11:11:15 An Opportunity To Be Bathed In Light

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We are living in miraculous times. Today is certainly a day to sit in silence and feel. If you haven’t meditated before, today would be a very powerful day to begin. Because of the spiritual quality of this day, coupled with the new moon, it is a fabulous day to manifest your desire. 

In September 2015, a tremendous influx of Celestial Light bathed our planet beyond anything we have ever been able to receive safely before now. Specifically encoded light by our Mother-Father God was assimilated by our I AM presence, upgrading our DNA.

Each of us has been recalibrated in preparation for an influx of light on this day, 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects our transformation from the physical to Divine. 

Humanity is now vibrating together at a higher rate than ever before with this 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light. Systems are falling apart to be rebuilt again. As we vibrate higher that which doesn’t serve us is bubbling up to be released. Tempers have flared; emotions surfaced that heretofore had been stuffed and put on the back-burner. Perhaps you have found you can no longer stuff those emotions. It isn’t healthy anyway. Meditation today with a focus on this light energy will assist you in many ways.

For many years, on this date, 11:11 lightworkers across the globe have focused high vibrational loving energy on the earth and all of humanity. There is an additional influx of energy from our Divine Source as well. Revel in this beautiful energy and allow it to wash through you. It is a day one does not forget easily. The number 11:11 on your clock, a billboard or in a dream was significant for you, a synchronistic experience rather than by chance.

Our human DNA and genetic memory are triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies as we have our individual experience. Codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11 is a code that reflects the meaning of activation of the twin spiraling human DNA. Today is one of those days.

Scientists used to believe that our DNA was static. Our DNA is moment-by-moment being modified. Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs impact our DNA. 

You may be noticing the number 11:11 everywhere. It has been encoded into our DNA. Our Spirit Guides and Angels attempt to get our attention in different ways. A particular number on your clock 11:11, a page being turned to a specific place, or a song that is frequently played, is not by accident, but Divine Providence. Our angels engage with us without changing free will. They need to be called upon by us to assist. Prayers are answered and today is an excellent day to ask, but not to beg.

I am providing a further resource from Patricia Cota-Robles whom I have been following for many years if you are interested in focusing your energy on this upgrade and consciousness raising. You will notice the use of the words vibrant health, ageless beauty and radiance, Divine connection, joy, elation, exuberance – which is why I have chosen Aphrodite Effect for my website.


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