3 Ways To Overcome Chaos By Living Simply

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life can throw us some curve balls. Living simply offers us a peace that removes us from the chaos. 2016 may already be offering many different opportunities from that of 2015. Choosing what is best for us requires us to be present, tapping into our physical bodies for confirmation. 

If you are out in the world you may be feeling a sense of chaos, energy coming at you from all directions. There are too many choices in the grocery store, too many tasks to complete, too many things undone, which all drain our precious energy. Life is short. Let’s make the most of this New Year by living simply. 

How Can You Simplify?

Today in our technical age we walk out the door with our phone in hand. Working at our desks we have our phone right beside us. We answer it whenever it rings. Do we really need to? Each interruption takes us away from having clarity and focus. Interruptions cause stress. Do we need to be on the phone while driving? NO, we don’t. Stop answering the phone when you are in the middle of something. If the call is important, they will leave a voice mail. If it wasn’t, there is no loss. 

Driving in the car is a time we need to focus and be present on what is happening in front of us. In 2016, there is an increased energy of chaos. Chaotic energy can cause accidents. We need to focus on one thing at a time. 


Multi-tasking reduces productivity by 40%. You cannot focus effectively on several things at once. There is a serious downside to this new age of high tech computer, smartphone working. Seriously consider giving up multi-tasking this year. It doesn’t help, it actually hurts you in the following ways:

  1. creates mental blocks that reduce productivity by 40%
  2. causes stress physically, mentally and emotionally
  3. diverts your attention from your goals in life
  4. you don’t perform even one task effectively when you are focusing on several
  5. lowers IQ
  6. reduces memory
  7. causes errors
  8. you have to regroup each time you shift from one task to another taking precious time
  9. takes longer to perform the task when multi-tasking. 


When my daughter was living with me, we would often sit down to watch a comedian, my favorite thing to watch to unwind. I would focus on the comedian while she had her iPad and cell phone with her flipping from one screen to another. Just watching her doing this activity irritated me. My son watches several televisions when he watches football. Any activity for relaxing needs to be just singular. Otherwise, you are causing stress in your body. This overactivity causes anxiety, then young people turn to smoking pot to relieve their stress.


When meditating you can’t be taking notes, answering text messages or sending e-mails. It doesn’t work that way. To be in silence and stillness to calm the body and mind we need to be totally present. Doing absolutely nothing but breathing in silence and stillness for it to be effective. 

Multi-Tasking During Sex

I’m sorry, but cooking breakfast in front of your children while your partner plows you from behind is not good for anyone. Seriously! Yes, people have told me they do it. We can’t give fully to our partners when we are thinking of anything else, answering a phone or watching a television program while having sex. 

How To Live Simply

  1. Have rules for everyone in the household that create presence and focus, i.e. no cell phones at the table, in the bedroom or while watching television.
  2. One activity at a time. Does your child really need ballet, karate, cello and religious classes all at the same time? Seriously? When do they get to be a child? Our childhood is short keep activities down to one. 
  3. Get outside and be in nature. Leave your cell phone in the car. Walk in silence. Focus on what you see rather than texting everyone you know while doing your constitutional. This is time with you and God. It is time for you to reconnect with your body. Experience this beauty fully. 
  4. You only need one cell phone. Rather than replacing it as soon as a new one comes out use it till the thing dies. Striving for the latest and greatest is living outside of your body. You don’t feel enough just by being you. 
  5. Focus on you for a change rather than stuff. 
  6. Write in your journal. Sitting down and writing is a very positive way to connect with Guidance and your High Self. Do it daily. 
  7. Focus on what you are FEELING. Most people have no idea how they feel because they are doing too many things to even notice. 
  8. Meditate daily. 
  9. Exercise daily.
  10. Love Yourself. This is the simplest and best part of living fully. When you love yourself you will find that the world is a brighter place and that you have infinitely more love to give everyone in your life and the world. Loving you also raises the energy of the planet, so you are doing something to help all of humanity by loving you.
  11. Connect to your soul purpose. Do what you love. You have a story inside you. You have done great things in your life. Consider doing work that engages your soul and your heart.

    Doing work you love creates more joy and bliss than you can image. Have you seen my smile? It isn’t fake. I am so happy, I want to share it with the world. Help me do this by sharing my blog, my app and what I do with your friends. 

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