If They Don’t Know The Meaning Of Monogamy He Won’t BE

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If you talk about sex with a prospective partner and they don’t know the meaning of the word monogamy he probably won’t be monogamous! If he thinks monogamy is a type of dark red wood, that might be your first clue.

Sex is the most intimate expression of love we can have with another. Sometimes we have sex when we aren’t in love, or even in like with our partner. There is no doubt sex can be pleasurable. Setting expectations about what we are about to embark on can help us navigate a shadowy road that may otherwise need some illumination.

Women often go along with the program thinking that there is something at the end of the sex like an orgasm, pleasure or maybe a relationship. This thinking is often due to not hearing or seeing the red flag warning messages because we were so focused on the smiling eyes, the promises, or the story we have been told. Now guys, don’t get angry with me I am just speaking the truth here. There are also some women who pretend to be available when they are not. The women will get their day in court as well.

What are the warning signs they may not be monogamous?

  1. There is a pile of women’s underwear in his closet or hanging off the ceiling fan
  2. There are tampons in the medicine cabinet
  3. He can only see you during the week
  4. You meet in off-road type places, not publicly
  5. You can’t get through on his cell phone
  6. He only calls you at certain hours
  7. He only texts you or calls during business hours
  8. He calls you late – after 10:00 PM and sounds like he’s horny

The problem isn’t that you are attracting wrong guys. The truth is that you are staying too long with someone who doesn’t treat you with respect and honor. Your choice, as always! If you accept poor treatment, that is what you continue to receive. 

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