3 Phrases To Never Say

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As a coach, I hear people’s words. I listen carefully. I watch to see results. I have learned over my years of manifesting and coaching that there are some powerful words we need to avoid.

Frances Schovel Shinn said, “Your word is your sword.” Our words fight, love, and create. Use your words carefully. Think before you speak. Recently, I witnessed through a family member, a tragedy caused by words.  The following are words to avoid.

1. I Can’t Believe That ______________. When you use these words you are demonstrating a lack of faith. The Universe and God promises to support faith. A lack of faith can ruin something good or wonderful. Repeating a phrase can negate what is good. Your thoughts create both positive and negative events. Saying you don’t believe may manifest that what you have goes away in some way. You create the negative version of what you have.

My son recently drove with his cat, girlfriend and fish, Achilles from Georgia to Texas. They kept the little fish alive during his trek across half the country. Adam was careful to keep the fish cool on the trip, as secure as possible. Soon after arriving in Texas, he cordoned the little fish off away from his girlfriend’s kitten. Twice the kitten got to the fish and Adam again protected the fish. 

Melania repeated the phrase three times, “I can’t believe Achilles made it all the way to Texas alive.” The next morning Adam was awakened at 5:00 AM with a start. He went immediately to the kitchen where he found the heavy cutting board which had been covering his Achilles’ tank and the candle that had been weighing down the cutting board were on top of the counter. Water was everywhere. Melania’s kitten had devoured Achilles.

2. I won’t ever……(find love, be wealthy, be rich, be happy, be enlightened, be loved ). The Universe works to make us right. In fact, the Universe proves us right every day. What we say repeatedly comes to pass. If you say you won’t ever _______ you most certainly won’t ever.  

Affirming, ” I will never have _(money, love, success) “ will make it so.

3. I can’t______________. If you believe you can’t you most certainly won’t. The words I can’t be happy, will create unhappiness. I can’t find love, will prove you are right, you keep 
love away and blocked from you. “I can’t make enough money to support myself,” will keep you in poverty consciousness.

Your Words Have Power

Our thoughts and words create. If you want love, wealth, success, money you can create with your thoughts. However, sitting in your home chanting OM will not what brings it to you. It will be doing inner work to love and accept yourself and be more loving towards you. Getting out and meeting new people will give you opportunities to find love. 

Right action is always required for manifestation. What steps are you taking to reach your goal in the physical? Are you growing, healing or have you hired a coach to assist you? 

Are you making the phone calls, marketing and doing what is required for financial success?

When you open to the infinite possibilities of I CAN you create in a positive way. 

Faith and belief are what create. Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t you will be right.

Jennifer Elizabeth  Masters is an author, visionary, intuitive and catalystic coach. She is certified as a hypnotherapist with The National Guild of Hypnotists, she is a certified energy healer, and reads the Akashic Records. But moreover, she has healed her own issues with self-love. As a healed healer, she has bee where you are, which gives her insight and compassion to assist you.

Whether you have sexual trauma, abuse or negativity to overcome, Jennifer has been where you are and understands what will get you to where you want to go. Love is the answer, you are the vehicle. To discover your 

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