15 Natural Cures For Depression That Don’t Require A Prescription

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Depression is an insidious creeping feeling that expands and takes over all areas of your life. It happens gradually so that you don’t realize you have it. You probably like me, and have been living with depression for years and didn’t even realize it. I was clinically depressed for over twenty years. 

What Are The Causes Of Depression?
  1. Feelings of helplessness
  2. Sexual trauma
  3. Rape
  4. Abuse
  5. Emotional or Physical Abandonment
  6. Unreleased Anger from any of the above
What Does Depression Feel Like?
Everyone is different. Though most people report not wanting to do normal, everyday tasks. You have reduced energy, you may feel tired, dead inside, numb or listless. You may not care about life, others, or what others say to you. You may have difficulty concentrating or focusing on simple tasks. Your memory may be foggy on entirely absent. My memory improved tremendously after clearing depression programs and anger issues.
Signs of Depression
  1. clutter in your home or car
  2. not wanting to shower, shave or put makeup on
  3. not caring about how you look
  4. emotional reactivity
  5. leaving things on the floor
  6. leaving bills unpaid
  7. not returning phone calls 
  8. overwhelm 
  9. reduced libido
  10. feeling unloved
  11. feeling unwanted
  12. weight gain or loss
  13. eating low vibrational foods (comfort foods)
  14. unconscious eating or sex
  15. short attention span
  16. inability to sleep, fall asleep or stay asleep
  17. irritability
  18. negative thoughts that won’t stop
  19. a general malaise in the body and mind
  20. body pains and aches that are unexplained
Taking Anti-Depressants
When I recognized that I was depressed and had been for over twenty years, I took Prozac. Prozac did absolutely nothing to change the way I felt. In fact, I felt worse taking the drug. I felt even more listless. I fell asleep driving to work, missing my exit. I wondered how on earth I got there as I didn’t remember driving the three exits past my place of work. That very day, I called my doctor and said, “I can’t take this Prozac anymore!” I knew it was causing more symptoms than helping me. I had no sex drive at all on the drug. Most anti-depressants suppress libido in both men and women.
Suicidal Programs
Some of my clients come to me with suicidal feelings. In fact, the one time in my life that I wanted to drive off a road, I recognized it wasn’t me, but something, not me that wanted me to do this. This was the beginning of my Hypnotherapy treatment and then training. Whatever caused the feeling was removed that day and I have never had that feeling since. 

In my energy clearing, I have removed years of suicidal programs from a young woman who attempted suicide twelve times! Since my clearing, she has been free of the feeling of wanting to commit suicide. She had 30 past lives of suicidal deaths which I removed. When suicide has happened in past lives, these programs remain until cleared.
How To Relieve Depression Naturally
  1. Energy Clearing
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Cognitive Therapy coupled with Energy Clearing
  4. Bach Flower remedies – Star of Bethlehem
  5. Taking supplements like Seratonin, 5HTP
  6. SAM-e (detoxes the liver and boosts mood) contraindicated for bipolar syndrome
  7. Happy Camper
  8. Vitamin B
  9. St. John’s Wort
  10. Drink more water – it helps detox the body and boosts mood
  11. Vitamin D (especially in winter or when sun isn’t present)
  12. Get out in the sunlight daily
  13. Eat fish regularly Omega 3s – 
  14. Walk outside at sunrise and ask for healing.
  15. Exercise. Daily exercise helps your body to get back on track.
  16. Dance. Playing upbeat music and moving your body will help you feel better. Just make sure the music is uplifting. The side benefit of dance is that your body gets to stretch, and move, your spine adjusts and you become healthier and happier as a result!
Some of the ingredients in Happy Camper, which I have taken successfully are listed below. Before becoming proficient in clearing energy worked for both Happy Camper and SAM-e worked very well for me. 


Happy Camper Ingredients


  • Kava Kava
  • Gotu Kola
  • Schisandra
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Passion Flower
SAM-e is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. SAM-e is great for those in recovery from alcoholism or chemotherapy as it cleans out and detoxes the liver. 
In some individuals, that aren’t producing enough or aren’t eating enough foods with amino acids, depression occurs. I also took SAM-e, though it is about a dollar a day. You can find it at Costco Warehouse, Wal-mart, Vitamin Shoppe and other drug stores. 

SAM-e is safe for dogs too! Ask your vet about dosage, but mine recommended it for my older dog, Karma. At my vet’s recommendation, I put my dog, Karma, on SAM-e and found she went from looking like she was about to die to lively

Karma in 2015 at age 16!

within two weeks. The reason for the quick recovery was because it detoxified her liver. I also found that a side-effect of SAM-e was that her eyesight improved due to her cataracts being eliminated while taking SAM-e. I am not kidding!

The Liver
Everything you put in your mouth goes through the liver. Every alcoholic drink, aspirin, Advil, Aleve, chemotherapy, prescription medication gets filtered through the liver. This is why I don’t take any pain meds at all. I rarely drink and don’t smoke pot. If I get a headache, I drink a glass of water and clear my energy. I don’t take pain meds since I healed depression I have no pain in my body at all. Johnny Depp could use some SAM-e. 

Enlightenment: The End of Suffering

Cataracts are caused by a toxic liver. Anger further toxifies your liver. My mother who doesn’t drink alcohol but has anger issues  (from her childhood trauma) and has a fatty liver. A fatty liver is caused by too much being filtered through the liver without being cleared or detoxed.  Everyone that isn’t bipolar needs to do a liver detox. I highly recommend SAM-e. Ask your doctor, if you go to one.

Have you noticed that most but not all older people have cataracts? What you probably haven’t put together is that those who drink regularly or heavily get cataracts much earlier than those who don’t drink at all. If you have anger issues on top of being a drinker your liver will become toxic faster. If you don’t detox your liver your liver could fail or deteriorate. We need the liver to survive. SAM-e makes your liver squeaky clean and will boost your mood. Within two weeks most people see a marked improvement.



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