
There are rules within The Universe. If you follow them, you will do well. If you ignore the rules of the game of life, you will struggle and continue to be unhappy and miserable. The key is to be happy with what you have. Then more will be given to you.
  1. Dance, have fun and be happy. Do things that bring up your joy for you.
  2. Move your body, open your arms when you are manifesting so that you can receive what is given. If your arms are crossed in front of your chest or your hands are not open, you cannot receive. You are closed.
  3. Raise your vibration with food. Eating a diet rich in fresh greens, fresh fruits and vegetables will help raise your vibration to manifest.
  4. Find something to be in Gratitude about. Begin by saying, “Thank you for giving me another day of life!” “Thank you for my vibrant health.
  5. When you receive your manifestation, don’t run away from it! Often when we get the guy or girl, we get scared. Maybe they are not exactly in the package you expected. The Universe knows way better than you do what you really need.
Rejecting The Universes Gifts
Been there, done that and worn the t-shirt! In fact, just recently I met someone on FaceBook, who does something very much in alignment with what I do. He is single, has a full head of hair like I wanted, it is even long which I put on my manifesting list. He has a beautiful heart, he is even enlightened which I thought I would never find. What did I do? I tried to run away! I am heading to Colorado this coming week for seven days. I am being guided to stop off in Sedona where this guy lives. I am resisting. WHY?
We never know where something might lead. Whether this is the guy or on the road to the guy, I don’t know. The point is, if I don’t go, I will never put myself out there enough to get it. I don’t chase men. Changing my driving route and stopping in Sedona puts me beyond my comfort zone. If we stay where we are comfortable, we never get the incredible gifts presented to us. We have to be awake to notice what we are given. We have to be prepared to risk everything to get it. Opening our hearts to love and being vulnerable takes great risk. Without great risk you will never have the deep love and connection you desire. Nor will I, so yes, I will go to Sedona!
The truth is, when an opportunity presents itself, we don’t know what it could be. We don’t know what all the possibilities are. It could be someone to work with. It could be a joint venture. It could be that you teach each other something. Or it could be the potential for something even greater!
If The Universe gives you a gift, accept it. Explore the gift and see what it feels like for yourself.
When we see resistance it can be several things. We may be afraid of being hurt again. We also may be afraid that this is just what the doctor ordered and it might work! We might be afraid of stepping into the void to receive what we asked for.
Yes, we are afraid of our greatness. What if this is the guy I am supposed to be with and work with? He is an amazing healer himself and does self-love work. I am sending you to his page because he has created an amazing product that gives you an accurate reading of your soul.
Wondering how you can work with me? I have several affordable programs. I am offering a buy one get one FREE! Choose yours today!
1. The Aphrodite Effect 3-hour audio series to clear your love story, release the past, ignite your passion and increase your focus. You will receive information that will allow you to understand your past relationships. Clearing of heartache, hopelessness, jealousy, feeling lost, anything blocking love. Panic, all blocks and vows to love. This is a powerful program. You also co-create your LOVE in the last audio. $98.00 (included in this program for free)
2. The Shift Program. Three part-audio of one hour each. This series clears anxiety, fears, worry, and limiting beliefs, clear blocks to love and Financial issues so that you feel more fully, vibration raised and have more clarity for decision-making. I have had incredible feedback after this program from clients. This audio series ends with the Cascade of Miracles Prayer that so many people have experienced incredible miracles with.
3. JumpStart Happiness: QUANTUM HAPPINESS – Living in The Flow. This three-part audio series opens you to receive happiness in your life now. Releasing you from the burden of misery, suffering, and emotional pain. This step-by-step process gives you everything you need to be happy starting now. Choosing happiness is the first step. You will discover the do’s and don’t of happiness so that you have the structure needed to use this program to transform. This program ends with The Cascade of Miracles Prayer.
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With So Much Love!

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