95% Of Your Thoughts Are Unconscious – How To Reprogram Your Mind To Heal Yourself

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Our brain and body store energy from the past. Behaviors and beliefs are even downloaded into the fetus in utero. Emotions from events that happened long ago are still reverberating out into The Universe bringing you what you don’t want. How do I know? With over 35 years of self-introspection, till I began to clear and release trapped emotions from my cellular body, use mantras and self-hypnosis to reprogram my mind, I continued to attract the same types of abusive, angry men and similar unsupportive situations. 

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Thinking about a situation, and forgiveness is not enough to clear the past. Our emotional body continues to store the emotions of all the situations we experienced in our life until we begin to have them removed. 

Examples Of How Emotions Reverberate in Adulthood

Let’s say that your mother was an alcoholic. At the age of four, you found your mother lying comatose on the kitchen floor. You pushed your chair up against the wall and dialed a number. You managed somehow to call 911, and an ambulance came. You were permanently impacted by the trauma you witnesses. Just because the event was remedied does not mean that you are healed. Your cells were imprinted and programmed with several things:

  • alcoholism
  • emotional abandonment
  • lying
  • enabling
  • women leave you
  • women aren’t there for you
  • you aren’t as important as an addiction
  • you are unloved
  • you are unworthy of love, acceptance, and nurturing

The motions of fear, emotional abandonment, substance abuse, addiction, love unreceived, anger, sadness, sorrow, hated of women, self-rejection and so many more continue to plague you the rest of your life. You may find that you attract women who cheat because your mother or father or both cheated. You might attract men or women who lie because one of your parents lied. You might attract partners who are addicted because your parents had addiction issues. 

Perhaps you can’t related to this person’s real life event. How about this one:

Your father was abused by his father (your grandfather). He was beaten and reprimanded whenever he did anything slightly wrong. His father was an angry rageful man. In turn, your father was rageful and angry. He yelled when you didn’t eat your dinner. He may even have abused your mother in some way. You felt rejected, tormented with low self-esteem and self-hatred because your father often told you how worthless you were. He might have even had an affair or been gone much of the time. 

The patterning of this parenting style imprints you with feelings of not being good enough. You will attract men who are women haters because your father was one. You might even find that as soon as you begin to get close to a man he leaves. You aren’t sure why. However, trapped emotions create waves of energy. Others sense when you have hatred of men programs even when you aren’t aware of them.

In Utero Programming and Imprinting

Perhaps your mother got pregnant by accident. Your father didn’t want a pregnancy so early in the marriage. He suggested an abortion. Your mother insisted on giving birth to you because you are already loved by her. She gives birth and from the time you are born you have feelings of inadequacy, feeling emotionally abandoned and unwanted.  You attract partners who abuse, lie or cheat on you. You continue to feel unloved and unwanted no matter how much outer work you do. (This is a true story, by the way)

Emotions Are Hidden To Us

Our emotions don’t show up unless you look at your patterns. In my case, I continued to attract men who victimized me even after I wasn’t feeling like a victim. After my third marriage had ended and I had done years of serious work, I was downloaded with The Relationship Matrix. When I did this matrix, I was able to see that I was the common denominator in all my relationships. I was the problem, not them!

The patterns were removed, but the emotions weren’t until I specifically focused on them and cleared them from my cellular body and field.

Emotional Abandonment

Our parents did the best they could. However, they showed up with their issues. Their parents and grandparents had very different parenting styles than we do today. Many of us were beaten with belts, hairbrushes, and other objects. We may have been emotionally abused as well. These events create blocked emotions in our field and bodies. Unfortunately, these emotions are unconsciously sent out into the Universe boomeranging back to us creating havoc in our lives and relationships until they are removed.

When we have been emotionally abandoned by our parents, we attract others with abandonment issues. We often show up unavailable emotionally and don’t even realize it. If you are attracting partners who are unavailable, emotionally it is because you have some aspect of this in your energy field and body.

95% of Our Thoughts Are Unconscious

Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote the book of The Biology of Belief.  It has been proven that if we BELIEVE something, it will occur. If we believe we will get cancer because our father or mother had it, we will get it. Doctors have taught us that we are victims of our heredity, that we can’t change our DNA. However, epigenetics shows that you can change your DNA. You can control what you believe. Our perception can re-write our genetic coding. We are limited by our perceptions, which affect our genes.

An example of this is that when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I was told I would have it for life. I didn’t buy into that. I chose NOT to BELIEVE it. I healed Fibromyalgia through believing that I could heal it. I healed it through self-love.

A negative belief can hurt you as much as a positive belief can heal you. 

The Conscious mind only operates about 5% of the time. The primary programs in your unconscious mind you downloaded from other people. Most of the beliefs you have are limiting.

Healing My Tumor

I was scheduled to have surgery to remove a tumor. During the five or six weeks between the visit with the surgeon and me showing up for the surgery, the tumor was gone! The doctor sweat over me looking for the tumor that didn’t exist any longer. Watch this video and hear me tell what occurred.

Dr. Bruce Lipton and Wayne Dyer Talk about BELIEF and how you can heal through thought. There is nothing in our body that can’t be repaired! We have been programmed to believe what doctors tell us. When we go to the doctor, we are looking for something to be wrong with us. When we are told we have a terminal illness by a doctor, we believe it.

We have turned our healing powers over to doctors. We already have an innate system that heals us – within us. Many people get well on the way to the doctor. We have been systematically disempowered through out our lives.

I recently heard about a woman who was told that she had between three and six months to live. She believed what the doctor told her and gave up. She died within three months.

The Power of The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind runs without a rudder. It has no sense of humor and believes whatever it is told. You can’t access the unconscious mind with the conscious mind. There is no one running the show. Programs that have been downloaded from others need to be re-written. Hypnotherapy can re-write the programs! 

We run our lives from our subconscious programs. Falling in love changes everything. We begin to wake up and be more conscious about what we are doing. You are conscious about your interaction. Everything is wonderful during the honeymoon period. You are running from your conscious thoughts, rather than allowing your past programming to govern your life. 

When your conscious mind gets busy, and you are responding from your unconscious programming (from past programming) you stop paying attention, and your unconscious programming takes over. Your mate may look at you differently wondering what happened?

You’re Not Smart Enough
What’s The Matter With You?
You are lazy!
You are an idiot!
You will always have ______ disease
You will never get well
You will never _________ 
Women always leave
Men lie and cheat
You are sick
You are dying
You cannot heal yourself
You are powerless

These programs cripple us.

I have been a hypnotherapist since 1998. I became a Hypnotherapist trainer and Neurolinguistic Trainer in 2011. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to remove negative root causes that create havoc in our lives and replace the negative with powerful affirmations and life-affirming positive phrases that re-program the mind. 

Join me this Wednesday at 5:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM EST when I access your unconscious mind and remove the negative programming, reprogramming you with powerful life-affirming positive phrases so that you have the best opportunity to Co-Create your life from a positive place.

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Dr. Lipton talks about Prozac being ineffective. I will attest to that as I was prescribed it after my divorce. I fell asleep at the wheel and took myself off the drug, as I found it did absolutely nothing to fix my depression. I no longer have depression and help people with this through the healing work I do.

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