Your Body Never Lies; Developing Your Intuitive Senses

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Long before I trusted my Guidance, I received messages that I was not aware of fully. Yawns, stomach gurgles, growls, an uneasy feeling, tenseness of the tummy all were my body’s messages to me that I ignored. Till one day…..

I was working at GTE Services in Atlanta before it became Verizon, over 25 years ago. Yes, I did work in corporate America for a time. I was recently divorced and had moved with my two young sons into a three bedroom apartment after living in a 600,000 home in Sibley Forest an upscale subdivision with pool and tennis courts in Marietta, Georgia. 

I had been a stay-at-home mother for over nine years till the time of my divorce. I hired a nanny on the suggestion of one of my German friends in Sibley. The young nanny came highly recommended by my friend. She could even drive. The driving wasn’t a big deal for me because I only had one car and drove to and from work daily. 

Towards the end of our first summer in the apartment, Adam begged me to let our nanny take them to Sparkles, a neighborhood roller skating rink and McDonald’s. They had been confined to our apartment complex and bicycles the entire summer. Truthfully, I felt tremendous guilt about taking them out of their affluent subdivision and away from their father. My guilt led me to ignore strong signs from my body.

Each time Adam begged me, I tapped into the feeling of dread. My stomach dropped, and I felt huge anxiety about allowing them to go with our nanny to Sparkles. It wasn’t that I didn’t want them to have fun, I had to leave my car with a 20-year old entrusting the safety of my two sons. She assured me she was a good driver. Adam begged me again. Against my better judgment and body signals (huge anxiety and stomach dropping fear) I made arrangements to leave my car with Zonyia and allow her to drive the boys to Sparkles and McDonald’s. Zonyia asked if a nanny-friend of hers could go with them. Again my stomach revolted with anxiety and gripping fear, which I ignored.

I got a ride to work early that morning with a co-worker. Before 11:30, my manager called me into his office. He told me that the Marietta Fire Department was on the phone, and my boys had been in an accident. My worst fears were realized. They were being transported to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital on backboards via ambulance! 

I recognized that my body was trying to tell me, no, was SCREAMING AT ME,  “NO!”

My Huge Lesson

My body tells me if I should or not do something. When faced with gripping fear in the pit of my stomach, I listen carefully and ask myself further questions. I never have since this day ignored strong messages that my body gives me. If I meet a man and get a strong message, “NO!” I won’t go out with him, no matter how great he looks in his jeans!

The Power of Listening

Yawning is a message that you don’t want to look at an issue. Yawning is avoidance personified. It means I don’t want to do this, or look at this. I would rather hide away. 

Stomach Growling is another message that can be interpreted in many ways. Yes, it could mean you are hungry. However, the timing of the stomach growl could also be a sign of something else. Pay attention to when your stomach growls. Is it just that you are hungry, or is it a sign to pay attention to what is going on in your world?

Stomach Dropping is a big sign to listen to. If you feel gripping fear or tenseness in your stomach and a dropping as well, pay attention. This could be a powerful sign NOT to MOVE FORWARD in this direction. 

Body Guidance

When you are developing your intuition body messages are a way of learning whether your intuition is telling you something or not. I will say this; your body will never lie to you.

How To Use Your Body As A Human Pendulum

I will have to create a video to explain this, but here goes. I teach this to my clients to help them make decisions and deepen their trust of intuition.

  1. Stand feet shoulder width apart. 
  2. Cross your arms over your chest. Right hand on left shoulder, left hand on the right shoulder.
  3. Ask yourself a question that you know the answer to, like your name? “Is my name _________?”
  4. An affirmative, or YES answer will cause your body to sway forward.
  5. A negative answer or NO answer will cause your body to sway backward. 
  6. A maybe answer will cause your body to sway around almost in a circle.
Light or Aura Around Items

In my book, Odyssey Victim To Victory, I write about how I deepened my intuition and began to develop trust for it’s efficacy or truth. When I had my landscaping business in Georgia, I would walk into my barn and see certain tools or tarps lit up with an aura around them. Over the course of a two-year period, I argued or

discounted this Guidance at least 20 times. I was very stubborn back then. I have since given up on this as I know and completely TRUST my Guidance to be truthful always. Yes, I said ALWAYS. I have NEVER received Guidance that was wrong. 

Food Items In The Grocery Store

I began to see food light up for me in the grocery store that I needed to consume. I have also heard a buzzer in my head, like, “NOPE THAT’S NOT THE ONE!” 

If you can’t see auras just yet, don’t be concerned, as you begin to use your intuition is will become more pronounced. Like muscles built through working out in the gym, anything you begin to use daily will become more pronounced and developed. 

What Type Of Guidance Can You Receive?
I have received the exact time and date to move out of a house to another state. Read about this here: Manic Move To The Mojave. 

I have received exact times to leave a place to drive home to California from Boulder. This timing saved me from a flood. Read the story here. Surfing Home From Boulder. 

Everyone Gets Guidance

Everyone has an internal compass. Everyone gets guidance through their body. Everyone can develop and trust their Guidance on a deeper level. 

I have had people tell me that this Guidance comes from The Devil. If that is true then why did Jesus have Guidance? Was Jesus from the Devil? How about David, Moses and many others. Humans have an innate guidance system that was God-given. Our gifts can’t be bad if Divinely given.

Why Would You Want Guidance?

Receiving Guidance makes life easier. It makes decision-making infinitely easier. Choices, dating, are so much easier when you listen to and TRUST your Guidance. The problem is most people discount their Guidance like I did when my boys had their accident. We need to develop trust for this internal guidance system over time. Mine happened over years of receiving and recognizing that it was never wrong.


Dowsing is the use of a stick to find water, or a pendulum to seek answers. When a dowser is good, they can receive accurate answers to questions. Some of the things you can do with a pendulum is find out how beneficial a situation is for you. Using your body as a pendulum is another form of dowsing.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are considered The Record Book of God. Everything that has ever happened, every thought, word, deed, and emotion is recorded since the beginning of time for each person’s soul. 

I had heard about The Akashic Records many times before I decided to go to Bali to learn to read The Akashic Records. Learning to read The Akashic Records helped deepen my intuitive powers and hone my abilities. Now I sense, hear, see, smell intuitively. These are called:


My sense is that the smelling part is something that you might have questions about. Following are a couple of ways I experienced smell recently in my sessions with clients.

Last week I did a session with a new client by telephone. I did a clearing for her as well as an Akashic Record Reading. While her records were opened, I did both. Towards the end of the session, I smelled burning sage. I knew I had not burned it recently, so I asked this client, “Do you have sage in your house?” They responded with a question like they didn’t know what I was talking about at first. I knew my senses were never wrong, so I pursued. “I smelled burning sage, have you burned it recently.” When I phrased the question differently, they responded, “Yes, I just saged my entire home yesterday!”

During an energy clearing for a woman’s deep emotional pain with her father, I smelled dill pickles. She told me that her father’s favorite was dill pickles. This confirmed to her that I was indeed communicating with her father. During this same session, I also smelled beef pot roast. She told me she was cooking a pot roast while doing the phone session with me. 

With intuition, there is not space or time. Intuition goes beyond walls, distance or worlds. We are limitless multi-dimensional beings of light. You just need to be reminded!

I love you; I hope this served you well. I look forward to hearing your feedback either on FaceBook or on my survey here

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