How To Create The Mindset For Success Through Hypnotherapy

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Beliefs carry as much clout, if not more than our DNA. We inherit our parent’s beliefs about money, success, and love. What we believe whether it is conscious or unconscious returns to us patterns and examples of what our parents encountered and believed. Perhaps you are dealing with an income ceiling that you can’t break through or have issues with food because your parents were raised during the depression. I recommend you join me tonight for a live hypnotherapy session.


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To find our core beliefs we have to follow the emotion. When someone makes a statement about you, does it affect you? 

Our core beliefs could be stagnating and stopping us from our greatness. If you believe what others say about you or focus your energy on other’s opinions you are giving power and energy away to something that doesn’t concern you.

Thoughts Create

Having power over the mind is imperative to create positive outcomes in your life. There is vast difference between thinking and directing thought consciously. Negative beliefs impede positive thoughts. Clearing these from the unconscious mind allows creative energy to flow. 

Other’s Beliefs:

You will never amount to anything. (and you believe it)
You are lazy.                                     (you take it on as fact)
You will never have money.             (it must be true!)
You will never be successful.            (my father said it, it must be                                                                true!)
No one in our family has ever had money. (Therefore, you won’t either)

What we believe to be true is what governs our lives. If you believe that life is hard it will be. If you believe that you don’t have what it takes to be successful, you won’t be.

Over-Eating And Diabetes

One of my family members was not wanted before he was born. A feeling of being unloved and wanted was an imprint prior to his birth. This imprint of being unwanted caused him to feel unworthy his entire life. His insecurity and overeating has caused health severe health issues. 

His feeling that he missed out on the sweetness of life fueled his diabetes. At age 70, he weighs over 350 pounds, has an enlarged heart. He eats to feel loved. He uses food to fill the emptiness he feels inside. Unfortunately, his eating is killing him. 

Hypnotherapy Removes The Root Cause

Hypnotherapy gets to the core of the belief and removes it. The unconscious imprints, beliefs and programs are what run the show. The issue is that most people are totally unaware because these programs happen automatically. The only way you see evidence of what is happening in your unconscious mind is by looking at your out-picturing in your world. 

Does life appear too hard or difficult?
Do you feel you are never enough?
Do you buy into what others think and believe about you?
Do you have issues with money slipping through your fingers?
Do you work your butt off but not get anywhere?
Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to work?

95% Of Our Thoughts Are Unconscious

I have been a hypnotherapist since 1998. I became a Hypnotherapist trainer and Neurolinguistic Trainer in 2011. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to remove negative root causes that create havoc in our lives and replace the negative with powerful affirmations and life-affirming positive phrases that re-program the mind. 

Cascade of Miracle Prayer
Testimonial From An Attendee:

(This is about a prayer that I pray at the end of my sessions)

I didn’t get a chance to tell you that the cascade of miracles prayer is awesome. I have been listening to the financial clearing daily and each time I listen to it and I add my prayers for other people, I have noticed unexpected sales, small amounts of cash and free stuff show up for me, almost immediately.

At first, I didn’t make the connection, but I jokingly said to my daughter that each time I said the prayer for someone else, something wonderful happens for me. Then, it clicked. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to great things in 2016.

You are indeed awesome and I am delighted and so grateful that you are taking the time to help us each week. C. Morris, Atlanta, GA

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