How To Move Beyond Fear

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Your life is meant to be one of wonder, adventure and fabulous manifesting. You are meant to experience magic and great joy manifesting whatever your heart desires. When we are free from fear our hearts expand we become greater than ourselves, we trust and create from a joy-filled place with magical results. Our souls open up to The Divine and we can experience wild joy and abandon. We become greater than ourselves. 

The key to change is to let go of fear. Roseann Cash

Our most expansive selves are free of fear. In the absence of fear, we feel joy, happiness and step into our greatness, our true selves. Our Divine nature is free of fear naturally.

Fear Cap Grip Us

When we feel feer our hearts constrict. We act and speak out of fear. We restrict our choices and desires when we are controlled by fear. Instead of choosing love, we turn away. Our freedom doesn’t exist when we are controlled by fear. We keep our happiness and joy at bay. 

The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

Don’t Give The Fear Energy

Remember when you were a little child walking with your parents. Maybe your parents steered you away from a drunk on the street or a homeless person who was ranting. We were told not to pay

attention to those things that were scary. Fear is the same way. Don’t pay it any attention. When we give our attention to something it just becomes larger. Instead say, “I am bigger than this fear. What can it teach me about love?”

Allow Fear To Move Through You

Rather than running away from fear, step into it. Breathe it in. What can you learn from it? Allow it to move through you. The more we try to avoid fear, the more it grows. When we run, it follows us. Instead step in. Ask your Angels to assist you. Our angels are just waiting for an invite to be able to help us. But you have to ask them to help you. They can’t assist you without your request.

The first time we do anything, we may be afraid. Loving someone may cause us fear. A new date, a first kiss, finding your love, all may cause us fear. If we stop because we are in fear, we never truly live. To truly live we must love. 

Unless love materializes, you have missed the whole point of being. OSHO

Love yourself. Know that this is just a stage. You will not always be in fear. In fact, following these few steps daily will help you move out of fear quickly.

  1. Sit uprright, inhaling slowly and deeply.
  2. Tap into the way you feel in your body. You may feel constriction around your chest and heart. 
  3. Feel how your stomach feels. Is it tight? Does it feel uneasy or uncomfortable? Whatever you feel is okay. 
  4. Be okay with how you feel right now. It isn’t permanent. It is just a stage.
  5. Smile to your heart.
  6. Relax your shoulders.
  7. Breathe in slowly and deeply expanding your energy field all around you. Expand it above you, below you, in front of you and behind you. Make your energy field BIG!
  8. The Divine spark of Light is inside of me. 
  9. I am Light.
  10. Repeat the following: I am BIG, not small.
  11. I AM Powerful, not weak.
  12. I AM supported by The Universe.
  13. The Universe is infinite.
  14. Therefore so am I INFINITE.
  15. I am Big, not small.
  16. I am Infinite.
  17. I am Powerful.
  18. The Universe always has my back.
  19. The Universe is Infinite and so am I.
  20. Thank you to God, The Universe, Source Energy. 
  21. Thank you to the Sun, The Moon, The Stars and The Earth.
Whether your fear is intimacy, love, or finding happiness, running away doesn’t solve anything. You are only running away from yourself. You are greater than you ever imagined. 

I love you. Please join me on FaceBook, or send me an e-mail if you are ready to set up a Discovery session to work with me privately. Fear was something that gripped me and froze me in the past. Making friends with fear, getting to know what makes us afraid?

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