The Things I Am Grateful For

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As I sit here this morning reflecting on the past year, I am grateful for the late night clearing for a dear client in New York. I am grateful for so much. You are the reason I sit at my computer each day and write. You make my life fulfilling. The fact that you find something in my articles to help you gives me much to be thankful for. For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I wish all of you much love and joy today and every day. Perhaps my little foray into my personal gratitude list will help you to find something for which to give thanks.

A day without GRATITUDE is like a day without sunshine. You can quote me on this one!

Each day I wake is another day to enjoy walking and dancing in the desert with U2, Foreigner or Journey, and my dogs. 

This morning while I whipped fresh cream for the top of my pumpkin pie, my biceps began to burn from the action of using the hand-held whisk. No electric beaters for this woman! I was grateful for my regular clients who pay me so that I have food on my table and a roof over my head. I am grateful for my pumpkin pie!

I am an advocate, cheerleader, and guide for those working through their relationships, business challenges and boulders on the road of life. Life is so much better with someone guiding you. I am that light for those who are brave enough to dive deep into their emotions, beliefs and programming that doesn’t serve them any longer. 

I love this picture, taken circa 2004

  1. I am grateful for my adult children. Though I am alone this Thanksgiving, my progeny are the primary focus for my life. They have taught me so much about myself. I had learned where my boundaries need to be shored up, where I had enabled and need to clean up my act and also the areas where I have excelled, giving my children the guidance they needed, the support they desired and kept my mouth shut when all they wanted was to know I love them.
  2. I am very grateful that my mother is still living (93). I am so grateful that her health has been so good for so long. This June, she had a heart attack in front of me at my niece’s wedding. I am so grateful that she spoke up and had me take her to the

    hospital. I am grateful that we have healed our relationship andthat I am no longer triggered by anything she says to me. That is something to be grateful for! We talk almost every day. I am grateful that I found the love in my heart for her. 

  3. I am grateful I am no longer a victim.
    I am grateful that at 61, I look younger than I did ten years ago.
    I am grateful that I found happiness, joy and peace within. Happiness is something I worked on diligently. I have to share what I did with others; it is where I find my bliss.

  4. I am grateful for my vibrant health. I am grateful that I did not give a doctor the responsibility for my health. I am grateful that I don’t take prescription medicines. 

  5. I am grateful that my car is almost paid off. I am grateful for the flow of money that has allowed me to do this. I love my little Honda! 

  6. I am grateful to my clients in Colorado that I recently visited. I love my clients. I am so grateful to all of you!
  7. I am grateful to Javier Silvestri, who worked with me for years with For Heaven Scapes. He was loyal, committed and the hardest worker I have every had. Yesterday I drove three hours each way to see Javier near Santa Ana where he was visiting his brother and family. He lives in Georgia. Javier and I have stayed connected; there is deep love there that will never die. He is like Mi Hijo, ~son.
  8. I am grateful to William, who worked for almost three months on my website this fall. He did a beautiful job creating my branding and the new message.
  9. I am grateful to Meredith Loos, who has stepped up and into the role of my right-hand woman offering tech support. Meredith has been working behind the scenes creating new landing pages, promotional pages and signup forms for my programs. Meredith is a beautiful woman, web designer, and great asset. I am very grateful for Meredith.
  10. I am grateful for the sun that shines on me almost every day, filling my body with life, love and vibrancy. 
  11. I am grateful for my dogs that love me, are patient with my work and get me out of my office to dance, play and enjoy life. 
  12. I am grateful for nature. I am grateful for the beauty of this amazing earth. 
  13. I am grateful for the beautiful full moon this Thanksgiving. The moon is so powerful shifting tides, emotions within us and giving us light at night. 
  14. I am grateful for the stars that shine so beautifully every night. 
  15. I am grateful for the trees that provide shade, screen the wind and offer their beauty for my enjoyment. 
  16. I am grateful for the powerful ocean. 
  17. I am grateful for the soft sand as I walk on the beach. 
  18. I am grateful for the earth and all it supports, the vegetables grown, nuts, fruits for me to eat. 
  19. I am grateful that there is a homeless shelter for those who have nowhere to go, can sit down today and enjoy a hot turkey dinner.
  20. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful that I have come out of the darkness to see that each experience I have had has only served as a lesson and a gift for my soul’s growth. 
  21. I am grateful for this body that allows me to experience life on this planet fully. I am grateful that it has held up so well, that it can move like a thirty-year-old and provide such pleasure for me.
  22. I am grateful for the soft bed in which I lay my head to rest each night.
  23. I am grateful to be alive today. 
  24. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me. 
  25. I am grateful for the support of The Divine and The Universe. I know that I am always loved, guided and shown my next step.
  26. I am grateful that I had such an exhilarating drive home along the Angeles Forest Highway under the full moon last night. I felt like Mario Andretti driving in the Indie 500. I was alone on the mountain roads racing at the highest speed of 40 mph, which felt incredibly fast because of the switchbacks and

    hairpin turns. I felt alive, young and full of life. A series of small events that comprise the tapestry of our lives. I am so happy to be alive, well and creative. 

  27. I am in love with you, with life and me! I am grateful for you. 
Love the ones you’re with. If you are alone, send me an e-mail I promise to respond individually to support you today. 

Join me this week for my Manifesting Money and Men webinar. This is for both men and women to co-create the life of their dreams! 

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