The Joy Of Feeling Sexy

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Though there are many in this world that say they hate sex or don’t like it, sex is a natural part of being human. The desire for deep connection with another human is at the core of each of us, even when we are fearful of intimacy. When we hate sex, or refuse to have it, we are denying ourselves pleasure, joy and deep connection with the spiritual. We are also denying an integral part of who we are. Our sexuality is the core of who we are. Our sexiness is innate. When we don’t feel sexy we aren’t in touch with ourselves.

I understand feeling disconnected from our body. For most of my life, I was not grounded in my body. I was flaky, scattered and unfocused. This article will help you increase happiness, joy and your internal connection with you. The side-effect is feeling sexy!

Sex is our sacred expression of the deepest part of ourselves. When we deny ourselves pleasure sexually, we also deny other pleasures. We might avoid foods we love, or experiencing expanded joy because we deny ourselves the feeling of pleasure. 

Whether we are alone or in a relationship, we can still enjoy intense pleasure of all kinds. Eating can be extremely pleasurable and a very sensual experience. I love to eat delicious foods. I enjoy what I am eating experiencing the pleasure of taste, feel of the texture in my mouth. I love to eat juicy foods, fruits, smoothies, rich ice cream loaded with fat, avocados and pie loaded with whipped cream. Don’t get the idea that my diet is poor. I eat healthy most of the time. However, if I get a longing for a piece of pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream, I enjoy it deeply. 

Enjoyment of Pleasure

I used to deny myself fattening foods. Since I began eating them when I feel like it, I feel bigger, more expanded in my field (not in body mass, but energy) I am happier and you can eat them too. Just not at every meal. 

Allowing yourself to participate in activities that you formerly denied yourself can expand your joy. Do you love to dance, but don’t have a partner? I don’t have one either right now. (Notice that I added “right now.” ) He’s on his way to me. I just have a few more things to take care of before he arrives. I dance every day. Since I began to dance, I feel sexier, more grounded, expanded and have lost inches – everywhere! 

Dance To Feel Sexy

Dance is joyful. It brings up pleasure from our deepest core. Sex is not the only way to experience pleasure. Why not start dancing today. Enjoy your own body. Feel what you like to do, dance like a rock star, or a ballerina. Feel sexy in your own body. If you don’t feel sexy, how can you expect anyone else to?

What Dance Does For You

  1. Expands your body. You might become taller, stronger, lighter, and curvy. My spine has stretched, my posture has improved and I have toned everything!
  2. Creates balance. You become more grounded in your body. Especially when you dance outside, the earth moves up to greet you. You will find your physical balance increases. You will be less likely to fall when you experience how your body works for you and you become more flexible.
  3. Helps you feel joy. Dance is something that tribal people have done for thousands of years. It connects us with our ancestors, the native peoples from all walks of life. Dance is amazing for shifting the way you feel about you and your life.
  4. Numbness goes away. If you feel numb, dancing will help to diminish and heal those parts of you that feel numb, because you are connecting deeply with your soul and your body.
  5. Music soothes the soul. Play music you love. Play music you don’t like but play music. Try different genres. Experience different types of music to stretch yourself. You might find that you have an inner rock star. I began listening to AC/DC and U2 when dancing by accident. It was what came up on my phone out in the desert. I just went with it. It surprised me when I began to feel different about those bands.
  6. You tone your body differently than when at the gym. You only need to dance to three songs a day to begin to shift your body. Just do it every day!
  7. Dancing is fun! It is far more pleasurable than being in a stuffy smelly gym. 
  8. Dance like no one is watching you. Get beyond your fears of what others think of you. You will find much more joy when you can be YOU. I have a video coming, I will share my crazy woman dancing with you later today. So come back and see, it might be completed by Sunday morning if it takes too long to edit.
  9. You don’t have to be a ballerina or Beyonce to get a lot out of dance. I have never been known for my dancing skills, but that isn’t the point. 
  10. You will begin to feel sexy, beautiful and totally you. Dance connects you to your body. It prepares you for sex because you begin to really love your body when you dance. 
  11. You will find yourself smiling when you are not looking. Everyone needs more joy, happiness, and aliveness. I promise you dance will bring you joy and happiness. 
  12. You will feel more passion for your life, your partner and if you don’t have one, you are preparing for them with dance.
I want to hear about your experience. Connect with me here or on FaceBook and let me know what you notice. 

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