The Turning Point Summit Tanya Interviews Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

In this 49 minutes of video, Jennifer shares what led her to transform from negative, codependent, depressed, sickly girl, to living a happy, blissful life. From happiness to sex, Jennifer shares how to boost your immune system, be present, start being happy with you, your life and how to improve your sex life. This Telesumit included Les Brown and many other famous coaches and authors.

True happiness comes from within, not from someplace outside of you. Though a relationship is wonderful, it can’t fix you. If you aren’t happy with you, getting into a relationship isn’t going to make you any different. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, happiness, health and our orgasms. 

Looking For Answers About Sex?

If you aren’t having an orgasm, watch till the very end, Jennifer shares how to get there or how to get your woman there with ease. 

If you have considered working with Jennifer, this is a great place to start. You will see and feel her inner joy, bliss and happiness comes from an authentic place. Yours can too. Jennifer will clear the path for you and guide you there.

Want to visit Jennifer’s website or download her APP? 

Visit website: Aphrodite

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Aphrodite Effect – A three-part 3-hour audio series that clears your past love story of woe, pain, and suffering, so that you can step into a healthy loving relationship. Powerful affirmations and energy clearings in each of the three sessions to move you forward and open the door to receive love. The second audio helps you to commit, be vulnerable and be ALL IN. The third audio walks you through a manifesting process to Co-Create your love partner. 

Happiness Jumpstart – A three-part 2-hour audio series that clears blocks to happiness, gives you the tools to use right now to be happy. You will be amazed at how quickly you can shift your consciousness with a little guidance and some Divine gems along the way. This series gives you the do’s and the don’ts from beginning to end guiding you into being in the state of FLOW! 

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