Give New Meaning To Black Friday

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Your tummy is still feeling full from a delicious home-cooked turkey dinner. The thoughts of sugar plums and bleary-eyed four o’clock in the morning alarms don’t excite you today. Why not give new meaning to BLACK FRIDAY?

Avoid the crowds and choose a different activity today. Choosing a different experience might leave you both breathless with smiles on your faces instead of fighting the shopping crowds. Why not stay at home and shop on-line – afterward. 

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The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally a shopping day for many. Although you might get some great bargains shopping you will most likely leave frustrated or in debt. I have a suggestion for you. Stay at home, take some juicy foods to bed with you and have a picnic instead. The aftermath of slow, leisurely lovemaking will certainly leave you far more satisfied than a day of fighting crowds, lines, and spending. 

Spend Time

I ask you, when was the last time you spent a morning in bed with your partner? Or even had an afternoon tryst? Take time to slow down, massage one another and do some eye gazing. Maybe slow isn’t your style, but it could give her a chance to enjoy the process, rather than rushing. 

Women need twenty to forty minutes to get warmed up enough to have an orgasm. Black Friday is the day to do it. The kids are probably spending time with their friends. There is nothing worth watching on television. 

Mind Games

Women often end up telling themselves stories like: “I’m taking too long to get there.” When we think this way, we often end up faking an orgasm rather than having the real deal. Believe me, after doing so for most of my life, faking it isn’t ideal. When we give up and don’t let go of our negative thoughts, we can’t get there. 

How To Get To Orgasm

  1. Know what feels good for you. Get to know your body. 
  2. Tell your partner what works and what feels best.
  3. Ask for what you want.
  4. Shut off the negativity in your mind.
  5. Keep bringing your mind back to the pleasure.
  6. Focus on the pleasure, rather than thoughts about your partner getting tired. 
  7. Breathe. Your body needs oxygen to function. Breathing with your mouth open will relax the vagina (as above, so below) and help you orgasm.
  8. Squeeze your internal muscles – Kegels using these muscles as a pump to move your kundalini (sexual energy).
  9. Give him a hand. If you aren’t getting there with what he is doing for you alone – masturbate to bring yourself to orgasm. Some positions are easier than others to do this; you have to find what works best for you. 
  10. Pump or move your hips rhythmically. The action of moving your hips combined with the squeezing of your internal vaginal muscles (Kegels), bringing your mind back to the pleasure rather than worrying about how long it is taking you should help tremendously.
Nothing Wrong With You

Porn stars may look like they are having orgasms, but are most likely faking it. Women think that because they don’t come in two to four minutes that there is something wrong with them. Women are wired differently than men. It’s okay. Thinking there is something wrong with you will push pleasure away. 40% of women have difficulty having an orgasm. Most of the problems are mental not physical but mental. Get my book Orgasm For Life for

step-by-step details on how you can get there too. 

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