10 Ways To Shift Defeating Thoughts About Life, Love and You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I used to think that life was hard, and it was. It is so interesting to look back at the way society and family beliefs influenced me. “You have to work hard to succeed. You will be happy when you are married. Money and success will bring you happiness.” What a load of hogwash!

It is easy to blame others for where we are. Our husband or wife doesn’t do what we expect them to do, so they become the source of our pain and suffering. We blame our parents for the way they raised us and the lack of love they gave us. How can we break free from this negative programming and societal lies?
Change Your Thoughts

There are thousands of books about thought and The Law Of Attraction available to read. I’ve read a lot of them. What changed my life for me was just deciding that I needed to change my ways, thoughts, and beliefs. Change can be a dirty word for most of us. We like things the way they are we think. But do we really? If you don’t have the life, love

or relationship you desire here are some simple ways to shift our thoughts to change our inner and outer world for the better.

  1. Take responsibility for your life, love, health, and happiness. How do you do that? Stop blaming everyone on the planet for your childhood, pain, and suffering. You may have had a horrible childhood, lousy parents and may challenge, continuing to focus on those things keeps you stuck in that reality. Decide now to shift your thinking and create a better life for yourself. 
  2. Carry a journal around with you just for one day. Write down every thought you think. Be honest with yourself. What is the predominant energy of your thoughts? Is it positive, or do you complain, moan and focus on the negative in most situations. (I certainly used to I was one of the most negative people on this planet.)
  3. Change your focus. Instead of going to the dark side with your thinking choose to focus on the silver lining. Every situation has a silver lining. One of my clients had a house fire. I asked her to find the silver lining. She asked me incredulously, “You want me to find the positive in the fact that my house almost burned to the ground?” I replied, “Exactly!” When she did, she realized that she still had her family intact. She began to notice that the stupid trivial issues she focused on and complained about were meaningless in the scheme of things. Her relationship began to flourish, and she became happier after the hardship of the fire by recognizing the GOOD in the situation.
  4. Create an INTENTION for your day and your life. How do you want your day to be? Sit in silence before you begin your day and ask for your day to be filled with joy, peace, harmony, and ease. Watch how this changes your day and then your life with consistency.
  5. Recognize the power of your thoughts.  Think of your thoughts as prayers. Each thought goes out into the Universe and brings you back more of what you are thinking of. You create with your thoughts. You are creating unconsciously. Begin to create CONSCIOUSLY.
  6. Notice your emotions. Are you being upset by what others say or do? If so, recognize that it isn’t them, it’s you. WHAT? Absolutely! When you stop focusing on what others are doing or NOT doing, you will be so much happier. Your emotions come from you. If you feel angry, you are the one that has anger. If you feel triggered, you are the one with the trigger. Your emotions throw fuel on the fire of your thoughts, creating bigger issues for you. Emotions propel your thoughts bringing back what you are focusing on even faster!
  7. Use your emotions for CREATING. Joy, love, and gratitude are higher vibrational energies than anger, sadness, and misery. Do what you can to shift the way you feel so that you create positive situations in your life. If you want something to happen fast for you, be in joy, feel love, raise your vibration. 
  8. Dance! Sing! Be Merry! Music is a very powerful way to shift the way you feel. Raise your spirits by listening to music that lifts your spirits rather than brings you down. Sing in the shower when you are beginning your day, or in your car while driving to work. Singing opens your heart and makes you feel good. Dance is what I do every day to increase my heart rate, and bring me in touch with my inner joy. I am not a great or professional dance, but that doesn’t matter. Do what brings you joy daily.
  9. NO MORE EXCUSES! Stop making excuses for why you can’t do any of the above. If you want your life to be different, YOU have to be different. YOU have to change your thoughts. Excuses keep you from having what you desire. Excuses keep you small and give your power away. I can help you do just that beginning tonight for three weeks in a row. 
  10. Say YES! When we are in a negative place, we tend to say no, rather than yes to opportunities. We miss the open door and close the window of new opportunities with our “NOs”
Begin creating the life of your dreams. I will share all of my secrets to doubling my income in a year, manifesting miracles for others and myself and get you creating a life you love!
Do you have a question for me, or are you ready to step into the life you have dreamed of? E-mail Jennifer here. 

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