Dance Your Way To Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Word on the street is that most men don’t like to dance. Let’s look at the facts guys, most women love to dance. If you want more sex, get out on the dance floor! Dancing helps tone your body, gets you in touch with your body, gives you confidence and increases sexual performance. Oh YA!

I have been dancing in the desert on a daily basis now for several months. I will say that my moves have gotten better, I am more able to move my hips, shoulders and all parts of my body more fluidly. Dancing improves your moves in the bedroom as well!

All Night Long

Stamina increases when your cardiovascular system gets a regular work out. You don’t want to end up dead from the sex act. I have experienced this once, and never want to again. I ask my partner to have their heart checked before I get intimate. No kidding! Create deeper intimacy through dancing. You will both get more turned on by waiting to rip each other’s clothes off, I promise! Here are some ways to create deeper intimacy. 

Don’t Want To Take A Lesson?

Practise at home. There are no excuses guys. Crank up the tunes and watch some You Tube videos of people dancing. Copy what they do. 

Don’t Wanna Dance? 

Get over yourself! You will have more fun and a lot more ladies when you learn to dance. Dancing is fun. It is good for the soul and raises your spirits. So get off that couch and dance! Have some fun. Life is too short to sit out on the sidelines watching everyone else dancing. Your sex life will improve as your dancing improves. Dancing with your partner is a very sensual experience and can be a tremendous turn-on and opening to intimacy in your relationship. You spend much longer up close with a woman on the dance floor than you do in bed, don’t you know?

I Want A Dancer!

For some women, like me dancing is a prerequisite in a partner. If you don’t dance, we won’t last long. Dancing is fun, a big part of many women’s lives. Don’t ask her to give it up because you are too chicken to get up and dance. Hire me to coach you to raise your self -esteem this year and I guarantee you that you will find love on the dance floor!~

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