New Moon Today: It’s A Great Day For Goal Setting and Cleaning

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

A goal properly set is halfway reached.” ~ Zig Ziglar 

Sunday, January 10th we have the first new moon of our calendar year. A new moon is a time for new beginnings. Farmers plant seeds by the moon, which is why the Farmer’s Almanac came into being. It doesn’t mean you are a Pagan, a witch or some other religion because you use the moons to increase the likelihood of something happening. Think about it this way, Christian and Jewish high holidays are all set around the moon. Christmas is the one exception. Many believe Jesus was born in July or September, not December as we celebrate, but that is another article. 

No Way!

Don’t believe me? Here is a link from a Jewish magazine about Rosh Chodesh, or the new moon. I recommend till you have the ability to trust your gut (my next article) that you do your research. 

Make Room For The New!

Historically, the beginning of the year is the best time to set goals. It is as if the slate has been wiped clean. It is a great time to clean your house, get rid of the old to make room for the new. When our closets and cupboards are over-stuffed with things, we have little room literally and figuratively for anything new. Hoarding shows you are set in your ways, unwilling to let go and very stubborn. (Having been there myself, I understand. This is nothing a good clearing or Hypnotherapy session wouldn’t take care of.)

Why Have Set Goals?

A goal is like an intention for your life on Steroids. If you don’t take the time to WRITE DOWN your goals, they won’t happen. You can think about your goals and maybe come close to achieving them, but nothing is as powerful as spending time thinking and then writing them down. 

There is an expression in the business world:

If it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t happen.

Think about all the times you told a friend, “Let’s get together someday soon.”  Someday soon, rarely occurs. We have to write down the important things. Writing down your goals makes it concrete. You are half-way there, according to Zig Zigler. 

The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, but that it is too low, and we reach it.” ~ Michelangelo 

Take a few moments today and write down your goals. Write a professional or business success goal that you want to reach. What are your personal goals? Do you plan to get married, have a significant relationship or take a great vacation this year? Write it down. What are your spiritual goals? Do you plan to have a deeper connection with yourself, God, The Universe? Do you plan to take a self-development course to learn how to read The Akashic Records, or Love Yourself Fearlessly, this year? Write it all down. 

What Do Goals Need?
  • measurable
  • achievable
  • positive
  • specific
  • time-frame bound
  1. They need to be measurable. For example, I will earn over $100,000 this year. Write down a stretch goal. When you have a stretch goal, you are ten times more likely to reach your real goal.
  2. Goals need to be achievable. If you currently earn $30,000, and you want to be a millionaire by the end of 2016, is that achievable? 
  3. They need to be positive. If you write, “I hope to achieve,” you are not giving impetus to your goal. Instead use words that show action, “I will __________. 
  4. They need to be specific. If you plan to have a relationship, write down whether you want a monogamous relationship, commitment or marriage. If you plan to expand your business with a greater reach, what does that mean? Do you want your radio show, to be interviewed on television? Do you want the income to be able to hire employees or a team? 
  5. By what date? Leaving your goal open-ended means you have no end in sight. You have to shoot for something. To

    shoot for something, you have to have a target to aim at. I use the date, December 31st, 2016 for my goals.

Be Aware of Your Achievements

Last year I was manifesting additional clients. I wanted four new clients. Sitting in meditation one day, I asked at the end for four new clients. I heard, “Have you counted recently?” When I sat down with a pen and paper, I realized that I already received four new clients. I had reason to celebrate!

Celebrate Milestones

Set interim milestones. When you reach them, celebrate! Enjoy the process. If you don’t celebrate the small gains, you won’t be happy no matter what you achieve. Often if we have perfectionistic tendencies we don’t recognize our achievements and therefore, are never happy with what we have. 

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Make A Plan

To make your goals achievable, you need to plan. If you want to increase your income, what can you do to make that happen? Do you need to have more conversations with prospective clients? Do you need to shave expenses? What can you implement that will create more income? Perhaps, like me, you will have more opportunities for public speaking, workshops, retreats or other ventures. Whatever you do, write it down. A successful business needs a business plan. If you have one, when was your last update? 

Be Happy Now!

It is imperative that we are happy with what we have now, or nothing you receive over and above that will make you happy. It is also like salmon swimming upstream if you complain about what you have now and attempt to achieve something greater or better. 

I am currently coaching several clients for business success. My Guidance works whether you are focused on relationship issues or success. Self-love is essential to having success in any area of your life. One of my clients is part owner of a multi-million dollar company. 

Be Debt Free!

Your goal might be to pay off all your debt. That is a great goal to have. Ask yourself, is it achievable? Perhaps you could have a goal to pay off one credit card completely, or get your car paid off. 

Car Payments

This month I make my last car payment. I am delighted to have my Honda paid off! I have to say making a large payment every month for several years has been challenging at times. It has given me a goal to shoot for in saving. If you have a debt paid, put your money away to save, rather than spending the extra windfall.

Personal Goals

Maybe you have a houseful of furniture that has been bequeathed by your beloved family members that have moved on. Make your goal this year to only keep what you love. Perhaps you want to be clutter free in 2016; that is a great goal to have. The more order we

have in our homes, the abler we are to manifest what we want. The Universe loves order. Clutter on your counters, in closets, bathroom, office and car only lowers your vibration and disturbs your ability to have peace and serenity in your home and life.

If you hoard things, you also have difficulty letting go of resentment, hurt, anger and other destructive emotions. Set up a session with me to get yourself clear! 

Weight Loss

Having the desire to lose weight is an achievable goal. I can help you with this one. I lost 7 pounds in three weeks without changing my diet. Focusing on your fat doesn’t help. Instead, focus on how much you love your body. Dancing daily is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get your body healthy in shape, toned and lose weight.

Hiring A Coach

Maybe this is the year to get some help. Have you succeeded on your own thus far? Maybe you need a few sessions with me to get you on track or hold you accountable. Not only will I be your biggest cheerleader, but I also clear your energy, give you Guidance from Source and raise your vibration helping you become more radiant, powerful, abundant and confident in the process.  E-mail Jennifer. 

Creating Sacred Space

Using New Moon energy to create sacred space makes house cleaning much more powerful and potent. Yesterday I spent most of the day moving furniture, vacuuming underneath everything and into corners. I dusted and windexed all over. Today I wash walls. Having clear, clean energy makes it easier to manifest what you desire. I clear myself daily.

I have cleared with Palo Santo a South American wood to clear energy. I have also used sage to clear my home. Other times I ring a brass bell to clear the energy of my home and office after doing a clearing on a client. 

Do You Have Blocks To Success and Happiness?

Join me this Wednesday for my second high-powered, miracle rich HYPNOTHERAPY event to get yourself cleared of beliefs that block you from achieving your dreams.

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