What The Year of The Monkey Means To You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

February 4th marked the first day of the Astrological New Year for the Chinese calendar. For those who are sensitive, you can already feel the energy surging upward, the monkey chatter and obsessive movement is already occurring in your workplace and home. Rest may feel like a thing of the past. 

February 8th is the Chinese New Year. However, the energy is already in place, a drastic shift from the slower paced year of the Wood Sheep in 2015. 

This year is all about being in full integrity, true to yourself and going for it! There is no time to Monkey around~!
Today is the beginning of The Year of The Red (Fire) Monkey. Each Chinese calendar year is based on the Five Elements. This year the Fire (which corresponds to the color red) Monkey. The elements are metal water, wood, fire, earth. 

There is much to do in preparation for the new energy. The Feng Shui experts recommend sweeping every corner of your home and moving out the old energy. As soon as I get this e-mail out, that is what I am about to do. It is a very good time to clean out closets, get rid of what you don’t use, and don’t eat. I have been clearing out my cabinets and food pantry of all the old food that has been there since last year. They are nearly empty, leaving much space for the new to come in!

What To Expect

Think of the monkey. They are curious, often bored and prone to constant movement. We may feel chaotic energy, have difficulty feeling grounded and centered. Staying present, meditating daily is paramount. 

This year will be one of much work, great success if you do the work and a lot of people pushing too hard for too long. Fatigue is going to be an issue. Exhaustion is something to avoid. Make sure you get enough rest. Watch for chaos and miscommunication due to moving too fast. Since monkeys move quickly, you will too. Be cautious around curbs, stepping down and driving. Accidents will be much more frequent in 2016 due to this energy. Be careful and cautious.

Think Twice

Monkey is the 9th animal in the zodiac. Monkey contains the elements metal and water. Metal is connected to gold. Water is connected to anger and danger. 2016 we will all be facing more financial issues than we have in the past. For some, it is the year to make lots of money through hard work. Monkey is intelligent, naughty, wily and vigilant. To make money this year you have to outsmart the monkey. Situations will change rapidly. If you play the stock market, take heed. The metal element is also connected to the wind.The wind can change very quickly. Last year was the year of the wood sheep.  You may have found a sluggish, slow moving energy, where people moved slowly and situations didn’t change much. That was last year!

From a Feng Shui Perspective

The North-east is not a good direction to have your bedroom. If you sleep in the northeast of the house or apartment move to another room. Sleeping in the northeast can affect both finances and your health negatively.

Make sure you have a closed headboard for support in your relationships and money. No headboard or a headboard that is open will cause issues in your relationships. A fabric headboard is an easy fix. You can get one at overstock.com for little outlay. 

Make sure you have night tables on either end of your couch and either side of your bed. No end tables or only one will mean challenges in your relationships or difficulty keeping one. Be sure you have lamps on each side of the bed as well. Leaving your lamps on for three hours or more every day, in the bedroom will bring in a relationship quickly.

What Will Help You?

It is time to let go of old stories. We need to check in with our body to feel what is true for us. Negativity in the media (which is often untrue) can make us feel uncomfortable. Be authentic, honest and avoid watching scary movies, the news. Fear will over take you at times. 

We need to free ourselves of negativity. Focus on positive thoughts, beliefs. Staying focused on positive energy, being grounded in the present moment. Take care of yourself. Self-nurture. Give love and light to yourself. You will then have more to give to others.

What Can You Do?

Sit in quiet meditation. Breathe in deeply and slowly. Exhale slowly and completely. Do this twice more. Then repeat the following:

  1. I am big, not small.
  2. I am powerful. 
  3. I am beautiful
  4. I am filled with light.
  5. I am love. 
  6. The Universe is abundant, and so am I.
  7. I am big.
  8. I am powerful.
  9. I am loved.
  10. I am safe.
  11. I am secure.
  12. I am at peace.

Think twice before you leap in finances, business, relationships, and friendships this year. 

I am so excited!

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