Dare To Be Different In 2016

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Another year has come and gone. It is time to let go of the past and move into a prosperous and high energy 2016. The Year of The Monkey will be here before long. You can sense this new energy building, greater communication, risks that pan out and a greater ability for creative expression. 2016 will be anything but quiet. Monkeys are noted for their intelligence, wit, creativity and risk taking. Monkeys are high energy and chatty. 

2016 is the year to express your individuality. Like me, there is nothing ordinary about me. I am weird, quirky, strange unorthodox and certainly an individual. I don’t wear fashionable clothes and have a houseful of animals. If you have wanted to step out in your own style, do your own THING, and be your own person, 2016 is the year. I would love to partner with you to help you be as unique as you want to be, with courage and compassion! 

Whatever your plans, please be safe and have a very happy New Year!

Looking for ways to make 2016 incredible? Read this blog here.

Each year on New Year’s I will perform a ritual called the burning bowl ceremony. I recommend you let go of all you wish to by writing a list of those things you want to eliminate this year and burning it at

midnight over a bowl. Write a second list of what you want to bring in for 2016 and keep that list. Look at it often and focus on these new attributes. Whatever you focus on grows. Click here to get all the details on how to do your own burning bowl ceremony. 

I invite you to my New Year’s Event on January 3rd at 11:00 AM Pacific time/ 2:00 PM EST. This will be a FREE podcast of what 2016 will bring to us both personally and collectively. I will be offering a free reading with one question for all who are in attendance. 

After the event I have four hours to devote to Akashic Record Consultations done privately. These are as follows:

10 minutes Quickie Focus:       $25.00
20 minutes Focus and Clarity   $45.00
40 minutes Crystal Clear          $94.00
60 minutes                               $150.00

Questions? Send me an e-mail here

Prefer a clearing for your session? No problem! Let me know. 

Send me an e-mail of your preference. Remember the podcast is FREE! 

Visit my website here: Aphroditeeffect.com

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